SGN Gene Family 16

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number16
Total Genes404
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationThiQ_ABC_transpt; ABC_transporter; Sulph_transpt1; CbiN_ATP
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis126At1g02520 At1g02530 At1g03905 At1g04120 At1g10680 At1g15210 At1g15520 At1g17840 At1g27940 At1g28010 At1g30400 At1g30410 At1g30420 At1g31770 At1g51460 At1g51500 At1g53270 At1g53390 At1g54350 At1g59870 At1g63270 At1g64550 At1g65410 At1g66950 At1g67940 At1g70610 At1g71330 At1g71960 At2g01320 At2g01320 At2g01320 At2g01320 At2g07680 At2g13610 At2g26910 At2g28070 At2g29940 At2g34660 At2g36380 At2g36910 At2g37010 At2g37280 At2g37360 At2g39350 At2g39480 At2g41700 At2g47000 At2g47800 At3g10670 At3g13080 At3g13080 At3g13080 At3g13080 At3g13090 At3g13100 At3g13220 At3g13640 At3g16340 At3g21090 At3g21250 At3g25620 At3g28345 At3g28360 At3g28380 At3g28390 At3g28415 At3g28860 At3g30842 At3g47730 At3g47740 At3g47750 At3g47760 At3g47770 At3g47780 At3g47790 At3g52310 At3g53480 At3g53510 At3g54540 At3g55090 At3g55100 At3g55110 At3g55130 At3g55320 At3g59140 At3g60160 At3g60970 At3g62150 At3g62700 At4g01820 At4g01830 At4g15215 At4g15230 At4g15233 At4g15236 At4g18050 At4g19210 At4g25450 At4g25750 At4g25960 At4g27420 At4g28620 At4g28630 At4g30300 At4g33460 At4g39850 At5g02270 At5g03910 At5g06530 At5g06530 At5g09930 At5g13580 At5g14100 At5g19410 At5g39040 At5g44110 At5g46540 At5g52860 At5g58270 At5g60740 At5g60790 At5g61690 At5g61700 At5g61730 At5g61740 At5g64840
Solanum tuberosum77SGN-U269018 SGN-U270310 SGN-U270442 SGN-U270464 SGN-U270865 SGN-U272369 SGN-U272370 SGN-U272654 SGN-U272982 SGN-U273029 SGN-U273212 SGN-U273480 SGN-U273505 SGN-U273897 SGN-U275687 SGN-U275955 SGN-U276619 SGN-U278577 SGN-U278670 SGN-U278986 SGN-U279268 SGN-U279989 SGN-U280069 SGN-U280171 SGN-U280764 SGN-U281085 SGN-U281523 SGN-U281761 SGN-U281830 SGN-U281973 SGN-U282195 SGN-U282353 SGN-U282460 SGN-U282477 SGN-U282666 SGN-U282768 SGN-U283410 SGN-U284396 SGN-U284689 SGN-U284901 SGN-U285227 SGN-U285666 SGN-U286444 SGN-U286523 SGN-U287782 SGN-U287966 SGN-U288689 SGN-U289259 SGN-U290958 SGN-U291280 SGN-U291546 SGN-U291750 SGN-U291897 SGN-U292093 SGN-U292169 SGN-U292730 SGN-U293241 SGN-U293357 SGN-U293780 SGN-U294019 SGN-U294271 SGN-U294305 SGN-U294349 SGN-U294866 SGN-U295612 SGN-U295803 SGN-U295815 SGN-U296243 SGN-U296312 SGN-U297095 SGN-U297143 SGN-U297207 SGN-U297953 SGN-U298360 SGN-U298554 SGN-U298686 SGN-U298839
Solanum melongena2SGN-U207126 SGN-U207383
Capsicum annuum37SGN-U196033 SGN-U196268 SGN-U196479 SGN-U196544 SGN-U197103 SGN-U197626 SGN-U197673 SGN-U197876 SGN-U197957 SGN-U198903 SGN-U199207 SGN-U199475 SGN-U199491 SGN-U199939 SGN-U200214 SGN-U200461 SGN-U200534 SGN-U200701 SGN-U200873 SGN-U201121 SGN-U201396 SGN-U201830 SGN-U201919 SGN-U202214 SGN-U202613 SGN-U203188 SGN-U203240 SGN-U203385 SGN-U203690 SGN-U204354 SGN-U204631 SGN-U205107 SGN-U205140 SGN-U205211 SGN-U205328 SGN-U205375 SGN-U205455
Petunia hybrida14SGN-U207609 SGN-U207771 SGN-U207907 SGN-U208237 SGN-U208850 SGN-U209392 SGN-U209395 SGN-U209563 SGN-U210389 SGN-U210454 SGN-U210465 SGN-U211404 SGN-U211987 SGN-U212014
Coffea canephora36SGN-U305193 SGN-U299267 SGN-U300378 SGN-U300496 SGN-U300586 SGN-U301409 SGN-U301482 SGN-U301923 SGN-U302154 SGN-U302456 SGN-U302684 SGN-U302827 SGN-U303344 SGN-U303491 SGN-U303722 SGN-U304135 SGN-U304187 SGN-U304317 SGN-U304852 SGN-U312002 SGN-U312079 SGN-U312045 SGN-U311591 SGN-U312235 SGN-U311042 SGN-U311536 SGN-U310043 SGN-U310370 SGN-U310361 SGN-U309689 SGN-U309020 SGN-U308660 SGN-U307737 SGN-U306680 SGN-U306919 SGN-U308389
Lycopersicon Combined112SGN-U213231 SGN-U214603 SGN-U214604 SGN-U215046 SGN-U215083 SGN-U216449 SGN-U216938 SGN-U216939 SGN-U217051 SGN-U217069 SGN-U217070 SGN-U217121 SGN-U217284 SGN-U217326 SGN-U217759 SGN-U217780 SGN-U218132 SGN-U218555 SGN-U218556 SGN-U218974 SGN-U219833 SGN-U220277 SGN-U220586 SGN-U220668 SGN-U220978 SGN-U221032 SGN-U221372 SGN-U221835 SGN-U221903 SGN-U222362 SGN-U222484 SGN-U222678 SGN-U222806 SGN-U222807 SGN-U222956 SGN-U223338 SGN-U223481 SGN-U223773 SGN-U223862 SGN-U224141 SGN-U224406 SGN-U224448 SGN-U224716 SGN-U224757 SGN-U226307 SGN-U226533 SGN-U226772 SGN-U226853 SGN-U227812 SGN-U227815 SGN-U228416 SGN-U228519 SGN-U228662 SGN-U228725 SGN-U228800 SGN-U228994 SGN-U229395 SGN-U229519 SGN-U229575 SGN-U229890 SGN-U229917 SGN-U229929 SGN-U230180 SGN-U230271 SGN-U230342 SGN-U230663 SGN-U231011 SGN-U231540 SGN-U232965 SGN-U233686 SGN-U234568 SGN-U234663 SGN-U234986 SGN-U235063 SGN-U235316 SGN-U235317 SGN-U235638 SGN-U235713 SGN-U235843 SGN-U235987 SGN-U236255 SGN-U236557 SGN-U236784 SGN-U236827 SGN-U237121 SGN-U237842 SGN-U238015 SGN-U238379 SGN-U238649 SGN-U238993 SGN-U239084 SGN-U239285 SGN-U239609 SGN-U239648 SGN-U239667 SGN-U240041 SGN-U240052 SGN-U240202 SGN-U240310 SGN-U240750 SGN-U240850 SGN-U240905 SGN-U240910 SGN-U241039 SGN-U241263 SGN-U241430 SGN-U241501 SGN-U241811 SGN-U242016 SGN-U242646 SGN-U242898 SGN-U243054