SGN Gene Family 21976

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number7
Total Genes385
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build2 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 21(456) 
52 7(345)  9128(2)  9454(2) 
65 44(100)  437(24)  20(159)  703(17)  8880(2)  975(14)  1481(10)  2657(7)  9917(2)  2496(7)  10436(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis97At1g02400 At1g03400 At1g03410 At1g04350 At1g04380 At1g05010 At1g06620 At1g06640 At1g06640 At1g06650 At1g06650 At1g12010 At1g14120 At1g14130 At1g15550 At1g17010 At1g17020 At1g30040 At1g35190 At1g44090 At1g47990 At1g49390 At1g50960 At1g55290 At1g60980 At1g62380 At1g77330 At1g78440 At1g78550 At1g80330 At1g80340 At2g06960 At2g19590 At2g25450 At2g30830 At2g30840 At2g34555 At2g36690 At2g38240 At2g44800 At3g11180 At3g12900 At3g13610 At3g19000 At3g19000 At3g19010 At3g19010 At3g21420 At3g46480 At3g46490 At3g46500 At3g47190 At3g49620 At3g49630 At3g50210 At3g50210 At3g51240 At3g55970 At3g60290 At3g61400 At4g10490 At4g10500 At4g16330 At4g16765 At4g16765 At4g16770 At4g21200 At4g21690 At4g22870 At4g22880 At4g23340 At4g23340 At4g25300 At4g25300 At4g25310 At4g25420 At5g05600 At5g07200 At5g07480 At5g08640 At5g12270 At5g20400 At5g20550 At5g24530 At5g43440 At5g43450 At5g43935 At5g51310 At5g51810 At5g54000 At5g58660 At5g59530 At5g59540 At5g63580 At5g63590 At5g63595 At5g63600
Solanum tuberosum93SGN-U268475 SGN-U268476 SGN-U268477 SGN-U269238 SGN-U269239 SGN-U269240 SGN-U269496 SGN-U269497 SGN-U269498 SGN-U269935 SGN-U270274 SGN-U270497 SGN-U270637 SGN-U271065 SGN-U271066 SGN-U271067 SGN-U271223 SGN-U271224 SGN-U271225 SGN-U271226 SGN-U271589 SGN-U271590 SGN-U273616 SGN-U273617 SGN-U273708 SGN-U274418 SGN-U275045 SGN-U275099 SGN-U275102 SGN-U275103 SGN-U275647 SGN-U275648 SGN-U275815 SGN-U276411 SGN-U276693 SGN-U276725 SGN-U277918 SGN-U279278 SGN-U279331 SGN-U279773 SGN-U279806 SGN-U279853 SGN-U280468 SGN-U280562 SGN-U280937 SGN-U281203 SGN-U281395 SGN-U281539 SGN-U281853 SGN-U281855 SGN-U281949 SGN-U282554 SGN-U282721 SGN-U283104 SGN-U283353 SGN-U283423 SGN-U284122 SGN-U284132 SGN-U284642 SGN-U284759 SGN-U285550 SGN-U286087 SGN-U286322 SGN-U286885 SGN-U287276 SGN-U287277 SGN-U287766 SGN-U287875 SGN-U288091 SGN-U288092 SGN-U289248 SGN-U289978 SGN-U290207 SGN-U290221 SGN-U290268 SGN-U290269 SGN-U290282 SGN-U290347 SGN-U290474 SGN-U290475 SGN-U291727 SGN-U292031 SGN-U292554 SGN-U294120 SGN-U294153 SGN-U294242 SGN-U295471 SGN-U297533 SGN-U297535 SGN-U297857 SGN-U297952 SGN-U298994 SGN-U299054
Solanum melongena3SGN-U206076 SGN-U206122 SGN-U207079
Capsicum annuum25SGN-U196240 SGN-U196241 SGN-U196297 SGN-U196299 SGN-U196386 SGN-U196929 SGN-U197376 SGN-U197696 SGN-U197785 SGN-U199174 SGN-U199175 SGN-U199412 SGN-U199438 SGN-U200447 SGN-U200539 SGN-U200925 SGN-U201257 SGN-U201928 SGN-U202195 SGN-U202396 SGN-U202435 SGN-U203675 SGN-U203704 SGN-U204389 SGN-U205503
Petunia hybrida15SGN-U207412 SGN-U207413 SGN-U207414 SGN-U207688 SGN-U207689 SGN-U207981 SGN-U208091 SGN-U208304 SGN-U208325 SGN-U210460 SGN-U211547 SGN-U211708 SGN-U211742 SGN-U212081 SGN-U212173
Coffea canephora43SGN-U299348 SGN-U305243 SGN-U299353 SGN-U299352 SGN-U299350 SGN-U299481 SGN-U305324 SGN-U299490 SGN-U299489 SGN-U299488 SGN-U299495 SGN-U299607 SGN-U299667 SGN-U299964 SGN-U299963 SGN-U300118 SGN-U300117 SGN-U300332 SGN-U300554 SGN-U300965 SGN-U305741 SGN-U301135 SGN-U301166 SGN-U302589 SGN-U302798 SGN-U302855 SGN-U302878 SGN-U303143 SGN-U303628 SGN-U304092 SGN-U304219 SGN-U304530 SGN-U312286 SGN-U311865 SGN-U312119 SGN-U311116 SGN-U311761 SGN-U309926 SGN-U309634 SGN-U308951 SGN-U307671 SGN-U307271 SGN-U306757
Lycopersicon Combined109SGN-U212786 SGN-U212788 SGN-U212789 SGN-U212794 SGN-U212797 SGN-U212798 SGN-U212799 SGN-U212800 SGN-U212801 SGN-U212802 SGN-U212803 SGN-U212804 SGN-U213120 SGN-U213121 SGN-U213299 SGN-U213300 SGN-U213371 SGN-U213372 SGN-U214289 SGN-U214290 SGN-U214291 SGN-U214292 SGN-U214919 SGN-U214961 SGN-U215205 SGN-U215206 SGN-U215281 SGN-U215282 SGN-U215359 SGN-U215462 SGN-U215463 SGN-U215464 SGN-U215512 SGN-U215513 SGN-U215514 SGN-U215705 SGN-U216014 SGN-U216111 SGN-U216112 SGN-U216113 SGN-U216196 SGN-U216201 SGN-U216263 SGN-U217632 SGN-U217778 SGN-U217779 SGN-U217869 SGN-U218926 SGN-U218927 SGN-U218932 SGN-U219211 SGN-U219631 SGN-U219646 SGN-U219703 SGN-U219746 SGN-U221330 SGN-U221331 SGN-U221366 SGN-U221390 SGN-U221391 SGN-U222232 SGN-U222513 SGN-U223434 SGN-U223778 SGN-U223851 SGN-U224025 SGN-U224103 SGN-U225306 SGN-U225843 SGN-U226389 SGN-U226448 SGN-U227016 SGN-U227451 SGN-U227488 SGN-U227611 SGN-U228234 SGN-U228586 SGN-U229453 SGN-U230235 SGN-U230281 SGN-U231831 SGN-U232119 SGN-U232120 SGN-U232121 SGN-U232127 SGN-U232128 SGN-U232326 SGN-U232327 SGN-U232328 SGN-U232850 SGN-U232851 SGN-U233242 SGN-U233452 SGN-U234228 SGN-U234493 SGN-U234494 SGN-U234501 SGN-U235771 SGN-U235948 SGN-U236794 SGN-U237272 SGN-U237554 SGN-U237897 SGN-U239687 SGN-U240484 SGN-U240682 SGN-U240853 SGN-U242213 SGN-U242406