SGN Gene Family 128940

Family Number15
Total Genes170
Build Date2007-08-28
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build6 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationProtein kinase-like; Protein kinase;Molecular Function: protein kinase activity (GO:0004672), Molecular Function: ATP binding (GO:0005524), Biological Process: protein amino acid phosphorylation (GO:0006468)
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 1(4049)  49(252) 
52 1(1853)  1472(12)  132(60)  1346(13) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Alignment not available for this family due to its large size.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis53At1G70740 At2G32800 At2G45590 At3G45860 At4G00960 At4G00970 At4G04490 At4G04500 At4G04510 At4G04540 At4G04570 At4G05200 At4G11460 At4G11470 At4G11480 At4G11490 At4G11530 At4G11890 At4G21230 At4G21366 At4G21400 At4G21410 At4G23130 At4G23140 At4G23150 At4G23160 At4G23170 At4G23180 At4G23190 At4G23200 At4G23210 At4G23220 At4G23230 At4G23240 At4G23250 At4G23260 At4G23270 At4G23280 At4G23290 At4G23300 At4G23310 At4G23320 At4G28670 At4G38830 At5G06740 At5G38240 At5G38250 At5G38260 At5G40380 At1G19090 At1G66910 At1G66930 At1G70520
Solanum tuberosum44SGN-U296474 SGN-U296494 SGN-U296972 SGN-U297615 SGN-U298300 SGN-U270838 SGN-U271841 SGN-U271842 SGN-U271843 SGN-U274049 SGN-U274050 SGN-U276277 SGN-U276523 SGN-U276676 SGN-U276897 SGN-U277311 SGN-U278482 SGN-U278824 SGN-U279610 SGN-U279642 SGN-U280502 SGN-U280721 SGN-U281633 SGN-U282608 SGN-U283063 SGN-U283114 SGN-U284880 SGN-U284979 SGN-U285058 SGN-U285098 SGN-U285782 SGN-U286033 SGN-U287957 SGN-U288873 SGN-U290148 SGN-U290149 SGN-U290150 SGN-U290922 SGN-U291124 SGN-U291991 SGN-U292163 SGN-U294540 SGN-U294740 SGN-U295802
Capsicum annuum7SGN-U201446 SGN-U201833 SGN-U203089 SGN-U197882 SGN-U199535 SGN-U200884 SGN-U201309
Petunia hybrida2SGN-U210089 SGN-U212357
Tomato 20060764SGN-U313932 SGN-U313933 SGN-U313934 SGN-U313935 SGN-U314829 SGN-U314831 SGN-U316493 SGN-U316494 SGN-U316496 SGN-U316497 SGN-U319078 SGN-U319350 SGN-U321577 SGN-U321588 SGN-U321990 SGN-U322191 SGN-U322280 SGN-U322374 SGN-U322375 SGN-U322828 SGN-U322829 SGN-U324324 SGN-U324754 SGN-U324881 SGN-U324945 SGN-U325942 SGN-U326120 SGN-U326621 SGN-U326715 SGN-U326960 SGN-U327332 SGN-U327407 SGN-U327502 SGN-U327654 SGN-U328115 SGN-U328453 SGN-U328462 SGN-U328686 SGN-U329531 SGN-U330239 SGN-U330866 SGN-U330885 SGN-U331020 SGN-U331345 SGN-U331639 SGN-U331967 SGN-U332995 SGN-U333092 SGN-U334677 SGN-U335708 SGN-U338484 SGN-U339021 SGN-U339099 SGN-U339100 SGN-U339101 SGN-U340073 SGN-U340369 SGN-U341583 SGN-U343290 SGN-U344245 SGN-U344764 SGN-U345287 SGN-U345879 SGN-U347077