SGN Gene Family 49

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number49
Total Genes234
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis64At1g03390 At1g03940 At1g24420 At1g24430 At1g27620 At1g28680 At1g31490 At1g32910 At1g65445 At1g65450 At1g78990 At2g19070 At2g23510 At2g25150 At2g39980 At2g40230 At3g03480 At3g23840 At3g26040 At3g29590 At3g29635 At3g29636 At3g29670 At3g29680 At3g29690 At3g29720 At3g30280 At3g47170 At3g48720 At3g50270 At3g50280 At3g50300 At3g62160 At4g13840 At4g15390 At4g15400 At4g24510 At4g29250 At4g31910 At5g01210 At5g02890 At5g07080 At5g07850 At5g07860 At5g07870 At5g16410 At5g17540 At5g23940 At5g23970 At5g38130 At5g39050 At5g39080 At5g39090 At5g41040 At5g41040 At5g42830 At5g47950 At5g47980 At5g48930 At5g57840 At5g61160 At5g63560 At5g67150 At5g67160
Solanum tuberosum53SGN-U269105 SGN-U269890 SGN-U270200 SGN-U270201 SGN-U270202 SGN-U270273 SGN-U270286 SGN-U270759 SGN-U271541 SGN-U271716 SGN-U272313 SGN-U272594 SGN-U273752 SGN-U273844 SGN-U273845 SGN-U275429 SGN-U276113 SGN-U276314 SGN-U276625 SGN-U276626 SGN-U276732 SGN-U277788 SGN-U278118 SGN-U278391 SGN-U278814 SGN-U279193 SGN-U280248 SGN-U281033 SGN-U281463 SGN-U281485 SGN-U281729 SGN-U282306 SGN-U283445 SGN-U283962 SGN-U284447 SGN-U285669 SGN-U287207 SGN-U287607 SGN-U288249 SGN-U289199 SGN-U290040 SGN-U290130 SGN-U291771 SGN-U292504 SGN-U293693 SGN-U294106 SGN-U294914 SGN-U295321 SGN-U296479 SGN-U296720 SGN-U297884 SGN-U297893 SGN-U298828
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206052
Capsicum annuum24SGN-U197044 SGN-U197081 SGN-U197425 SGN-U197493 SGN-U197545 SGN-U198078 SGN-U198443 SGN-U198511 SGN-U198520 SGN-U198612 SGN-U198659 SGN-U199408 SGN-U200228 SGN-U200655 SGN-U200799 SGN-U201388 SGN-U201603 SGN-U201784 SGN-U202240 SGN-U202628 SGN-U203234 SGN-U204424 SGN-U205031 SGN-U205489
Petunia hybrida14SGN-U207647 SGN-U207751 SGN-U207856 SGN-U207875 SGN-U207973 SGN-U208047 SGN-U208157 SGN-U208930 SGN-U209174 SGN-U209533 SGN-U211004 SGN-U211036 SGN-U211055 SGN-U211191
Coffea canephora19SGN-U300346 SGN-U300681 SGN-U300924 SGN-U301151 SGN-U301789 SGN-U302163 SGN-U303384 SGN-U303455 SGN-U303593 SGN-U303654 SGN-U303857 SGN-U304874 SGN-U309975 SGN-U309728 SGN-U309417 SGN-U308586 SGN-U307859 SGN-U306950 SGN-U308367
Lycopersicon Combined59SGN-U235533 SGN-U212578 SGN-U212589 SGN-U212590 SGN-U212851 SGN-U214211 SGN-U214502 SGN-U214594 SGN-U215044 SGN-U215154 SGN-U215516 SGN-U215767 SGN-U215802 SGN-U216077 SGN-U216412 SGN-U216786 SGN-U216787 SGN-U217406 SGN-U218286 SGN-U218395 SGN-U219224 SGN-U220295 SGN-U220522 SGN-U220955 SGN-U220956 SGN-U220987 SGN-U222285 SGN-U222299 SGN-U222609 SGN-U223441 SGN-U223970 SGN-U224805 SGN-U224927 SGN-U225236 SGN-U225412 SGN-U227177 SGN-U227839 SGN-U228048 SGN-U228226 SGN-U228451 SGN-U228757 SGN-U229232 SGN-U230431 SGN-U230485 SGN-U231564 SGN-U232822 SGN-U232917 SGN-U233148 SGN-U233344 SGN-U233436 SGN-U234431 SGN-U234875 SGN-U235065 SGN-U237440 SGN-U237619 SGN-U239557 SGN-U240997 SGN-U241128 SGN-U242298