SGN Gene Family 40

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number40
Total Genes257
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationZnf_GATA; Znf_Bbox
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis90At1g04500 At1g05290 At1g06040 At1g06040 At1g07050 At1g08000 At1g08000 At1g08010 At1g25440 At1g28050 At1g49130 At1g51600 At1g51600 At1g60250 At1g63820 At1g68190 At1g68520 At1g73870 At1g75540 At1g78600 At2g18380 At2g21320 At2g24790 At2g24790 At2g28340 At2g31380 At2g32310 At2g33350 At2g33500 At2g33500 At2g45050 At2g46670 At2g46790 At2g47890 At2g47890 At3g02380 At3g06740 At3g07650 At3g07650 At3g12890 At3g16870 At3g20750 At3g21150 At3g21175 At3g21175 At3g21880 At3g21890 At3g24050 At3g45170 At3g50870 At3g51080 At3g54810 At3g54810 At3g60530 At4g10240 At4g15250 At4g16141 At4g17570 At4g24470 At4g24470 At4g25990 At4g25990 At4g26150 At4g27310 At4g27900 At4g27900 At4g32890 At4g34680 At4g36240 At4g36620 At4g38960 At4g39070 At5g15840 At5g15850 At5g24930 At5g25830 At5g26930 At5g41380 At5g47140 At5g48250 At5g49300 At5g53420 At5g54470 At5g56860 At5g57180 At5g57180 At5g57660 At5g59990 At5g66320 At5g66320
Solanum tuberosum60SGN-U293743 SGN-U269264 SGN-U269265 SGN-U270244 SGN-U270576 SGN-U270577 SGN-U272286 SGN-U272460 SGN-U272461 SGN-U273102 SGN-U273112 SGN-U273637 SGN-U273713 SGN-U274079 SGN-U275106 SGN-U275508 SGN-U276146 SGN-U276632 SGN-U276633 SGN-U276765 SGN-U278121 SGN-U278315 SGN-U278634 SGN-U279585 SGN-U279716 SGN-U280073 SGN-U280105 SGN-U280517 SGN-U280659 SGN-U280862 SGN-U281962 SGN-U282468 SGN-U283398 SGN-U284273 SGN-U284686 SGN-U284829 SGN-U285271 SGN-U285763 SGN-U287289 SGN-U287852 SGN-U289133 SGN-U289468 SGN-U290016 SGN-U290072 SGN-U290223 SGN-U290279 SGN-U290502 SGN-U290503 SGN-U291230 SGN-U291498 SGN-U293684 SGN-U294117 SGN-U294934 SGN-U295946 SGN-U296148 SGN-U296626 SGN-U297201 SGN-U297275 SGN-U297442 SGN-U298144
Solanum melongena4SGN-U206013 SGN-U206280 SGN-U206281 SGN-U206901
Capsicum annuum10SGN-U197898 SGN-U198129 SGN-U198519 SGN-U198714 SGN-U198790 SGN-U201291 SGN-U201869 SGN-U202946 SGN-U204976 SGN-U205501
Petunia hybrida11SGN-U208808 SGN-U208948 SGN-U209561 SGN-U209766 SGN-U210034 SGN-U210504 SGN-U211332 SGN-U211512 SGN-U211951 SGN-U212135 SGN-U212247
Coffea canephora25SGN-U305205 SGN-U299286 SGN-U305402 SGN-U299665 SGN-U305683 SGN-U300855 SGN-U305744 SGN-U301141 SGN-U301224 SGN-U301523 SGN-U301821 SGN-U301914 SGN-U305903 SGN-U301936 SGN-U302152 SGN-U302414 SGN-U302518 SGN-U303002 SGN-U303782 SGN-U304377 SGN-U304917 SGN-U304987 SGN-U310911 SGN-U311279 SGN-U310774
Lycopersicon Combined57SGN-U212579 SGN-U213999 SGN-U214000 SGN-U214339 SGN-U214574 SGN-U215455 SGN-U216233 SGN-U216318 SGN-U216319 SGN-U216348 SGN-U217077 SGN-U217078 SGN-U217079 SGN-U217089 SGN-U218025 SGN-U218652 SGN-U219947 SGN-U220234 SGN-U220330 SGN-U221142 SGN-U221678 SGN-U222494 SGN-U222957 SGN-U222959 SGN-U223121 SGN-U223139 SGN-U223354 SGN-U223597 SGN-U223713 SGN-U224522 SGN-U224608 SGN-U225091 SGN-U225167 SGN-U225317 SGN-U225455 SGN-U226972 SGN-U227475 SGN-U227551 SGN-U227777 SGN-U228470 SGN-U228571 SGN-U228646 SGN-U228682 SGN-U228826 SGN-U230006 SGN-U230289 SGN-U232731 SGN-U235276 SGN-U235277 SGN-U235346 SGN-U235347 SGN-U236376 SGN-U237790 SGN-U238894 SGN-U239025 SGN-U240780 SGN-U241042