SGN Gene Family 26

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number26
Total Genes311
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis110At1g04310 At1g09570 At1g10470 At1g13300 At1g14600 At1g19050 At1g25550 At1g27320 At1g32240 At1g49190 At1g49560 At1g59940 At1g66340 At1g67710 At1g68210 At1g68670 At1g69580 At1g74890 At1g79430 At1g79430 At2g01060 At2g01060 At2g01760 At2g01830 At2g01830 At2g01830 At2g03500 At2g06020 At2g07440 At2g17820 At2g18790 At2g20400 At2g20570 At2g25180 At2g27070 At2g38300 At2g40260 At2g40670 At2g40940 At2g40970 At2g41310 At2g42660 At2g46790 At2g47430 At3g04030 At3g04030 At3g04270 At3g04280 At3g04280 At3g04450 At3g04580 At3g04580 At3g10760 At3g12730 At3g13040 At3g13040 At3g16857 At3g16857 At3g19070 At3g23150 At3g24120 At3g24120 At3g25790 At3g46640 At3g48100 At3g56380 At3g57040 At3g62670 At4g00760 At4g04580 At4g13640 At4g16110 At4g16250 At4g17695 At4g18020 At4g18020 At4g18020 At4g18130 At4g28610 At4g31920 At4g37180 At4g37180 At5g02810 At5g05090 At5g06800 At5g07210 At5g10680 At5g10720 At5g16560 At5g18240 At5g18240 At5g18240 At5g18240 At5g18240 At5g24470 At5g26594 At5g29000 At5g29000 At5g35750 At5g35840 At5g42630 At5g44190 At5g45580 At5g49240 At5g58080 At5g59570 At5g60100 At5g61380 At5g62120 At5g62920
Solanum tuberosum81SGN-U296427 SGN-U285756 SGN-U271261 SGN-U271940 SGN-U273408 SGN-U273463 SGN-U273984 SGN-U274094 SGN-U274323 SGN-U274417 SGN-U274552 SGN-U274572 SGN-U274598 SGN-U274881 SGN-U275274 SGN-U275664 SGN-U276019 SGN-U276190 SGN-U277116 SGN-U277247 SGN-U277299 SGN-U277380 SGN-U277585 SGN-U278162 SGN-U279381 SGN-U279411 SGN-U279478 SGN-U279531 SGN-U279600 SGN-U279925 SGN-U280300 SGN-U280839 SGN-U281127 SGN-U282261 SGN-U282624 SGN-U282653 SGN-U283042 SGN-U283206 SGN-U283329 SGN-U283546 SGN-U283547 SGN-U283613 SGN-U283697 SGN-U283833 SGN-U284738 SGN-U284842 SGN-U285206 SGN-U285497 SGN-U288882 SGN-U288883 SGN-U288996 SGN-U289001 SGN-U289002 SGN-U289253 SGN-U289254 SGN-U289255 SGN-U289727 SGN-U289932 SGN-U289945 SGN-U291062 SGN-U291263 SGN-U291538 SGN-U291903 SGN-U292227 SGN-U293147 SGN-U293363 SGN-U293604 SGN-U294107 SGN-U294576 SGN-U295289 SGN-U295384 SGN-U295711 SGN-U296506 SGN-U296923 SGN-U297200 SGN-U297444 SGN-U297457 SGN-U297898 SGN-U297909 SGN-U298372 SGN-U298643
Solanum melongena2SGN-U206457 SGN-U206720
Capsicum annuum12SGN-U196592 SGN-U197227 SGN-U197643 SGN-U198949 SGN-U200487 SGN-U200942 SGN-U200963 SGN-U201191 SGN-U201998 SGN-U202589 SGN-U204178 SGN-U204692
Petunia hybrida8SGN-U208510 SGN-U208550 SGN-U208904 SGN-U209528 SGN-U210255 SGN-U211199 SGN-U211715 SGN-U212293
Coffea canephora23SGN-U305722 SGN-U301048 SGN-U302135 SGN-U306096 SGN-U304269 SGN-U304468 SGN-U304515 SGN-U304751 SGN-U311776 SGN-U311002 SGN-U311477 SGN-U311390 SGN-U310151 SGN-U310061 SGN-U310394 SGN-U310387 SGN-U309998 SGN-U309654 SGN-U309039 SGN-U308269 SGN-U308351 SGN-U307205 SGN-U306551
Lycopersicon Combined75SGN-U214004 SGN-U214005 SGN-U214512 SGN-U214679 SGN-U214680 SGN-U214681 SGN-U214682 SGN-U214885 SGN-U217367 SGN-U218796 SGN-U218797 SGN-U219608 SGN-U219639 SGN-U220176 SGN-U220703 SGN-U220786 SGN-U221134 SGN-U221257 SGN-U221388 SGN-U221389 SGN-U222200 SGN-U222201 SGN-U222408 SGN-U222410 SGN-U222766 SGN-U222872 SGN-U223709 SGN-U224208 SGN-U224290 SGN-U224316 SGN-U224793 SGN-U225237 SGN-U225309 SGN-U225757 SGN-U225941 SGN-U226143 SGN-U226483 SGN-U226921 SGN-U227943 SGN-U227953 SGN-U228044 SGN-U228288 SGN-U228430 SGN-U229383 SGN-U229417 SGN-U229599 SGN-U229641 SGN-U229748 SGN-U230221 SGN-U230323 SGN-U230607 SGN-U230627 SGN-U230657 SGN-U231230 SGN-U231251 SGN-U231606 SGN-U231677 SGN-U232734 SGN-U232735 SGN-U233590 SGN-U234499 SGN-U234500 SGN-U234873 SGN-U235487 SGN-U236472 SGN-U238065 SGN-U239021 SGN-U239708 SGN-U240224 SGN-U240819 SGN-U241310 SGN-U241484 SGN-U242184 SGN-U242274 SGN-U242508