SGN Gene Family 19

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number19
Total Genes371
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis116At1g01340 At1g03660 At1g03670 At1g05640 At1g07710 At1g10340 At1g10340 At1g14480 At1g14500 At1g15990 At1g19780 At1g34050 At2g01680 At2g03430 At2g14250 At2g17390 At2g23980 At2g24600 At2g24600 At2g24600 At2g24610 At2g25600 At2g26210 At2g26650 At2g28260 At2g28840 At2g31820 At2g46430 At2g46440 At2g46450 At2g47450 At3g01750 At3g02850 At3g04140 At3g04710 At3g09550 At3g09890 At3g12360 At3g13950 At3g17690 At3g17700 At3g18670 At3g24530 At3g28880 At3g48010 At3g52830 At3g54070 At4g01010 At4g03440 At4g03450 At4g03460 At4g03470 At4g03480 At4g03490 At4g03500 At4g05040 At4g05040 At4g10720 At4g11000 At4g13266 At4g14390 At4g14400 At4g14400 At4g14400 At4g18290 At4g19150 At4g22200 At4g27780 At4g30360 At4g30560 At4g32500 At4g32650 At4g32650 At4g35450 At4g35450 At4g35450 At4g35450 At5g02620 At5g04680 At5g04690 At5g04700 At5g04730 At5g07270 At5g07840 At5g12320 At5g13530 At5g14230 At5g14870 At5g15410 At5g15410 At5g15500 At5g15500 At5g35810 At5g35830 At5g37500 At5g40160 At5g46240 At5g50140 At5g51160 At5g53130 At5g53470 At5g54250 At5g54250 At5g54610 At5g54620 At5g54700 At5g54710 At5g54720 At5g57740 At5g57940 At5g57940 At5g57940 At5g60070 At5g61230 At5g66055 At5g66055
Solanum tuberosum92SGN-U268325 SGN-U268326 SGN-U268327 SGN-U271336 SGN-U271337 SGN-U271642 SGN-U271964 SGN-U272772 SGN-U273247 SGN-U273281 SGN-U273941 SGN-U274204 SGN-U274966 SGN-U275615 SGN-U276058 SGN-U276310 SGN-U276357 SGN-U276381 SGN-U276858 SGN-U276901 SGN-U277814 SGN-U277876 SGN-U278233 SGN-U278866 SGN-U278902 SGN-U278931 SGN-U279096 SGN-U279480 SGN-U279873 SGN-U280397 SGN-U280403 SGN-U280759 SGN-U280954 SGN-U281759 SGN-U281970 SGN-U282080 SGN-U282114 SGN-U282176 SGN-U283440 SGN-U283663 SGN-U284033 SGN-U284227 SGN-U284427 SGN-U284476 SGN-U284640 SGN-U284822 SGN-U285141 SGN-U285353 SGN-U285700 SGN-U285747 SGN-U286438 SGN-U287878 SGN-U288126 SGN-U289100 SGN-U289385 SGN-U289861 SGN-U290197 SGN-U290242 SGN-U290672 SGN-U291088 SGN-U291425 SGN-U291502 SGN-U291523 SGN-U291971 SGN-U292243 SGN-U292429 SGN-U292545 SGN-U292924 SGN-U292968 SGN-U293003 SGN-U293227 SGN-U293549 SGN-U293715 SGN-U293862 SGN-U293902 SGN-U294589 SGN-U294728 SGN-U294782 SGN-U295203 SGN-U295767 SGN-U295843 SGN-U295847 SGN-U296260 SGN-U296273 SGN-U296283 SGN-U296412 SGN-U297191 SGN-U297356 SGN-U297660 SGN-U297871 SGN-U298373 SGN-U298407
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206402
Capsicum annuum23SGN-U196410 SGN-U196488 SGN-U197210 SGN-U197622 SGN-U197962 SGN-U198234 SGN-U199479 SGN-U200297 SGN-U200401 SGN-U200722 SGN-U201774 SGN-U201852 SGN-U201931 SGN-U201979 SGN-U202384 SGN-U202454 SGN-U202466 SGN-U202485 SGN-U202540 SGN-U202994 SGN-U203383 SGN-U204452 SGN-U205563
Petunia hybrida11SGN-U208960 SGN-U209362 SGN-U209616 SGN-U209872 SGN-U209994 SGN-U210439 SGN-U211185 SGN-U211242 SGN-U211325 SGN-U212287 SGN-U212312
Coffea canephora37SGN-U299859 SGN-U299902 SGN-U300629 SGN-U300815 SGN-U301083 SGN-U301237 SGN-U301280 SGN-U301282 SGN-U302253 SGN-U302427 SGN-U303479 SGN-U303508 SGN-U303993 SGN-U304103 SGN-U304333 SGN-U304433 SGN-U304688 SGN-U304759 SGN-U305009 SGN-U311977 SGN-U311810 SGN-U312258 SGN-U310654 SGN-U310091 SGN-U310381 SGN-U310355 SGN-U309111 SGN-U309222 SGN-U308205 SGN-U308038 SGN-U308606 SGN-U308502 SGN-U308444 SGN-U308327 SGN-U307912 SGN-U307549 SGN-U307240
Lycopersicon Combined91SGN-U213157 SGN-U213158 SGN-U213396 SGN-U214419 SGN-U214820 SGN-U214821 SGN-U216057 SGN-U216059 SGN-U216636 SGN-U216914 SGN-U216915 SGN-U217439 SGN-U217475 SGN-U218127 SGN-U218454 SGN-U218455 SGN-U218564 SGN-U218663 SGN-U218664 SGN-U219208 SGN-U219592 SGN-U219612 SGN-U219969 SGN-U220087 SGN-U220576 SGN-U220642 SGN-U221503 SGN-U221612 SGN-U221884 SGN-U222068 SGN-U222163 SGN-U222828 SGN-U223225 SGN-U223524 SGN-U223731 SGN-U224033 SGN-U224079 SGN-U224080 SGN-U224241 SGN-U224517 SGN-U224665 SGN-U224948 SGN-U224987 SGN-U225466 SGN-U225607 SGN-U225710 SGN-U226129 SGN-U226713 SGN-U227116 SGN-U227270 SGN-U227571 SGN-U227779 SGN-U228151 SGN-U228601 SGN-U228913 SGN-U229335 SGN-U230666 SGN-U230934 SGN-U231175 SGN-U231219 SGN-U231311 SGN-U231467 SGN-U231555 SGN-U231814 SGN-U231957 SGN-U232352 SGN-U232353 SGN-U233650 SGN-U234001 SGN-U234016 SGN-U234532 SGN-U234575 SGN-U235511 SGN-U235695 SGN-U236128 SGN-U237427 SGN-U237802 SGN-U237857 SGN-U238047 SGN-U238541 SGN-U238856 SGN-U238945 SGN-U239977 SGN-U240808 SGN-U241015 SGN-U241401 SGN-U241699 SGN-U241730 SGN-U241731 SGN-U242585 SGN-U243044