SGN Gene Family 118421

Family Number15
Total Genes250
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build5 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationMyb, DNA-binding;Molecular Function: DNA binding (GO:0003677), Cellular Component: nucleus (GO:0005634); Homeodomain-like
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 41(294) 
65 7(238)  10754(2)  9425(2)  4597(4)  2202(7)  11564(2)  7121(3)  11697(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis135At5G54230 At5G55020 At5G56110 At5G57620 At5G58850 At5G59780 At5G60890 At5G61420 At5G62320 At5G62470 At5G65230 At5G65790 At5G67300 At2G23290 At2G25230 At2G26950 At2G26960 At2G31180 At2G32460 At2G36890 At2G37630 At2G39880 At2G46410 At2G47190 At2G47460 At3G01140 At3G01530 At3G02940 At3G06490 At3G08500 At3G09230 At3G09370 At3G11440 At3G12720 At3G12820 At3G13540 At3G13890 At3G23250 At3G24310 At3G27785 At3G27810 At3G27920 At3G28470 At3G28910 At3G29020 At3G30210 At3G46130 At3G47600 At3G48920 At3G49690 At3G50060 At3G53200 At3G55730 At3G60460 At3G61250 At3G62610 At4G00540 At4G01060 At4G01680 At4G05100 At4G09460 At4G13480 At4G17785 At4G18770 At4G21440 At4G22680 At4G25560 At4G26930 At4G28110 At4G32730 At4G33450 At4G34990 At4G37260 At4G37780 At4G38620 At5G02320 At5G06100 At5G07690 At5G07700 At5G10280 At5G11050 At5G11510 At5G12870 At5G14340 At5G14750 At5G15310 At5G16600 At5G16770 At5G17800 At5G23000 At5G26660 At5G35550 At5G39700 At5G40330 At5G40350 At5G40360 At5G40430 At5G49330 At5G49620 At5G52260 At5G52600 At1G01380 At1G06180 At1G08810 At1G09540 At1G14350 At1G16490 At1G17950 At1G18570 At1G18710 At1G18960 At1G22640 At1G25340 At1G26780 At1G34670 At1G35515 At1G48000 At1G56160 At1G56650 At1G57560 At1G63910 At1G66230 At1G66370 At1G66380 At1G66390 At1G68320 At1G69560 At1G71030 At1G73410 At1G74080 At1G74430 At1G74650 At1G79180 At2G02820 At2G16720
Solanum tuberosum42SGN-U270886 SGN-U270887 SGN-U272384 SGN-U273058 SGN-U274586 SGN-U274680 SGN-U275008 SGN-U275778 SGN-U276640 SGN-U277529 SGN-U277907 SGN-U277908 SGN-U278843 SGN-U278863 SGN-U279203 SGN-U280167 SGN-U280198 SGN-U280224 SGN-U280553 SGN-U280936 SGN-U281214 SGN-U281392 SGN-U282664 SGN-U282939 SGN-U283044 SGN-U285547 SGN-U285596 SGN-U289006 SGN-U289279 SGN-U290141 SGN-U290626 SGN-U290627 SGN-U291676 SGN-U291882 SGN-U292433 SGN-U293587 SGN-U295191 SGN-U296178 SGN-U296365 SGN-U297066 SGN-U297724 SGN-U298849
Solanum melongena1SGN-U207129
Capsicum annuum3SGN-U197367 SGN-U201333 SGN-U204782
Petunia hybrida5SGN-U207567 SGN-U207568 SGN-U208628 SGN-U208944 SGN-U211729
Tomato 20060764SGN-U330552 SGN-U330730 SGN-U331512 SGN-U331808 SGN-U332824 SGN-U333057 SGN-U336188 SGN-U336189 SGN-U336237 SGN-U336750 SGN-U337227 SGN-U337892 SGN-U338323 SGN-U338384 SGN-U339502 SGN-U339503 SGN-U341492 SGN-U341544 SGN-U341733 SGN-U341860 SGN-U343870 SGN-U343954 SGN-U344117 SGN-U344597 SGN-U316844 SGN-U316845 SGN-U317573 SGN-U317574 SGN-U317694 SGN-U317935 SGN-U318365 SGN-U318729 SGN-U319067 SGN-U319068 SGN-U319169 SGN-U319386 SGN-U319628 SGN-U320475 SGN-U320618 SGN-U320815 SGN-U321318 SGN-U322477 SGN-U322556 SGN-U323159 SGN-U323643 SGN-U323830 SGN-U325026 SGN-U325144 SGN-U325379 SGN-U325389 SGN-U325449 SGN-U325474 SGN-U325525 SGN-U325946 SGN-U326224 SGN-U326286 SGN-U326655 SGN-U326661 SGN-U327258 SGN-U328066 SGN-U328080 SGN-U328651 SGN-U328746 SGN-U329821