SGN Gene Family 38

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number38
Total Genes263
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 51(247)  119(110) 
52 30(181)  8384(2)  8386(2)  3555(6)  3560(6)  6908(3)  1250(13)  5708(4)  9185(2) 
65 22(157)  5279(4)  6880(3)  1068(13)  3269(6)  2466(7)  4339(4)  7206(3)  10177(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis122At1g01010 At1g01720 At1g02210 At1g02220 At1g02230 At1g02250 At1g03490 At1g12260 At1g19040 At1g25580 At1g26870 At1g28470 At1g32510 At1g32770 At1g32870 At1g33060 At1g33060 At1g33280 At1g34180 At1g34190 At1g52880 At1g52890 At1g54330 At1g56010 At1g56010 At1g60240 At1g60280 At1g60300 At1g60340 At1g60350 At1g60380 At1g61110 At1g62700 At1g64105 At1g65910 At1g69490 At1g71930 At1g76420 At1g77450 At1g79580 At1g79580 At1g79580 At2g02450 At2g02450 At2g17040 At2g18060 At2g24430 At2g24430 At2g27300 At2g33480 At2g43000 At2g46770 At3g01600 At3g03200 At3g04060 At3g04070 At3g04410 At3g04420 At3g04430 At3g10480 At3g10480 At3g10490 At3g10490 At3g10500 At3g15170 At3g15500 At3g15510 At3g17730 At3g18400 At3g29035 At3g44290 At3g44350 At3g46390 At3g49530 At3g55210 At3g56520 At3g56530 At3g56560 At3g61910 At4g01520 At4g01540 At4g01550 At4g10350 At4g17980 At4g27410 At4g27410 At4g28500 At4g28530 At4g29230 At4g35580 At4g36160 At5g04400 At5g04410 At5g07680 At5g07680 At5g08790 At5g09330 At5g13180 At5g14000 At5g14490 At5g17260 At5g18270 At5g18270 At5g18300 At5g22290 At5g22380 At5g24590 At5g24590 At5g39610 At5g39690 At5g39820 At5g41090 At5g46590 At5g50820 At5g53950 At5g56620 At5g61430 At5g62380 At5g63790 At5g64060 At5g64530 At5g66300
Solanum tuberosum44SGN-U270186 SGN-U270187 SGN-U271264 SGN-U273271 SGN-U273573 SGN-U274949 SGN-U275379 SGN-U276010 SGN-U277498 SGN-U277827 SGN-U278307 SGN-U278656 SGN-U278735 SGN-U279574 SGN-U280385 SGN-U280402 SGN-U280617 SGN-U280734 SGN-U281451 SGN-U282810 SGN-U283354 SGN-U284609 SGN-U286182 SGN-U289192 SGN-U289193 SGN-U289951 SGN-U291078 SGN-U291843 SGN-U292639 SGN-U293052 SGN-U293108 SGN-U293574 SGN-U294721 SGN-U295673 SGN-U295736 SGN-U295768 SGN-U295962 SGN-U296057 SGN-U296408 SGN-U296413 SGN-U296869 SGN-U297053 SGN-U298482 SGN-U299003
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206893
Capsicum annuum17SGN-U197076 SGN-U197342 SGN-U197455 SGN-U197487 SGN-U197794 SGN-U197925 SGN-U198049 SGN-U198153 SGN-U198225 SGN-U198601 SGN-U199569 SGN-U199779 SGN-U199985 SGN-U201688 SGN-U201984 SGN-U202207 SGN-U204177
Petunia hybrida4SGN-U209618 SGN-U210748 SGN-U211561 SGN-U212262
Coffea canephora19SGN-U299663 SGN-U300498 SGN-U300591 SGN-U300590 SGN-U300854 SGN-U300853 SGN-U302048 SGN-U302121 SGN-U303872 SGN-U304827 SGN-U312202 SGN-U310080 SGN-U310417 SGN-U310396 SGN-U309432 SGN-U309247 SGN-U309238 SGN-U308556 SGN-U306803
Lycopersicon Combined56SGN-U212711 SGN-U213215 SGN-U213216 SGN-U213217 SGN-U213218 SGN-U213219 SGN-U214595 SGN-U214780 SGN-U214846 SGN-U215842 SGN-U216055 SGN-U216213 SGN-U216369 SGN-U216370 SGN-U216630 SGN-U217240 SGN-U217242 SGN-U218184 SGN-U218896 SGN-U219331 SGN-U219491 SGN-U219590 SGN-U219819 SGN-U221183 SGN-U221184 SGN-U221748 SGN-U223083 SGN-U223525 SGN-U223703 SGN-U224710 SGN-U225615 SGN-U226699 SGN-U227027 SGN-U227073 SGN-U227457 SGN-U227525 SGN-U228665 SGN-U229001 SGN-U229296 SGN-U229746 SGN-U230350 SGN-U232072 SGN-U232073 SGN-U232379 SGN-U233528 SGN-U233908 SGN-U234169 SGN-U236626 SGN-U239388 SGN-U240165 SGN-U240829 SGN-U241794 SGN-U242047 SGN-U242289 SGN-U242612 SGN-U242775