SGN Gene Family 118415

Family Number9
Total Genes315
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build5 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationPentatricopeptide repeat
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 5(1008) 
65 5(306) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis200At3G50420 At3G51320 At3G53360 At3G56550 At3G57430 At3G58590 At3G61170 At3G62890 At3G63370 At4G01030 At4G02750 At4G04370 At4G08210 At4G13650 At4G14050 At4G14170 At4G14820 At4G14850 At4G15720 At4G16470 At4G16835 At4G18520 At4G18750 At4G18840 At4G19220 At4G20770 At4G21065 At4G21300 At4G22760 At4G25270 At4G30700 At4G31070 At4G32430 At4G32450 At4G33170 At4G33990 At4G35130 At4G37170 At4G37380 At4G38010 At4G39530 At4G39952 At5G03800 At5G04780 At5G06540 At5G08310 At5G08490 At5G08510 At5G09950 At5G13230 At5G13270 At5G15300 At5G15340 At5G16860 At5G19020 At5G27110 At5G37570 At5G39350 At5G39680 At5G40405 At5G40410 At5G42450 At5G43790 At5G44230 At5G46460 At5G47460 At5G48910 At5G50390 At5G50990 At5G52630 At5G52850 At5G55740 At5G56310 At5G59200 At5G59600 At5G61800 At5G65570 At5G66500 At5G66520 At1G56570 At1G56690 At1G59720 At1G62260 At1G64310 At1G68930 At1G69350 At1G71420 At1G71460 At1G71490 At1G74400 At1G74600 At1G74630 At1G77010 At1G77150 At1G77170 At2G01510 At2G02750 At2G02980 At2G03380 At2G03880 At2G04860 At2G13600 At2G15690 At2G17210 At2G20540 At2G21090 At2G22070 At2G22410 At2G25580 At2G27610 At2G29760 At2G33680 At2G33760 At2G34370 At2G34400 At2G35030 At2G36730 At2G36980 At2G37310 At2G37320 At2G39620 At2G40720 At2G41080 At2G42920 At2G44880 At2G45350 At2G46050 At3G01580 At3G02010 At3G02330 At3G03580 At3G04750 At3G05240 At3G05340 At3G08820 At3G09040 At3G11460 At3G12770 At3G13770 At3G13880 At3G14330 At3G14730 At3G15130 At3G15930 At3G16610 At3G18970 At3G20730 At3G21470 At3G22150 At3G22690 At3G23330 At3G24000 At3G25060 At3G25970 At3G26540 At3G26630 At3G26782 At3G28640 At3G28660 At3G29230 At3G46790 At3G47530 At3G47840 At3G49140 At3G49170 At3G49710 At3G49740 At1G03510 At1G03540 At1G04840 At1G05750 At1G06140 At1G06145 At1G08070 At1G09190 At1G09220 At1G09410 At1G10330 At1G11290 At1G13410 At1G14470 At1G15510 At1G17630 At1G18485 At1G19720 At1G20230 At1G22830 At1G25360 At1G26900 At1G28690 At1G29710 At1G31430 At1G31790 At1G31920 At1G32415 At1G33350 At1G34160 At1G43980 At1G50270 At1G53600
Solanum tuberosum50SGN-U284957 SGN-U295658 SGN-U274731 SGN-U279167 SGN-U279280 SGN-U279827 SGN-U280364 SGN-U281716 SGN-U281732 SGN-U281774 SGN-U282230 SGN-U282402 SGN-U282416 SGN-U282688 SGN-U282900 SGN-U283006 SGN-U283850 SGN-U284667 SGN-U285090 SGN-U285229 SGN-U286422 SGN-U286464 SGN-U286493 SGN-U286605 SGN-U287183 SGN-U289046 SGN-U290452 SGN-U291321 SGN-U291663 SGN-U291698 SGN-U292014 SGN-U292414 SGN-U292875 SGN-U292958 SGN-U293047 SGN-U293669 SGN-U294194 SGN-U294451 SGN-U294562 SGN-U294744 SGN-U295003 SGN-U295522 SGN-U295723 SGN-U296321 SGN-U296774 SGN-U296932 SGN-U297377 SGN-U297420 SGN-U297606 SGN-U298711
Capsicum annuum9SGN-U198391 SGN-U198756 SGN-U200030 SGN-U200141 SGN-U200646 SGN-U200760 SGN-U202780 SGN-U202935 SGN-U202961
Petunia hybrida4SGN-U210958 SGN-U211914 SGN-U210355 SGN-U210926
Tomato 20060752SGN-U326563 SGN-U327010 SGN-U327305 SGN-U327583 SGN-U327679 SGN-U329668 SGN-U329738 SGN-U330840 SGN-U330905 SGN-U331106 SGN-U331371 SGN-U331435 SGN-U331623 SGN-U332061 SGN-U332683 SGN-U332831 SGN-U340000 SGN-U340752 SGN-U340781 SGN-U341155 SGN-U341326 SGN-U341437 SGN-U341600 SGN-U341761 SGN-U342225 SGN-U342237 SGN-U342369 SGN-U342373 SGN-U342383 SGN-U342875 SGN-U342898 SGN-U343117 SGN-U343266 SGN-U343353 SGN-U343746 SGN-U343749 SGN-U343862 SGN-U343990 SGN-U344088 SGN-U344406 SGN-U344421 SGN-U344894 SGN-U345094 SGN-U345349 SGN-U345378 SGN-U345602 SGN-U346021 SGN-U346102 SGN-U346499 SGN-U346540 SGN-U346618 SGN-U346728