SGN Gene Family 118408

Family Number2
Total Genes587
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build5 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationProtein kinase-like; Protein kinase;Molecular Function: protein kinase activity (GO:0004672), Molecular Function: ATP binding (GO:0005524), Biological Process: protein amino acid phosphorylation (GO:0006468)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis199At5G27510 At5G27790 At5G28290 At5G35410 At5G37770 At5G37780 At5G39440 At5G39670 At5G42380 At5G44460 At5G45810 At5G45820 At5G55090 At5G56580 At5G57565 At5G57630 At5G58380 At5G60550 At5G63650 At5G66210 At5G66850 At5G66880 At5G67080 At3G08720 At3G08730 At3G10190 At3G10540 At3G10660 At3G17510 At3G19100 At3G20410 At3G20860 At3G21220 At3G22930 At3G23000 At3G25600 At3G29000 At3G29160 At3G43810 At3G45240 At3G45670 At3G45790 At3G46140 At3G46160 At3G47480 At3G49370 At3G50310 At3G50360 At3G50500 At3G50530 At3G50770 At3G51850 At3G51920 At3G53930 At3G56760 At3G56800 At3G57530 At3G59440 At3G61960 At3G63280 At4G03290 At4G04695 At4G04700 At4G04710 At4G04720 At4G04740 At4G08470 At4G08480 At4G08500 At4G09570 At4G12860 At4G14580 At4G14640 At4G18700 At4G20780 At4G21940 At4G23650 At4G24400 At4G26070 At4G26470 At4G26890 At4G29810 At4G30960 At4G32830 At4G33950 At4G35310 At4G36070 At4G36950 At4G37010 At4G38230 At4G40010 At5G01810 At5G01820 At5G04510 At5G04870 At5G07070 At5G08590 At5G10930 At5G12090 At5G12180 At5G12480 At5G17470 At5G17480 At5G19360 At5G19450 At5G21222 At5G21274 At5G21326 At5G23580 At5G24430 At5G25110 At1G01140 At1G02970 At1G05100 At1G05990 At1G07150 At1G08650 At1G09000 At1G10940 At1G12310 At1G12580 At1G12680 At1G18210 At1G18350 At1G18530 At1G18890 At1G21550 At1G24620 At1G29230 At1G30270 At1G32250 At1G32320 At1G35670 At1G48260 At1G49180 At1G49580 At1G50700 At1G51660 At1G53570 At1G54510 At1G54960 At1G60940 At1G61950 At1G62820 At1G66400 At1G66410 At1G73500 At1G73630 At1G74740 At1G76040 At1G76640 At1G76650 At2G05060 At2G15680 At2G17290 At2G17890 At2G23030 At2G25090 At2G25880 At2G26980 At2G27030 At2G30040 At2G30360 At2G31500 At2G32510 At2G34180 At2G34290 At2G35890 At2G36180 At2G37840 At2G38490 At2G38910 At2G40500 At2G40560 At2G40580 At2G41090 At2G41100 At2G41110 At2G41140 At2G41410 At2G41860 At2G41910 At2G41920 At2G41930 At2G42550 At2G43290 At2G45490 At2G46700 At3G01090 At3G01830 At3G03000 At3G03400 At3G03410 At3G03430 At3G04530 At3G04810 At3G06030 At3G06230 At3G07490
Solanum tuberosum135SGN-U291038 SGN-U291240 SGN-U291360 SGN-U291525 SGN-U291628 SGN-U291880 SGN-U291976 SGN-U293468 SGN-U294038 SGN-U294435 SGN-U294784 SGN-U294790 SGN-U295570 SGN-U295926 SGN-U296421 SGN-U296647 SGN-U297593 SGN-U298681 SGN-U299040 SGN-U299070 SGN-U270322 SGN-U270458 SGN-U270459 SGN-U270718 SGN-U270907 SGN-U270908 SGN-U270909 SGN-U271023 SGN-U271024 SGN-U271025 SGN-U271168 SGN-U271185 SGN-U271187 SGN-U271349 SGN-U271350 SGN-U271371 SGN-U271455 SGN-U271469 SGN-U271508 SGN-U271802 SGN-U272704 SGN-U272860 SGN-U272874 SGN-U272875 SGN-U273246 SGN-U273316 SGN-U273329 SGN-U273353 SGN-U274077 SGN-U274480 SGN-U274505 SGN-U274597 SGN-U274619 SGN-U274703 SGN-U275053 SGN-U275137 SGN-U275299 SGN-U275387 SGN-U275598 SGN-U275694 SGN-U275857 SGN-U276231 SGN-U276262 SGN-U276466 SGN-U277064 SGN-U277284 SGN-U277301 SGN-U277430 SGN-U277473 SGN-U277695 SGN-U278105 SGN-U278130 SGN-U278285 SGN-U278292 SGN-U278368 SGN-U278393 SGN-U278452 SGN-U278922 SGN-U278975 SGN-U279147 SGN-U279241 SGN-U279258 SGN-U279337 SGN-U279546 SGN-U279558 SGN-U279640 SGN-U280098 SGN-U280427 SGN-U280722 SGN-U281551 SGN-U281585 SGN-U281669 SGN-U281839 SGN-U282067 SGN-U282105 SGN-U282592 SGN-U282646 SGN-U282851 SGN-U282857 SGN-U282959 SGN-U283129 SGN-U283560 SGN-U283691 SGN-U283787 SGN-U283955 SGN-U284054 SGN-U284376 SGN-U284563 SGN-U285589 SGN-U286133 SGN-U286199 SGN-U287253 SGN-U287254 SGN-U288016 SGN-U288017 SGN-U288129 SGN-U288135 SGN-U288170 SGN-U288272 SGN-U288599 SGN-U288877 SGN-U289147 SGN-U289949 SGN-U290183 SGN-U290224 SGN-U290226 SGN-U290983 SGN-U269205 SGN-U269206 SGN-U269207 SGN-U269424 SGN-U269425 SGN-U269913 SGN-U269914 SGN-U270321
Solanum melongena5SGN-U205784 SGN-U205823 SGN-U205844 SGN-U206275 SGN-U206933
Capsicum annuum38SGN-U196369 SGN-U196620 SGN-U196629 SGN-U196653 SGN-U196939 SGN-U197296 SGN-U197473 SGN-U198217 SGN-U198306 SGN-U198397 SGN-U198446 SGN-U198671 SGN-U198692 SGN-U199728 SGN-U199866 SGN-U200181 SGN-U200442 SGN-U200619 SGN-U200792 SGN-U201000 SGN-U201171 SGN-U201185 SGN-U201359 SGN-U201563 SGN-U202534 SGN-U203032 SGN-U203068 SGN-U203190 SGN-U203302 SGN-U203336 SGN-U203627 SGN-U204081 SGN-U204164 SGN-U204487 SGN-U204616 SGN-U204906 SGN-U205102 SGN-U205480
Petunia hybrida28SGN-U207632 SGN-U207808 SGN-U207819 SGN-U207909 SGN-U208076 SGN-U208370 SGN-U208424 SGN-U208677 SGN-U209173 SGN-U209543 SGN-U209556 SGN-U209785 SGN-U210130 SGN-U210337 SGN-U210483 SGN-U210610 SGN-U210642 SGN-U211024 SGN-U211035 SGN-U211138 SGN-U211237 SGN-U211437 SGN-U211520 SGN-U211531 SGN-U211756 SGN-U212015 SGN-U212021 SGN-U212329
Tomato 200607182SGN-U324145 SGN-U324146 SGN-U324213 SGN-U324287 SGN-U324295 SGN-U324396 SGN-U324481 SGN-U324549 SGN-U324622 SGN-U324635 SGN-U324720 SGN-U324839 SGN-U325210 SGN-U325246 SGN-U325266 SGN-U325267 SGN-U325286 SGN-U325441 SGN-U325519 SGN-U326131 SGN-U326608 SGN-U326950 SGN-U327043 SGN-U327131 SGN-U327167 SGN-U327176 SGN-U327364 SGN-U327632 SGN-U327722 SGN-U327780 SGN-U327821 SGN-U328109 SGN-U328740 SGN-U329137 SGN-U329162 SGN-U329203 SGN-U329584 SGN-U329612 SGN-U329613 SGN-U329756 SGN-U330222 SGN-U330446 SGN-U330465 SGN-U330573 SGN-U330631 SGN-U330748 SGN-U331236 SGN-U331446 SGN-U331743 SGN-U331746 SGN-U331917 SGN-U332911 SGN-U333895 SGN-U333896 SGN-U333897 SGN-U333898 SGN-U334001 SGN-U334002 SGN-U334080 SGN-U334081 SGN-U334083 SGN-U334398 SGN-U334399 SGN-U334804 SGN-U335352 SGN-U335451 SGN-U335715 SGN-U335914 SGN-U335926 SGN-U336324 SGN-U336675 SGN-U336700 SGN-U337153 SGN-U337996 SGN-U338016 SGN-U339398 SGN-U339913 SGN-U340098 SGN-U340368 SGN-U341115 SGN-U341167 SGN-U341714 SGN-U341875 SGN-U343033 SGN-U343197 SGN-U343526 SGN-U343909 SGN-U344145 SGN-U344390 SGN-U344779 SGN-U345491 SGN-U345494 SGN-U345767 SGN-U346473 SGN-U346775 SGN-U312759 SGN-U312760 SGN-U312761 SGN-U312762 SGN-U312895 SGN-U312897 SGN-U312898 SGN-U313022 SGN-U313024 SGN-U313025 SGN-U313031 SGN-U313033 SGN-U313485 SGN-U314125 SGN-U314677 SGN-U314959 SGN-U315310 SGN-U315514 SGN-U315515 SGN-U315541 SGN-U315846 SGN-U315916 SGN-U315917 SGN-U315940 SGN-U315941 SGN-U316042 SGN-U316043 SGN-U316044 SGN-U316162 SGN-U316163 SGN-U316167 SGN-U316519 SGN-U316615 SGN-U316920 SGN-U316921 SGN-U316934 SGN-U316959 SGN-U316960 SGN-U316961 SGN-U317014 SGN-U317015 SGN-U317016 SGN-U317054 SGN-U317055 SGN-U317116 SGN-U317117 SGN-U317138 SGN-U317214 SGN-U317298 SGN-U317299 SGN-U317517 SGN-U317802 SGN-U317898 SGN-U318049 SGN-U318050 SGN-U318051 SGN-U318218 SGN-U318331 SGN-U318745 SGN-U318801 SGN-U318957 SGN-U318958 SGN-U318959 SGN-U319074 SGN-U319103 SGN-U319110 SGN-U319287 SGN-U319609 SGN-U319812 SGN-U320029 SGN-U320147 SGN-U320308 SGN-U320545 SGN-U320546 SGN-U320580 SGN-U320736 SGN-U321077 SGN-U321879 SGN-U321916 SGN-U321917 SGN-U322602 SGN-U323122 SGN-U323157 SGN-U323616 SGN-U323672 SGN-U323882 SGN-U324117