SGN Gene Family 46

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number46
Total Genes248
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis71At1g03370 At1g04150 At1g05500 At1g08680 At1g08680 At1g10870 At1g20080 At1g22610 At1g23140 At1g48590 At1g50260 At1g51570 At1g53590 At1g60860 At1g63220 At1g66360 At1g70790 At1g70790 At1g70800 At1g70810 At1g73580 At1g74720 At2g01540 At2g20990 At2g21010 At2g21040 At2g35210 At2g35210 At2g37550 At3g03680 At3g07940 At3g14590 At3g17660 At3g17980 At3g18370 At3g19830 At3g53710 At3g55470 At3g57880 At3g59660 At3g61050 At3g61300 At3g61720 At4g00700 At4g05330 At4g11610 At4g13350 At4g13350 At4g17890 At4g20080 At4g21160 At4g21160 At4g21160 At4g21160 At4g32630 At5g03435 At5g04220 At5g04220 At5g06850 At5g11100 At5g12970 At5g13300 At5g17980 At5g37740 At5g44760 At5g46750 At5g47710 At5g48060 At5g50170 At5g54310 At5g61980
Solanum tuberosum55SGN-U271044 SGN-U271045 SGN-U271432 SGN-U271562 SGN-U271745 SGN-U272617 SGN-U273429 SGN-U275425 SGN-U276122 SGN-U276201 SGN-U276219 SGN-U276730 SGN-U276731 SGN-U276768 SGN-U277010 SGN-U277365 SGN-U277604 SGN-U278240 SGN-U278712 SGN-U279175 SGN-U279625 SGN-U280165 SGN-U281116 SGN-U281470 SGN-U282009 SGN-U282127 SGN-U282296 SGN-U282407 SGN-U282753 SGN-U283912 SGN-U284288 SGN-U284306 SGN-U284595 SGN-U285795 SGN-U286318 SGN-U289357 SGN-U290099 SGN-U290606 SGN-U290607 SGN-U291545 SGN-U292487 SGN-U292505 SGN-U293020 SGN-U293189 SGN-U293908 SGN-U294013 SGN-U295718 SGN-U296316 SGN-U296708 SGN-U297204 SGN-U297335 SGN-U297886 SGN-U297947 SGN-U298081 SGN-U298801
Solanum melongena5SGN-U206153 SGN-U206487 SGN-U206623 SGN-U207125 SGN-U207131
Capsicum annuum19SGN-U196712 SGN-U196967 SGN-U196978 SGN-U197156 SGN-U197664 SGN-U197866 SGN-U198815 SGN-U198884 SGN-U199296 SGN-U199297 SGN-U200481 SGN-U200787 SGN-U201375 SGN-U203241 SGN-U203481 SGN-U203907 SGN-U204179 SGN-U204420 SGN-U204633
Petunia hybrida18SGN-U207585 SGN-U207586 SGN-U207820 SGN-U207845 SGN-U207887 SGN-U208291 SGN-U208438 SGN-U208534 SGN-U208865 SGN-U210160 SGN-U210179 SGN-U210270 SGN-U210418 SGN-U211175 SGN-U211253 SGN-U211446 SGN-U211497 SGN-U211801
Coffea canephora23SGN-U305437 SGN-U299772 SGN-U300812 SGN-U301021 SGN-U301383 SGN-U301533 SGN-U305874 SGN-U301787 SGN-U303314 SGN-U304301 SGN-U304465 SGN-U304749 SGN-U311975 SGN-U310270 SGN-U309887 SGN-U309293 SGN-U309335 SGN-U308232 SGN-U308104 SGN-U307948 SGN-U307716 SGN-U306472 SGN-U306429
Lycopersicon Combined57SGN-U213295 SGN-U213469 SGN-U213470 SGN-U216841 SGN-U217387 SGN-U217784 SGN-U217992 SGN-U218370 SGN-U218480 SGN-U218654 SGN-U218655 SGN-U218665 SGN-U218866 SGN-U218867 SGN-U219585 SGN-U219836 SGN-U220174 SGN-U220322 SGN-U220433 SGN-U221117 SGN-U221215 SGN-U221216 SGN-U221231 SGN-U221579 SGN-U224293 SGN-U225551 SGN-U226638 SGN-U226846 SGN-U227550 SGN-U227560 SGN-U228322 SGN-U228685 SGN-U228841 SGN-U229006 SGN-U230682 SGN-U230756 SGN-U231068 SGN-U231401 SGN-U231641 SGN-U231659 SGN-U233767 SGN-U234070 SGN-U236013 SGN-U236449 SGN-U237069 SGN-U237101 SGN-U237107 SGN-U237500 SGN-U238003 SGN-U238686 SGN-U239101 SGN-U239293 SGN-U239367 SGN-U240040 SGN-U241916 SGN-U241929 SGN-U241962