SGN Gene Family 128935

Family Number10
Total Genes203
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build6 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationSmall GTP-binding protein domain;Molecular Function: GTP binding (GO:0005525); Ras; Ras GTPase;Molecular Function: GTP binding (GO:0005525), Biological Process: small GTPase mediated signal transduction (GO:0007264); Ras small GTPase, Rab type;Molecular Function: GTP binding (GO:0005525), Biological Process: small GTPase mediated signal transduction (GO:0007264), Biological Process: protein transport (GO:0015031)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 18(504)  4(1182) 
52 115(68)  12(280)  28(189) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis44At1G02130 At1G08880 At1G22740 At1G43890 At1G49300 At1G51060 At1G52280 At1G52740 At1G54690 At2G21880 At2G22290 At2G38810 At2G44610 At3G09900 At3G09910 At3G11730 At3G16100 At3G18820 At3G20670 At3G46060 At3G53610 At3G54560 At3G54840 At4G09720 At4G13570 At4G17160 At4G17170 At4G17530 At4G19640 At4G27230 At4G35860 At4G39890 At5G02560 At5G03520 At5G03530 At5G10260 At5G27670 At5G39620 At5G45130 At5G47200 At5G54640 At5G59840 At5G59870 At5G64990
Solanum tuberosum44SGN-U268720 SGN-U269359 SGN-U269360 SGN-U269615 SGN-U269616 SGN-U270180 SGN-U270181 SGN-U270182 SGN-U270183 SGN-U270240 SGN-U270689 SGN-U270690 SGN-U270720 SGN-U270721 SGN-U271126 SGN-U271127 SGN-U271285 SGN-U271594 SGN-U271595 SGN-U271618 SGN-U271697 SGN-U271785 SGN-U271899 SGN-U272067 SGN-U272221 SGN-U273294 SGN-U273295 SGN-U275062 SGN-U275470 SGN-U275705 SGN-U278418 SGN-U279414 SGN-U279833 SGN-U280512 SGN-U285080 SGN-U285976 SGN-U287345 SGN-U287747 SGN-U287749 SGN-U287903 SGN-U289262 SGN-U290630 SGN-U291550 SGN-U296473
Solanum melongena6SGN-U205630 SGN-U205637 SGN-U205664 SGN-U205683 SGN-U205684 SGN-U206621
Capsicum annuum32SGN-U198268 SGN-U198731 SGN-U198794 SGN-U198989 SGN-U198990 SGN-U199016 SGN-U199159 SGN-U199195 SGN-U199318 SGN-U199319 SGN-U200055 SGN-U200848 SGN-U202853 SGN-U203065 SGN-U205186 SGN-U196091 SGN-U196141 SGN-U196426 SGN-U196480 SGN-U196481 SGN-U196547 SGN-U196650 SGN-U196089 SGN-U196090 SGN-U196803 SGN-U196920 SGN-U197026 SGN-U197141 SGN-U197427 SGN-U197793 SGN-U197864 SGN-U198122
Petunia hybrida18SGN-U207566 SGN-U207946 SGN-U208190 SGN-U208382 SGN-U208458 SGN-U208565 SGN-U208675 SGN-U208697 SGN-U208740 SGN-U208975 SGN-U208982 SGN-U209962 SGN-U210047 SGN-U210900 SGN-U211097 SGN-U211168 SGN-U211354 SGN-U211994
Tomato 20060759SGN-U315444 SGN-U315581 SGN-U315641 SGN-U315935 SGN-U315936 SGN-U315937 SGN-U316679 SGN-U318611 SGN-U318974 SGN-U319086 SGN-U319249 SGN-U319478 SGN-U320063 SGN-U320065 SGN-U321242 SGN-U321767 SGN-U322698 SGN-U324627 SGN-U333546 SGN-U333548 SGN-U333602 SGN-U333603 SGN-U333604 SGN-U333968 SGN-U335150 SGN-U335219 SGN-U335220 SGN-U335397 SGN-U336768 SGN-U336835 SGN-U337452 SGN-U337453 SGN-U337660 SGN-U338619 SGN-U339151 SGN-U312420 SGN-U312421 SGN-U312490 SGN-U312492 SGN-U312493 SGN-U312494 SGN-U312495 SGN-U312496 SGN-U312845 SGN-U312846 SGN-U313839 SGN-U313840 SGN-U313841 SGN-U313957 SGN-U313958 SGN-U314184 SGN-U314342 SGN-U314366 SGN-U314367 SGN-U314895 SGN-U315040 SGN-U315041 SGN-U315042 SGN-U315443