SGN Gene Family 17

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number17
Total Genes380
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis99At1g01800 At1g03630 At1g07440 At1g07450 At1g10310 At1g24360 At1g24470 At1g36580 At1g52340 At1g54870 At1g62610 At1g62610 At1g63380 At1g64590 At1g67730 At2g05990 At2g05990 At2g07640 At2g17845 At2g24190 At2g29150 At2g29170 At2g29260 At2g29290 At2g29300 At2g29310 At2g29320 At2g29330 At2g29340 At2g29340 At2g29350 At2g29350 At2g29360 At2g29370 At2g30670 At2g37540 At2g47120 At2g47130 At2g47140 At2g47150 At3g01980 At3g01980 At3g03330 At3g03350 At3g03980 At3g04000 At3g05260 At3g06060 At3g12800 At3g26760 At3g26770 At3g29250 At3g29260 At3g42960 At3g46170 At3g47350 At3g47360 At3g51680 At3g55290 At3g55290 At3g55310 At3g59710 At3g61220 At4g03140 At4g05530 At4g09750 At4g10020 At4g11410 At4g13180 At4g13250 At4g20760 At4g23420 At4g23420 At4g23430 At4g23430 At4g24050 At4g27440 At4g27760 At5g02540 At5g04070 At5g04900 At5g06060 At5g10050 At5g15940 At5g18210 At5g19200 At5g50130 At5g50130 At5g50590 At5g50600 At5g50690 At5g50700 At5g50770 At5g51030 At5g53090 At5g53100 At5g54190 At5g61830 At5g65205
Solanum tuberosum94SGN-U279828 SGN-U269021 SGN-U269022 SGN-U269696 SGN-U269697 SGN-U269698 SGN-U269699 SGN-U269700 SGN-U269911 SGN-U269912 SGN-U270024 SGN-U270037 SGN-U270038 SGN-U270333 SGN-U270334 SGN-U270511 SGN-U270725 SGN-U270756 SGN-U270823 SGN-U270824 SGN-U270825 SGN-U270826 SGN-U270853 SGN-U270854 SGN-U271027 SGN-U271028 SGN-U271558 SGN-U271559 SGN-U271654 SGN-U272361 SGN-U272650 SGN-U272651 SGN-U273823 SGN-U273824 SGN-U273825 SGN-U273867 SGN-U274221 SGN-U274222 SGN-U274324 SGN-U274545 SGN-U275829 SGN-U275966 SGN-U277084 SGN-U277373 SGN-U277437 SGN-U277640 SGN-U278208 SGN-U278276 SGN-U279308 SGN-U279494 SGN-U279538 SGN-U279743 SGN-U279935 SGN-U280258 SGN-U280330 SGN-U280769 SGN-U281627 SGN-U281797 SGN-U281991 SGN-U282108 SGN-U282926 SGN-U283234 SGN-U283568 SGN-U284058 SGN-U284073 SGN-U285036 SGN-U287519 SGN-U287914 SGN-U287953 SGN-U288529 SGN-U288530 SGN-U288531 SGN-U288532 SGN-U288946 SGN-U288947 SGN-U289539 SGN-U289748 SGN-U290096 SGN-U290247 SGN-U290972 SGN-U291681 SGN-U292124 SGN-U293197 SGN-U294020 SGN-U294365 SGN-U294656 SGN-U294893 SGN-U295327 SGN-U295649 SGN-U296043 SGN-U296119 SGN-U296294 SGN-U298151 SGN-U298197
Solanum melongena8SGN-U205728 SGN-U205778 SGN-U205954 SGN-U206322 SGN-U206906 SGN-U206973 SGN-U207025 SGN-U207278
Capsicum annuum40SGN-U196467 SGN-U196468 SGN-U196655 SGN-U197016 SGN-U197260 SGN-U197750 SGN-U197944 SGN-U198257 SGN-U198427 SGN-U198608 SGN-U198712 SGN-U198904 SGN-U198908 SGN-U199225 SGN-U199226 SGN-U199227 SGN-U199228 SGN-U199730 SGN-U199929 SGN-U199970 SGN-U200526 SGN-U200617 SGN-U200783 SGN-U200869 SGN-U201124 SGN-U201528 SGN-U201655 SGN-U201793 SGN-U202511 SGN-U202904 SGN-U203458 SGN-U203910 SGN-U204127 SGN-U204188 SGN-U204428 SGN-U204932 SGN-U205230 SGN-U205402 SGN-U205403 SGN-U205526
Petunia hybrida10SGN-U207884 SGN-U208070 SGN-U208845 SGN-U208917 SGN-U209425 SGN-U210015 SGN-U210842 SGN-U211509 SGN-U212338 SGN-U212457
Coffea canephora38SGN-U299384 SGN-U299769 SGN-U305464 SGN-U305463 SGN-U299841 SGN-U300316 SGN-U300315 SGN-U305595 SGN-U300419 SGN-U300477 SGN-U300528 SGN-U300577 SGN-U300599 SGN-U300992 SGN-U301063 SGN-U305743 SGN-U301138 SGN-U301137 SGN-U301358 SGN-U301427 SGN-U301686 SGN-U301761 SGN-U301826 SGN-U302692 SGN-U303367 SGN-U303378 SGN-U303387 SGN-U304088 SGN-U304179 SGN-U304489 SGN-U311141 SGN-U310294 SGN-U311378 SGN-U310251 SGN-U310113 SGN-U308576 SGN-U308317 SGN-U307456
Lycopersicon Combined91SGN-U213435 SGN-U213436 SGN-U213488 SGN-U213489 SGN-U213507 SGN-U213508 SGN-U213509 SGN-U213874 SGN-U213875 SGN-U213876 SGN-U214155 SGN-U214299 SGN-U214300 SGN-U214301 SGN-U214302 SGN-U214426 SGN-U214593 SGN-U215119 SGN-U215147 SGN-U215527 SGN-U215588 SGN-U215682 SGN-U215683 SGN-U215684 SGN-U216281 SGN-U216282 SGN-U216554 SGN-U216944 SGN-U217262 SGN-U217263 SGN-U217527 SGN-U217959 SGN-U218537 SGN-U219216 SGN-U219448 SGN-U219708 SGN-U219739 SGN-U220469 SGN-U221201 SGN-U221281 SGN-U221444 SGN-U221445 SGN-U221627 SGN-U221642 SGN-U221984 SGN-U221998 SGN-U222054 SGN-U222843 SGN-U222844 SGN-U222991 SGN-U223504 SGN-U223766 SGN-U224171 SGN-U224767 SGN-U225051 SGN-U225808 SGN-U226169 SGN-U226817 SGN-U227306 SGN-U227341 SGN-U227533 SGN-U227709 SGN-U228431 SGN-U228636 SGN-U228860 SGN-U229373 SGN-U229831 SGN-U230051 SGN-U230619 SGN-U230905 SGN-U231447 SGN-U231872 SGN-U231965 SGN-U232419 SGN-U232503 SGN-U232694 SGN-U232963 SGN-U233261 SGN-U233288 SGN-U233656 SGN-U233657 SGN-U235666 SGN-U237056 SGN-U237658 SGN-U238941 SGN-U238997 SGN-U239381 SGN-U240952 SGN-U241463 SGN-U241707 SGN-U242436