SGN Gene Family 118414

Family Number8
Total Genes322
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build5 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationNucleotide-binding, alpha-beta plait;Molecular Function: nucleotide binding (GO:0000166); RNA-binding region RNP-1 (RNA recognition motif);Molecular Function: nucleic acid binding (GO:0003676)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis82At3G26420 At3G42130 At3G46020 At3G47120 At3G53460 At3G54770 At4G01985 At4G13850 At4G13860 At4G14300 At4G15460 At4G16240 At4G20030 At4G24770 At4G26650 At4G29020 At4G29030 At4G30460 At4G36960 At4G38680 At4G39260 At5G04280 At5G06210 At5G07540 At5G40490 At5G46730 At5G47320 At5G47620 At5G53680 At5G53720 At5G54580 At5G55550 At5G61030 At5G61660 At1G02710 At1G04660 At1G04800 At1G11850 At1G13690 At1G15830 At1G15840 At1G17640 At1G18630 At1G20880 At1G22330 At1G22910 At1G27710 At1G33470 At1G55540 At1G58470 At1G60650 At1G62240 At1G73530 At1G74230 At1G75550 At1G76460 At1G78260 At2G05380 At2G05440 At2G05510 At2G05520 At2G05530 At2G05540 At2G11005 At2G14160 At2G21060 At2G21660 At2G21690 At2G27330 At2G30560 At2G33410 At2G37220 At2G37510 At2G46780 At3G04640 At3G06970 At3G07810 At3G08000 At3G13224 At3G15400 At3G23830 At3G24250
Solanum tuberosum108SGN-U271813 SGN-U272023 SGN-U272024 SGN-U272857 SGN-U272991 SGN-U273712 SGN-U274180 SGN-U274521 SGN-U274624 SGN-U274625 SGN-U275144 SGN-U275145 SGN-U275245 SGN-U275491 SGN-U275609 SGN-U276108 SGN-U276332 SGN-U276771 SGN-U276813 SGN-U278396 SGN-U278971 SGN-U279638 SGN-U280142 SGN-U281232 SGN-U281233 SGN-U281234 SGN-U281235 SGN-U281236 SGN-U281340 SGN-U281341 SGN-U281342 SGN-U281343 SGN-U281349 SGN-U281753 SGN-U281928 SGN-U282348 SGN-U284521 SGN-U284812 SGN-U286114 SGN-U286797 SGN-U286798 SGN-U286799 SGN-U286801 SGN-U286802 SGN-U286803 SGN-U287192 SGN-U287597 SGN-U287680 SGN-U287681 SGN-U287956 SGN-U288096 SGN-U288097 SGN-U288336 SGN-U288595 SGN-U288988 SGN-U289471 SGN-U289483 SGN-U289768 SGN-U290432 SGN-U290433 SGN-U290760 SGN-U290761 SGN-U290762 SGN-U290763 SGN-U290764 SGN-U290765 SGN-U290766 SGN-U290767 SGN-U290768 SGN-U290769 SGN-U290770 SGN-U290884 SGN-U290885 SGN-U290886 SGN-U292386 SGN-U293234 SGN-U294029 SGN-U294406 SGN-U295305 SGN-U297236 SGN-U297764 SGN-U298963 SGN-U268304 SGN-U268305 SGN-U268306 SGN-U268307 SGN-U268308 SGN-U269184 SGN-U269331 SGN-U269332 SGN-U269386 SGN-U269883 SGN-U269884 SGN-U269953 SGN-U269954 SGN-U270468 SGN-U270469 SGN-U270635 SGN-U270636 SGN-U270749 SGN-U270750 SGN-U270836 SGN-U270888 SGN-U271203 SGN-U271242 SGN-U271243 SGN-U271506 SGN-U271812
Solanum melongena6SGN-U205593 SGN-U205635 SGN-U205808 SGN-U205841 SGN-U206658 SGN-U206703
Capsicum annuum27SGN-U197251 SGN-U197485 SGN-U197499 SGN-U196177 SGN-U196230 SGN-U196231 SGN-U196306 SGN-U196324 SGN-U196510 SGN-U196623 SGN-U197761 SGN-U197830 SGN-U197933 SGN-U198262 SGN-U198569 SGN-U198860 SGN-U198897 SGN-U199070 SGN-U199906 SGN-U200178 SGN-U200197 SGN-U200546 SGN-U201384 SGN-U202067 SGN-U202494 SGN-U204870 SGN-U205254
Petunia hybrida7SGN-U207576 SGN-U208144 SGN-U208570 SGN-U208733 SGN-U209836 SGN-U210476 SGN-U212183
Tomato 20060792SGN-U318122 SGN-U318123 SGN-U318208 SGN-U318310 SGN-U318783 SGN-U318817 SGN-U319614 SGN-U319615 SGN-U319677 SGN-U320109 SGN-U320510 SGN-U320947 SGN-U320948 SGN-U320953 SGN-U321589 SGN-U322462 SGN-U323110 SGN-U323284 SGN-U323416 SGN-U323565 SGN-U323650 SGN-U324114 SGN-U325239 SGN-U325243 SGN-U325260 SGN-U325294 SGN-U325419 SGN-U325868 SGN-U325981 SGN-U327945 SGN-U329967 SGN-U330477 SGN-U330523 SGN-U331506 SGN-U332130 SGN-U332256 SGN-U333106 SGN-U334078 SGN-U334079 SGN-U334148 SGN-U334149 SGN-U334151 SGN-U334237 SGN-U334293 SGN-U335168 SGN-U335234 SGN-U336075 SGN-U336296 SGN-U336393 SGN-U336394 SGN-U337701 SGN-U337984 SGN-U337985 SGN-U338551 SGN-U338558 SGN-U338574 SGN-U338746 SGN-U339123 SGN-U339842 SGN-U343324 SGN-U343419 SGN-U344082 SGN-U344744 SGN-U345449 SGN-U345451 SGN-U345455 SGN-U346302 SGN-U313019 SGN-U313020 SGN-U313106 SGN-U313108 SGN-U313109 SGN-U313267 SGN-U313269 SGN-U313270 SGN-U313346 SGN-U313349 SGN-U314883 SGN-U314884 SGN-U314980 SGN-U315019 SGN-U315472 SGN-U315601 SGN-U315602 SGN-U315988 SGN-U316056 SGN-U316067 SGN-U316558 SGN-U316621 SGN-U316622 SGN-U317827 SGN-U317954