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SGN Gene Family 25

This family is from an out-of-date build.
See below for relations to current builds
Family Number25
Total Genes316
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
Explanation of family analysis and terms used on this page
Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 43(283) 
52 25(197)  829(18)  2755(7)  772(19)  701(20)  8798(2)  1899(9)  9679(2)  7137(3) 
65 183(40)  36(109)  985(14)  807(16)  656(18)  769(17)  3712(5)  1709(9)  4094(5)  1194(12)  2932(6)  1915(8)  7440(3)  10826(2)  10831(2)  11124(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis66At1g14400 At1g14400 At1g16890 At1g16890 At1g17280 At1g23240 At1g23240 At1g23250 At1g23260 At1g36340 At1g45050 At1g50490 At1g53020 At1g63800 At1g64230 At1g70660 At1g70670 At1g70680 At1g75440 At1g78870 At1g78870 At2g02760 At2g16740 At2g16920 At2g18600 At2g32790 At2g33380 At2g33770 At2g36060 At2g36060 At2g46030 At3g08690 At3g08700 At3g13550 At3g15355 At3g17000 At3g20060 At3g24515 At3g46460 At3g52560 At3g52560 At3g55380 At3g57870 At4g26740 At4g27960 At4g27960 At4g36410 At4g36800 At5g05080 At5g25760 At5g29560 At5g41340 At5g41700 At5g41700 At5g41700 At5g41700 At5g42990 At5g50430 At5g50870 At5g53300 At5g53300 At5g55240 At5g56150 At5g56150 At5g59300 At5g62540
Solanum tuberosum80SGN-U268289 SGN-U268290 SGN-U268292 SGN-U268735 SGN-U268736 SGN-U268737 SGN-U268744 SGN-U268745 SGN-U268938 SGN-U269048 SGN-U269049 SGN-U269050 SGN-U269250 SGN-U269251 SGN-U269436 SGN-U269437 SGN-U269438 SGN-U269891 SGN-U269892 SGN-U269893 SGN-U270787 SGN-U270821 SGN-U270822 SGN-U271173 SGN-U271174 SGN-U271175 SGN-U271188 SGN-U271201 SGN-U271202 SGN-U271267 SGN-U271268 SGN-U271269 SGN-U271684 SGN-U271685 SGN-U272605 SGN-U273090 SGN-U273177 SGN-U273178 SGN-U273568 SGN-U273972 SGN-U274539 SGN-U274770 SGN-U274771 SGN-U275331 SGN-U275333 SGN-U275764 SGN-U275776 SGN-U278479 SGN-U278512 SGN-U279611 SGN-U280900 SGN-U282803 SGN-U284106 SGN-U285335 SGN-U286787 SGN-U286788 SGN-U286789 SGN-U286790 SGN-U286791 SGN-U287029 SGN-U287030 SGN-U287032 SGN-U287132 SGN-U287167 SGN-U287283 SGN-U287284 SGN-U287608 SGN-U287951 SGN-U288072 SGN-U288077 SGN-U288079 SGN-U288241 SGN-U288515 SGN-U288516 SGN-U288517 SGN-U292915 SGN-U293288 SGN-U293293 SGN-U297016 SGN-U298355
Solanum melongena9SGN-U205613 SGN-U205614 SGN-U205872 SGN-U206127 SGN-U206204 SGN-U206482 SGN-U206796 SGN-U206929 SGN-U207324
Capsicum annuum28SGN-U196064 SGN-U196065 SGN-U196632 SGN-U196799 SGN-U196945 SGN-U197142 SGN-U197317 SGN-U198046 SGN-U198413 SGN-U198421 SGN-U198665 SGN-U198977 SGN-U199316 SGN-U199317 SGN-U200644 SGN-U200677 SGN-U201489 SGN-U201679 SGN-U201711 SGN-U201875 SGN-U202957 SGN-U203335 SGN-U203473 SGN-U203768 SGN-U203835 SGN-U204015 SGN-U204719 SGN-U204806
Petunia hybrida22SGN-U207635 SGN-U207636 SGN-U207842 SGN-U207950 SGN-U208466 SGN-U208469 SGN-U208496 SGN-U208516 SGN-U208730 SGN-U209166 SGN-U209456 SGN-U209722 SGN-U209791 SGN-U209913 SGN-U209927 SGN-U210365 SGN-U210917 SGN-U211173 SGN-U211568 SGN-U211680 SGN-U212138 SGN-U212472
Coffea canephora37SGN-U305167 SGN-U305166 SGN-U305165 SGN-U305164 SGN-U299236 SGN-U299235 SGN-U299234 SGN-U299530 SGN-U299555 SGN-U299605 SGN-U299613 SGN-U299612 SGN-U299946 SGN-U299977 SGN-U300043 SGN-U300360 SGN-U300575 SGN-U300574 SGN-U300587 SGN-U300675 SGN-U300804 SGN-U301734 SGN-U301980 SGN-U301999 SGN-U302789 SGN-U303312 SGN-U304100 SGN-U304167 SGN-U304253 SGN-U304873 SGN-U311938 SGN-U310684 SGN-U310177 SGN-U310503 SGN-U309420 SGN-U307352 SGN-U307295
Lycopersicon Combined74SGN-U212813 SGN-U212815 SGN-U212816 SGN-U212888 SGN-U212889 SGN-U212891 SGN-U213089 SGN-U213090 SGN-U213091 SGN-U213147 SGN-U213148 SGN-U213149 SGN-U213150 SGN-U213334 SGN-U213335 SGN-U213336 SGN-U213409 SGN-U213410 SGN-U213657 SGN-U213658 SGN-U214249 SGN-U214250 SGN-U214367 SGN-U214368 SGN-U214369 SGN-U214370 SGN-U214909 SGN-U214911 SGN-U215092 SGN-U215547 SGN-U215704 SGN-U215785 SGN-U215786 SGN-U216051 SGN-U216549 SGN-U217601 SGN-U217722 SGN-U217884 SGN-U217960 SGN-U218159 SGN-U218589 SGN-U218839 SGN-U220852 SGN-U222811 SGN-U222854 SGN-U223034 SGN-U226823 SGN-U226976 SGN-U227244 SGN-U231725 SGN-U232151 SGN-U232193 SGN-U232194 SGN-U232196 SGN-U232303 SGN-U232348 SGN-U232468 SGN-U232833 SGN-U233066 SGN-U233127 SGN-U233128 SGN-U233129 SGN-U233348 SGN-U234066 SGN-U236421 SGN-U236634 SGN-U237384 SGN-U238100 SGN-U238283 SGN-U239275 SGN-U239685 SGN-U240215 SGN-U241398 SGN-U242782