SGN Gene Family 128934

Family Number9
Total Genes205
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build6 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationPeptidase S8 and S53, subtilisin, kexin, sedolisin;Molecular Function: subtilase activity (GO:0004289), Biological Process: proteolysis (GO:0006508)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 59(221) 
52 20(214) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis55At1G01900 At1G04110 At1G20150 At1G20160 At1G30600 At1G32940 At1G32950 At1G32960 At1G32970 At1G32980 At1G62340 At1G66210 At1G66220 At2G04160 At2G05920 At2G19170 At2G39850 At3G14067 At3G14240 At3G46840 At3G46850 At4G00230 At4G10510 At4G10520 At4G10530 At4G10540 At4G10550 At4G15040 At4G20430 At4G21323 At4G21326 At4G21630 At4G21640 At4G21650 At4G26330 At4G30020 At4G34980 At5G03620 At5G11940 At5G44530 At5G45640 At5G45650 At5G51750 At5G58820 At5G58830 At5G58840 At5G59090 At5G59100 At5G59110 At5G59120 At5G59130 At5G59190 At5G59810 At5G67090 At5G67360
Solanum tuberosum58SGN-U271758 SGN-U271759 SGN-U272172 SGN-U272173 SGN-U272174 SGN-U272768 SGN-U272769 SGN-U272770 SGN-U272812 SGN-U272813 SGN-U275503 SGN-U275954 SGN-U276270 SGN-U276412 SGN-U276547 SGN-U276666 SGN-U276780 SGN-U277397 SGN-U277499 SGN-U277636 SGN-U277885 SGN-U277955 SGN-U279872 SGN-U279910 SGN-U280792 SGN-U280851 SGN-U281114 SGN-U281410 SGN-U281650 SGN-U283461 SGN-U283518 SGN-U283743 SGN-U284412 SGN-U284533 SGN-U285762 SGN-U286385 SGN-U286580 SGN-U288256 SGN-U288257 SGN-U288258 SGN-U288376 SGN-U288377 SGN-U289613 SGN-U290139 SGN-U291004 SGN-U291215 SGN-U292752 SGN-U293471 SGN-U294021 SGN-U294311 SGN-U294346 SGN-U294458 SGN-U296219 SGN-U296573 SGN-U297183 SGN-U297342 SGN-U297561 SGN-U299064
Solanum melongena4SGN-U205882 SGN-U205987 SGN-U207286 SGN-U207357
Capsicum annuum23SGN-U199350 SGN-U199351 SGN-U199602 SGN-U199885 SGN-U200010 SGN-U200414 SGN-U200656 SGN-U201913 SGN-U202687 SGN-U203393 SGN-U203936 SGN-U204590 SGN-U204599 SGN-U204669 SGN-U205117 SGN-U205214 SGN-U205325 SGN-U196885 SGN-U197392 SGN-U198283 SGN-U198572 SGN-U198799 SGN-U198829
Petunia hybrida6SGN-U208143 SGN-U209636 SGN-U210797 SGN-U211041 SGN-U211749 SGN-U212236
Tomato 20060759SGN-U322487 SGN-U324604 SGN-U325421 SGN-U326017 SGN-U326089 SGN-U327122 SGN-U327491 SGN-U327637 SGN-U327796 SGN-U328114 SGN-U328448 SGN-U329503 SGN-U329832 SGN-U330434 SGN-U331786 SGN-U332083 SGN-U332644 SGN-U333226 SGN-U334591 SGN-U336306 SGN-U337445 SGN-U337447 SGN-U338304 SGN-U338729 SGN-U338730 SGN-U338731 SGN-U338732 SGN-U340623 SGN-U342098 SGN-U342536 SGN-U342578 SGN-U342600 SGN-U343651 SGN-U344108 SGN-U344502 SGN-U344928 SGN-U346110 SGN-U313772 SGN-U313773 SGN-U313774 SGN-U313775 SGN-U313776 SGN-U313777 SGN-U313778 SGN-U313779 SGN-U314479 SGN-U314480 SGN-U314490 SGN-U316288 SGN-U316289 SGN-U317724 SGN-U317725 SGN-U317844 SGN-U318085 SGN-U318298 SGN-U319454 SGN-U321739 SGN-U321740 SGN-U322005