SGN Gene Family 118420

Family Number14
Total Genes253
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build5 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationProtein kinase-like; Protein kinase;Molecular Function: protein kinase activity (GO:0004672), Molecular Function: ATP binding (GO:0005524), Biological Process: protein amino acid phosphorylation (GO:0006468)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 2(1515) 
65 32(116)  127(51)  3277(6)  147(47)  2643(7)  895(15)  4926(4)  2707(6)  7145(3)  1207(12)  9650(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis71At1G01560 At1G03740 At1G06390 At1G07880 At1G09600 At1G09840 At1G10210 At1G13350 At1G18040 At1G18150 At1G18670 At1G20930 At1G33770 At1G53050 At1G53510 At1G54610 At1G57700 At1G57870 At1G59580 At1G66750 At1G67580 At1G71530 At1G73670 At1G73690 At1G74330 At1G76540 At2G01450 At2G18170 At2G23070 At2G23080 At2G30980 At2G38620 At2G42880 At2G43790 At2G46070 At3G01085 At3G05050 At3G05840 At3G14720 At3G18040 At3G25840 At3G45640 At3G48750 At3G50000 At3G53640 At3G54180 At3G59790 At3G61160 At4G00720 At4G01370 At4G01595 At4G10010 At4G11330 At4G13020 At4G18710 At4G19110 At4G22940 At4G28980 At4G36450 At5G10270 At5G14640 At5G19010 At5G26751 At5G39420 At5G44290 At5G45430 At5G50860 At5G63370 At5G63610 At5G64960 At5G67380
Solanum tuberosum69SGN-U268650 SGN-U269309 SGN-U269694 SGN-U269791 SGN-U269792 SGN-U269835 SGN-U269836 SGN-U269837 SGN-U269838 SGN-U270234 SGN-U270358 SGN-U270359 SGN-U270747 SGN-U270879 SGN-U271196 SGN-U271286 SGN-U271287 SGN-U271338 SGN-U271394 SGN-U271976 SGN-U272598 SGN-U272599 SGN-U272706 SGN-U272824 SGN-U273370 SGN-U273705 SGN-U274371 SGN-U274372 SGN-U274446 SGN-U275390 SGN-U275452 SGN-U275649 SGN-U275799 SGN-U276455 SGN-U276688 SGN-U276778 SGN-U277296 SGN-U277303 SGN-U277325 SGN-U277802 SGN-U278978 SGN-U279090 SGN-U280490 SGN-U280587 SGN-U280974 SGN-U283304 SGN-U283748 SGN-U284005 SGN-U284925 SGN-U285055 SGN-U285544 SGN-U286341 SGN-U286996 SGN-U287314 SGN-U287315 SGN-U287744 SGN-U288551 SGN-U288584 SGN-U288956 SGN-U289459 SGN-U290933 SGN-U291456 SGN-U291957 SGN-U292557 SGN-U292681 SGN-U294950 SGN-U295420 SGN-U296381 SGN-U298283
Solanum melongena4SGN-U205907 SGN-U206591 SGN-U207160 SGN-U207201
Capsicum annuum24SGN-U199356 SGN-U199357 SGN-U199182 SGN-U199183 SGN-U200767 SGN-U201465 SGN-U202183 SGN-U202291 SGN-U202576 SGN-U202815 SGN-U202995 SGN-U203781 SGN-U204839 SGN-U205244 SGN-U205535 SGN-U196167 SGN-U196938 SGN-U197271 SGN-U197490 SGN-U197811 SGN-U198691 SGN-U198814 SGN-U199179 SGN-U199181
Petunia hybrida11SGN-U208683 SGN-U208727 SGN-U208834 SGN-U210054 SGN-U210221 SGN-U210841 SGN-U211528 SGN-U212019 SGN-U212190 SGN-U212291 SGN-U212480
Tomato 20060774SGN-U316113 SGN-U314929 SGN-U315006 SGN-U315008 SGN-U315307 SGN-U315308 SGN-U315465 SGN-U315466 SGN-U316365 SGN-U316366 SGN-U316367 SGN-U316695 SGN-U316696 SGN-U316697 SGN-U317181 SGN-U317229 SGN-U317399 SGN-U317400 SGN-U317439 SGN-U317686 SGN-U317714 SGN-U317715 SGN-U317719 SGN-U318101 SGN-U318361 SGN-U318438 SGN-U318460 SGN-U318773 SGN-U318785 SGN-U320478 SGN-U320557 SGN-U321468 SGN-U321700 SGN-U322516 SGN-U322763 SGN-U323219 SGN-U323634 SGN-U323897 SGN-U324671 SGN-U330027 SGN-U330937 SGN-U332220 SGN-U332259 SGN-U332764 SGN-U332916 SGN-U334337 SGN-U334674 SGN-U335088 SGN-U335089 SGN-U335165 SGN-U335493 SGN-U335789 SGN-U335983 SGN-U335984 SGN-U336124 SGN-U336493 SGN-U336524 SGN-U337378 SGN-U338017 SGN-U339932 SGN-U342099 SGN-U342454 SGN-U345591 SGN-U346162 SGN-U346288 SGN-U346873 SGN-U313418 SGN-U313782 SGN-U313783 SGN-U313850 SGN-U313852 SGN-U313927 SGN-U313928 SGN-U313996