SGN Gene Family 21978

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number9
Total Genes350
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build2 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis103At1g02405 At1g12040 At1g12810 At1g15825 At1g21310 At1g23040 At1g23050 At1g23720 At1g26240 At1g26250 At1g28290 At1g31250 At1g35230 At1g49490 At1g49750 At1g54215 At1g54970 At1g56530 At1g61080 At1g62440 At1g68725 At1g70620 At1g70620 At1g70985 At1g70990 At1g72790 At1g76930 At1g76930 At1g77970 At1g79480 At2g02490 At2g14890 At2g14890 At2g15880 At2g21140 At2g22470 At2g22510 At2g23130 At2g23130 At2g24980 At2g27380 At2g27390 At2g28440 At2g34870 At2g43150 At3g01700 At3g02670 At3g03776 At3g06750 At3g19020 At3g20850 At3g22070 At3g22120 At3g22800 At3g24480 At3g28550 At3g43583 At3g50580 At3g54580 At3g54590 At3g62680 At4g00890 At4g08370 At4g08380 At4g08400 At4g08410 At4g09030 At4g11430 At4g13340 At4g13390 At4g15160 At4g16140 At4g16980 At4g18670 At4g22470 At4g27850 At4g33660 At4g33970 At4g34150 At4g37450 At4g38770 At5g06630 At5g06640 At5g10430 At5g11990 At5g14380 At5g14540 At5g14920 At5g15780 At5g19800 At5g19810 At5g26070 At5g26080 At5g35190 At5g43770 At5g48920 At5g49080 At5g49280 At5g55750 At5g57070 At5g59170 At5g64310 At5g65390
Solanum tuberosum95SGN-U268846 SGN-U268847 SGN-U268848 SGN-U268849 SGN-U268850 SGN-U268851 SGN-U269012 SGN-U269013 SGN-U269014 SGN-U269016 SGN-U269046 SGN-U269272 SGN-U269659 SGN-U269661 SGN-U269662 SGN-U269664 SGN-U269841 SGN-U269842 SGN-U269843 SGN-U269955 SGN-U269956 SGN-U270609 SGN-U270611 SGN-U270612 SGN-U270613 SGN-U270651 SGN-U270652 SGN-U270653 SGN-U270841 SGN-U270868 SGN-U271734 SGN-U272392 SGN-U272733 SGN-U272734 SGN-U272986 SGN-U273235 SGN-U273346 SGN-U273347 SGN-U273666 SGN-U273822 SGN-U273917 SGN-U274087 SGN-U274088 SGN-U274542 SGN-U275370 SGN-U276586 SGN-U277693 SGN-U277874 SGN-U278807 SGN-U280408 SGN-U280865 SGN-U280991 SGN-U281143 SGN-U281144 SGN-U281145 SGN-U281206 SGN-U281216 SGN-U281348 SGN-U281400 SGN-U282131 SGN-U282142 SGN-U283141 SGN-U284453 SGN-U285174 SGN-U285749 SGN-U286165 SGN-U287506 SGN-U287507 SGN-U287630 SGN-U287632 SGN-U287862 SGN-U287881 SGN-U287882 SGN-U287883 SGN-U288587 SGN-U288701 SGN-U288830 SGN-U289439 SGN-U290127 SGN-U290380 SGN-U290381 SGN-U290888 SGN-U291028 SGN-U291031 SGN-U292096 SGN-U292431 SGN-U294345 SGN-U294732 SGN-U295249 SGN-U295274 SGN-U295479 SGN-U295674 SGN-U296049 SGN-U296145 SGN-U298059
Solanum melongena4SGN-U206460 SGN-U206565 SGN-U206570 SGN-U206731
Capsicum annuum27SGN-U196307 SGN-U196435 SGN-U196506 SGN-U196519 SGN-U196583 SGN-U196584 SGN-U196664 SGN-U196932 SGN-U196933 SGN-U197064 SGN-U197252 SGN-U197503 SGN-U198328 SGN-U198336 SGN-U198401 SGN-U199066 SGN-U199127 SGN-U199288 SGN-U199413 SGN-U199809 SGN-U200277 SGN-U200950 SGN-U201037 SGN-U201976 SGN-U203368 SGN-U203903 SGN-U205444
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U208057 SGN-U208586 SGN-U208997 SGN-U209681 SGN-U209769 SGN-U210342 SGN-U210503 SGN-U210785 SGN-U211141 SGN-U211534 SGN-U211576 SGN-U211700 SGN-U212152
Coffea canephora43SGN-U299308 SGN-U299307 SGN-U305261 SGN-U305259 SGN-U305258 SGN-U299372 SGN-U299371 SGN-U299799 SGN-U305473 SGN-U299883 SGN-U305535 SGN-U300125 SGN-U300224 SGN-U300270 SGN-U305694 SGN-U300891 SGN-U300934 SGN-U300933 SGN-U301327 SGN-U301326 SGN-U301483 SGN-U301688 SGN-U302229 SGN-U302647 SGN-U302657 SGN-U303137 SGN-U303873 SGN-U304352 SGN-U304459 SGN-U304770 SGN-U304788 SGN-U306309 SGN-U306308 SGN-U311961 SGN-U311900 SGN-U311037 SGN-U310211 SGN-U310144 SGN-U309836 SGN-U309248 SGN-U308159 SGN-U308611 SGN-U307348
Lycopersicon Combined65SGN-U213312 SGN-U213313 SGN-U213314 SGN-U213315 SGN-U213316 SGN-U213685 SGN-U213686 SGN-U213687 SGN-U213688 SGN-U213711 SGN-U213863 SGN-U213864 SGN-U214136 SGN-U214137 SGN-U214138 SGN-U214168 SGN-U214383 SGN-U214384 SGN-U214418 SGN-U215495 SGN-U215956 SGN-U216615 SGN-U217120 SGN-U217934 SGN-U218075 SGN-U219408 SGN-U221540 SGN-U222929 SGN-U223856 SGN-U224806 SGN-U225658 SGN-U226002 SGN-U226092 SGN-U226326 SGN-U226655 SGN-U227173 SGN-U227751 SGN-U228468 SGN-U228843 SGN-U229660 SGN-U229979 SGN-U230855 SGN-U231148 SGN-U231381 SGN-U231871 SGN-U232424 SGN-U232425 SGN-U232426 SGN-U232592 SGN-U232593 SGN-U232594 SGN-U233253 SGN-U233530 SGN-U235690 SGN-U235859 SGN-U235967 SGN-U237129 SGN-U237260 SGN-U237831 SGN-U238136 SGN-U238451 SGN-U238738 SGN-U238758 SGN-U238971 SGN-U241395