SGN Gene Family 32

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number32
Total Genes291
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis102At1g03970 At1g06070 At1g06850 At1g08320 At1g09950 At1g13600 At1g19490 At1g22070 At1g32150 At1g35490 At1g42990 At1g43700 At1g45249 At1g49720 At1g58110 At1g58330 At1g59530 At1g68640 At1g68880 At1g75390 At1g77920 At2g04038 At2g12900 At2g12940 At2g13150 At2g16770 At2g18160 At2g21230 At2g21230 At2g21235 At2g22850 At2g24340 At2g31370 At2g31370 At2g31370 At2g35530 At2g36270 At2g40620 At2g40950 At2g41070 At2g41070 At2g41070 At2g42380 At2g42380 At2g46270 At2g46270 At3g10800 At3g12250 At3g12250 At3g12250 At3g14880 At3g17609 At3g17609 At3g19290 At3g30530 At3g44460 At3g49760 At3g51960 At3g51960 At3g54620 At3g56660 At3g56850 At3g58120 At3g62420 At4g01120 At4g02640 At4g02640 At4g18650 At4g18660 At4g18680 At4g18690 At4g34000 At4g34000 At4g34590 At4g35040 At4g36730 At4g36730 At4g37730 At4g38900 At4g38900 At5g04840 At5g06839 At5g06950 At5g06950 At5g06960 At5g06960 At5g07160 At5g08141 At5g10030 At5g11260 At5g15830 At5g24800 At5g28770 At5g28770 At5g38800 At5g42910 At5g44080 At5g45830 At5g49450 At5g60830 At5g65210 At5g65210
Solanum tuberosum66SGN-U270357 SGN-U269457 SGN-U269928 SGN-U269929 SGN-U269930 SGN-U270288 SGN-U270289 SGN-U271276 SGN-U271277 SGN-U271473 SGN-U271474 SGN-U271475 SGN-U272389 SGN-U272390 SGN-U272847 SGN-U273679 SGN-U274017 SGN-U274036 SGN-U275481 SGN-U275974 SGN-U276236 SGN-U277240 SGN-U277487 SGN-U277690 SGN-U277771 SGN-U278168 SGN-U278169 SGN-U278261 SGN-U278675 SGN-U280148 SGN-U280531 SGN-U280537 SGN-U281202 SGN-U281606 SGN-U283647 SGN-U283737 SGN-U283763 SGN-U284254 SGN-U284614 SGN-U284813 SGN-U285015 SGN-U286241 SGN-U288171 SGN-U288447 SGN-U289567 SGN-U289994 SGN-U290753 SGN-U290754 SGN-U290935 SGN-U291019 SGN-U291250 SGN-U292498 SGN-U292547 SGN-U293141 SGN-U293383 SGN-U294527 SGN-U294774 SGN-U295262 SGN-U295361 SGN-U296003 SGN-U296363 SGN-U296392 SGN-U296727 SGN-U297902 SGN-U298529 SGN-U298859
Solanum melongena2SGN-U206397 SGN-U207263
Capsicum annuum16SGN-U196336 SGN-U196955 SGN-U197287 SGN-U198119 SGN-U198418 SGN-U199497 SGN-U200718 SGN-U201548 SGN-U202232 SGN-U202906 SGN-U203410 SGN-U204150 SGN-U204384 SGN-U204586 SGN-U204958 SGN-U205521
Petunia hybrida7SGN-U209140 SGN-U209982 SGN-U210151 SGN-U210201 SGN-U210346 SGN-U210839 SGN-U212464
Coffea canephora28SGN-U305444 SGN-U299786 SGN-U300876 SGN-U301341 SGN-U301537 SGN-U302109 SGN-U302329 SGN-U302380 SGN-U302659 SGN-U302830 SGN-U302974 SGN-U303027 SGN-U303248 SGN-U303437 SGN-U304346 SGN-U304536 SGN-U306257 SGN-U306256 SGN-U304804 SGN-U304803 SGN-U311933 SGN-U311681 SGN-U311406 SGN-U310542 SGN-U308226 SGN-U308519 SGN-U307589 SGN-U306737
Lycopersicon Combined70SGN-U213576 SGN-U213708 SGN-U213967 SGN-U214146 SGN-U214147 SGN-U214344 SGN-U214345 SGN-U215425 SGN-U216042 SGN-U216043 SGN-U216311 SGN-U216671 SGN-U216776 SGN-U216777 SGN-U217015 SGN-U217233 SGN-U218656 SGN-U218841 SGN-U219178 SGN-U219333 SGN-U219879 SGN-U219886 SGN-U219998 SGN-U220052 SGN-U220290 SGN-U220310 SGN-U220334 SGN-U220645 SGN-U220789 SGN-U221011 SGN-U221674 SGN-U222173 SGN-U222417 SGN-U222550 SGN-U223696 SGN-U223990 SGN-U224068 SGN-U224383 SGN-U224944 SGN-U226288 SGN-U226385 SGN-U227010 SGN-U227045 SGN-U227127 SGN-U227476 SGN-U227693 SGN-U228083 SGN-U228087 SGN-U228136 SGN-U228368 SGN-U228699 SGN-U229094 SGN-U230200 SGN-U230858 SGN-U232720 SGN-U232800 SGN-U232868 SGN-U232869 SGN-U233234 SGN-U233675 SGN-U234141 SGN-U234811 SGN-U235036 SGN-U235552 SGN-U235872 SGN-U236781 SGN-U239924 SGN-U240047 SGN-U240485 SGN-U242571