SGN Gene Family 118422

Family Number16
Total Genes248
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build5 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationLipolytic enzyme, G-D-S-L;Biological Process: lipid metabolism (GO:0006629), Molecular Function: hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds (GO:0016788)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 47(261) 
65 17(163)  1369(11)  95(61)  2646(7)  9442(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis106At3G27950 At3G43550 At3G43570 At3G48460 At3G50400 At3G53100 At3G62280 At4G01130 At4G10950 At4G16220 At4G16230 At4G18970 At4G26790 At4G28780 At4G30140 At5G03600 At5G03610 At5G03810 At5G03820 At5G03980 At5G08460 At5G14450 At5G15720 At5G18430 At5G22810 At5G33370 At5G37690 At5G40990 At5G41890 At5G42160 At5G42170 At5G45670 At5G45910 At5G45950 At5G45960 At5G55050 At5G63170 At1G06990 At1G09390 At1G20120 At1G20130 At1G23500 At1G28570 At1G28580 At1G28590 At1G28600 At1G28610 At1G28640 At1G28650 At1G28660 At1G28670 At1G29660 At1G29670 At1G31550 At1G33811 At1G53920 At1G53940 At1G53990 At1G54000 At1G54010 At1G54020 At1G54030 At1G54790 At1G56670 At1G58430 At1G58480 At1G58725 At1G59030 At1G59406 At1G67830 At1G71120 At1G71250 At1G71691 At1G73610 At1G74460 At1G75880 At1G75890 At1G75900 At1G75910 At1G75920 At1G75930 At2G03980 At2G04020 At2G04570 At2G19010 At2G19050 At2G19060 At2G23540 At2G24560 At2G27360 At2G30220 At2G30310 At2G31540 At2G31550 At2G36325 At2G40250 At2G42990 At3G04290 At3G05180 At3G09930 At3G14210 At3G14220 At3G14225 At3G14820 At3G16370 At3G26430
Solanum tuberosum51SGN-U286609 SGN-U287729 SGN-U288500 SGN-U288543 SGN-U290060 SGN-U290743 SGN-U291169 SGN-U291341 SGN-U292327 SGN-U293039 SGN-U293203 SGN-U296146 SGN-U296523 SGN-U297097 SGN-U269210 SGN-U270195 SGN-U270196 SGN-U270559 SGN-U272509 SGN-U272562 SGN-U272685 SGN-U272686 SGN-U272687 SGN-U272833 SGN-U274474 SGN-U274475 SGN-U274930 SGN-U275473 SGN-U275784 SGN-U276223 SGN-U277234 SGN-U277336 SGN-U277367 SGN-U277542 SGN-U277622 SGN-U278847 SGN-U279146 SGN-U279896 SGN-U280016 SGN-U280291 SGN-U280412 SGN-U280416 SGN-U280825 SGN-U280887 SGN-U281204 SGN-U281205 SGN-U282154 SGN-U282520 SGN-U282613 SGN-U284743 SGN-U286215
Solanum melongena2SGN-U205692 SGN-U206121
Capsicum annuum16SGN-U203283 SGN-U203673 SGN-U204241 SGN-U197636 SGN-U197717 SGN-U197878 SGN-U198689 SGN-U199416 SGN-U200631 SGN-U202117 SGN-U202650 SGN-U202703 SGN-U204814 SGN-U204834 SGN-U204864 SGN-U205483
Petunia hybrida7SGN-U208568 SGN-U209026 SGN-U211679 SGN-U212032 SGN-U212270 SGN-U212328 SGN-U212482
Tomato 20060766SGN-U312636 SGN-U312637 SGN-U312750 SGN-U313027 SGN-U313028 SGN-U313234 SGN-U313235 SGN-U313618 SGN-U313619 SGN-U315324 SGN-U316065 SGN-U316080 SGN-U316081 SGN-U316855 SGN-U316856 SGN-U317451 SGN-U317452 SGN-U317691 SGN-U317924 SGN-U318138 SGN-U318275 SGN-U318883 SGN-U320889 SGN-U320966 SGN-U322793 SGN-U324090 SGN-U324451 SGN-U324997 SGN-U325008 SGN-U326139 SGN-U326321 SGN-U326367 SGN-U327182 SGN-U327560 SGN-U328135 SGN-U329047 SGN-U329234 SGN-U329286 SGN-U329952 SGN-U330211 SGN-U330217 SGN-U331113 SGN-U331176 SGN-U331310 SGN-U332339 SGN-U332444 SGN-U332487 SGN-U332559 SGN-U332631 SGN-U333381 SGN-U334484 SGN-U334485 SGN-U335467 SGN-U335468 SGN-U335855 SGN-U335856 SGN-U336334 SGN-U340355 SGN-U340895 SGN-U344064 SGN-U344414 SGN-U345435 SGN-U345548 SGN-U346510 SGN-U346757 SGN-U346941