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SGN Gene Family 21988

This family is from an out-of-date build.
See below for relations to current builds
Family Number19
Total Genes254
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build2 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis60At1g10350 At1g11040 At1g16680 At1g28210 At1g28210 At1g44160 At1g56300 At1g59725 At1g71000 At1g72070 At1g74250 At1g79030 At1g80030 At1g80030 At1g80030 At2g17880 At2g20550 At2g20560 At2g22360 At2g28755 At2g28760 At2g28760 At2g33735 At2g41000 At2g47650 At3g08910 At3g12170 At3g13310 At3g14200 At3g17830 At3g44110 At3g44110 At3g46440 At3g47940 At3g53520 At3g53520 At3g57340 At3g57340 At3g62600 At3g62830 At4g09350 At4g10130 At4g13830 At4g13830 At4g28480 At4g36040 At4g39960 At5g01390 At5g03160 At5g05750 At5g06910 At5g16650 At5g18140 At5g22060 At5g25530 At5g48030 At5g49060 At5g49580 At5g59290 At5g59610
Solanum tuberosum63SGN-U268382 SGN-U268383 SGN-U268386 SGN-U268387 SGN-U268388 SGN-U268389 SGN-U268533 SGN-U268534 SGN-U269186 SGN-U270207 SGN-U270208 SGN-U270209 SGN-U271864 SGN-U271878 SGN-U272046 SGN-U272468 SGN-U273758 SGN-U274091 SGN-U274092 SGN-U274607 SGN-U275060 SGN-U276551 SGN-U278197 SGN-U278311 SGN-U278738 SGN-U278761 SGN-U279013 SGN-U279571 SGN-U280208 SGN-U280980 SGN-U282059 SGN-U282086 SGN-U282413 SGN-U282743 SGN-U282776 SGN-U282840 SGN-U284891 SGN-U284929 SGN-U285647 SGN-U285979 SGN-U285985 SGN-U286244 SGN-U286846 SGN-U286847 SGN-U286849 SGN-U286850 SGN-U286851 SGN-U290990 SGN-U291000 SGN-U291782 SGN-U292870 SGN-U293102 SGN-U294049 SGN-U294707 SGN-U295747 SGN-U295941 SGN-U296378 SGN-U296469 SGN-U296736 SGN-U296976 SGN-U298628 SGN-U298765 SGN-U299043
Solanum melongena2SGN-U206082 SGN-U206164
Capsicum annuum27SGN-U196174 SGN-U196175 SGN-U196598 SGN-U196599 SGN-U197216 SGN-U197280 SGN-U197349 SGN-U197596 SGN-U197652 SGN-U198010 SGN-U198376 SGN-U198534 SGN-U199388 SGN-U199389 SGN-U199420 SGN-U199798 SGN-U200995 SGN-U201147 SGN-U201279 SGN-U202420 SGN-U203978 SGN-U204248 SGN-U204255 SGN-U204924 SGN-U205357 SGN-U205411 SGN-U205510
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U208318 SGN-U208349 SGN-U208434 SGN-U208582 SGN-U208584 SGN-U208695 SGN-U208754 SGN-U208936 SGN-U209213 SGN-U209707 SGN-U209903 SGN-U210330 SGN-U210723
Coffea canephora25SGN-U305112 SGN-U299180 SGN-U305201 SGN-U305200 SGN-U299280 SGN-U299278 SGN-U299877 SGN-U300054 SGN-U305629 SGN-U300594 SGN-U301896 SGN-U301916 SGN-U302615 SGN-U302981 SGN-U303004 SGN-U303760 SGN-U303842 SGN-U304168 SGN-U311910 SGN-U311686 SGN-U310798 SGN-U308683 SGN-U308562 SGN-U307987 SGN-U307878
Lycopersicon Combined64SGN-U212653 SGN-U212654 SGN-U212655 SGN-U212656 SGN-U212657 SGN-U213927 SGN-U215427 SGN-U215695 SGN-U215820 SGN-U216888 SGN-U216926 SGN-U216927 SGN-U216986 SGN-U217905 SGN-U218108 SGN-U219650 SGN-U219954 SGN-U220100 SGN-U220122 SGN-U220227 SGN-U220490 SGN-U220593 SGN-U221162 SGN-U221324 SGN-U221325 SGN-U221817 SGN-U222341 SGN-U223735 SGN-U224268 SGN-U224497 SGN-U225947 SGN-U226024 SGN-U226130 SGN-U226248 SGN-U226507 SGN-U227337 SGN-U227666 SGN-U227738 SGN-U228104 SGN-U228453 SGN-U228487 SGN-U228777 SGN-U229026 SGN-U229441 SGN-U229716 SGN-U230432 SGN-U231836 SGN-U232032 SGN-U232033 SGN-U232034 SGN-U232035 SGN-U232036 SGN-U232037 SGN-U236373 SGN-U236574 SGN-U236650 SGN-U236761 SGN-U237985 SGN-U238465 SGN-U239987 SGN-U240515 SGN-U241892 SGN-U241963 SGN-U242696