SGN Gene Family 22006

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number37
Total Genes156
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 2 (Normal stringency in grouping genes together)
Build2 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 58(227) 
52 42(130)  5709(4)  7187(3)  9611(2)  9675(2)  10059(2)  1257(13) 
65 543(20)  111(54)  1086(13)  845(15)  6992(3)  7013(3)  9281(2)  5457(4)  4888(4)  10135(2)  10527(2)  10819(2)  11329(2)  1073(13) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis48At1g01300 At1g05840 At1g08210 At1g09750 At1g25510 At1g31450 At1g49050 At1g64830 At1g65240 At1g66180 At1g79720 At2g03200 At2g23945 At2g28010 At2g28030 At2g28040 At2g28220 At2g35615 At2g36670 At2g36670 At2g39710 At2g42980 At3g02740 At3g12700 At3g18490 At3g20015 At3g25700 At3g42550 At3g50050 At3g52500 At3g54400 At3g59080 At3g61820 At4g12920 At4g16563 At4g30030 At4g30040 At5g02190 At5g07030 At5g10760 At5g10770 At5g22850 At5g24820 At5g33340 At5g36260 At5g37540 At5g43100 At5g45120
Solanum tuberosum37SGN-U268313 SGN-U270119 SGN-U270445 SGN-U270500 SGN-U270603 SGN-U270604 SGN-U270605 SGN-U271944 SGN-U275013 SGN-U275050 SGN-U275495 SGN-U275995 SGN-U277593 SGN-U277797 SGN-U278124 SGN-U280043 SGN-U280121 SGN-U280423 SGN-U280961 SGN-U281177 SGN-U283638 SGN-U283942 SGN-U284532 SGN-U285568 SGN-U285872 SGN-U286163 SGN-U286267 SGN-U286606 SGN-U287861 SGN-U295121 SGN-U296401 SGN-U296444 SGN-U296493 SGN-U296777 SGN-U297244 SGN-U297324 SGN-U298320
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206770
Capsicum annuum9SGN-U196251 SGN-U196296 SGN-U196372 SGN-U197138 SGN-U197685 SGN-U198369 SGN-U198798 SGN-U205290 SGN-U205493
Petunia hybrida8SGN-U208171 SGN-U208188 SGN-U208308 SGN-U209057 SGN-U209447 SGN-U210189 SGN-U211190 SGN-U211977
Coffea canephora11SGN-U299719 SGN-U300179 SGN-U301020 SGN-U301778 SGN-U302957 SGN-U303439 SGN-U304894 SGN-U310457 SGN-U309553 SGN-U309865 SGN-U307871
Lycopersicon Combined42SGN-U213663 SGN-U214028 SGN-U214811 SGN-U215577 SGN-U215643 SGN-U215807 SGN-U216384 SGN-U218495 SGN-U219922 SGN-U220648 SGN-U220710 SGN-U220869 SGN-U220969 SGN-U222653 SGN-U222912 SGN-U222913 SGN-U223048 SGN-U223203 SGN-U223677 SGN-U224432 SGN-U224931 SGN-U225239 SGN-U225351 SGN-U227098 SGN-U227539 SGN-U229199 SGN-U229956 SGN-U231450 SGN-U232741 SGN-U234380 SGN-U234529 SGN-U237039 SGN-U237346 SGN-U239307 SGN-U240173 SGN-U240599 SGN-U240683 SGN-U241045 SGN-U242239 SGN-U242340 SGN-U242355 SGN-U242477