SGN Gene Family 50

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number50
Total Genes231
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis34At1g04170 At1g06220 At1g06220 At1g07920 At1g07930 At1g07940 At1g17220 At1g18070 At1g21160 At1g35550 At1g45332 At1g56070 At1g62750 At1g76720 At1g76810 At1g76820 At1g76825 At2g18720 At2g27700 At2g31060 At2g45030 At3g22980 At4g02930 At4g11160 At4g18330 At4g18330 At4g20360 At5g08650 At5g10630 At5g13650 At5g13650 At5g25230 At5g39900 At5g60390
Solanum tuberosum84SGN-U268149 SGN-U268151 SGN-U268152 SGN-U268286 SGN-U268287 SGN-U268288 SGN-U270013 SGN-U270014 SGN-U270015 SGN-U271113 SGN-U271158 SGN-U271159 SGN-U271160 SGN-U271542 SGN-U272047 SGN-U272403 SGN-U273136 SGN-U273137 SGN-U273682 SGN-U274791 SGN-U275780 SGN-U275899 SGN-U276128 SGN-U276144 SGN-U276283 SGN-U276980 SGN-U276981 SGN-U276983 SGN-U277102 SGN-U277657 SGN-U277723 SGN-U277724 SGN-U277725 SGN-U277726 SGN-U277727 SGN-U277728 SGN-U277729 SGN-U277730 SGN-U277731 SGN-U279290 SGN-U280253 SGN-U280348 SGN-U280633 SGN-U281183 SGN-U282597 SGN-U282671 SGN-U283402 SGN-U284146 SGN-U285480 SGN-U285850 SGN-U286460 SGN-U286694 SGN-U286695 SGN-U286786 SGN-U288070 SGN-U289651 SGN-U289652 SGN-U289653 SGN-U289654 SGN-U289655 SGN-U289656 SGN-U289657 SGN-U289658 SGN-U289659 SGN-U289660 SGN-U290270 SGN-U290271 SGN-U290678 SGN-U291537 SGN-U291621 SGN-U292112 SGN-U292898 SGN-U292950 SGN-U293550 SGN-U293886 SGN-U293919 SGN-U294360 SGN-U295055 SGN-U295684 SGN-U296709 SGN-U297151 SGN-U297252 SGN-U297343 SGN-U299020
Solanum melongena3SGN-U205686 SGN-U205817 SGN-U206223
Capsicum annuum20SGN-U196116 SGN-U196117 SGN-U196118 SGN-U196119 SGN-U196120 SGN-U196128 SGN-U196129 SGN-U196458 SGN-U196804 SGN-U197019 SGN-U197125 SGN-U197334 SGN-U197409 SGN-U198310 SGN-U198702 SGN-U199008 SGN-U202430 SGN-U202787 SGN-U203867 SGN-U204619
Petunia hybrida7SGN-U207468 SGN-U207580 SGN-U207581 SGN-U209493 SGN-U210125 SGN-U210131 SGN-U210929
Coffea canephora15SGN-U306344 SGN-U306343 SGN-U305021 SGN-U305020 SGN-U305320 SGN-U299480 SGN-U301015 SGN-U303318 SGN-U304881 SGN-U309724 SGN-U309126 SGN-U308294 SGN-U308065 SGN-U307336 SGN-U306917
Lycopersicon Combined68SGN-U212715 SGN-U212723 SGN-U212724 SGN-U212837 SGN-U212838 SGN-U212839 SGN-U212840 SGN-U212841 SGN-U212845 SGN-U212846 SGN-U212847 SGN-U213093 SGN-U213094 SGN-U215576 SGN-U216470 SGN-U216891 SGN-U217237 SGN-U217629 SGN-U219337 SGN-U219725 SGN-U219928 SGN-U220028 SGN-U220029 SGN-U220882 SGN-U221185 SGN-U221186 SGN-U221847 SGN-U222275 SGN-U223545 SGN-U223627 SGN-U223946 SGN-U224545 SGN-U225058 SGN-U225967 SGN-U226605 SGN-U227394 SGN-U228429 SGN-U228491 SGN-U228671 SGN-U230263 SGN-U231536 SGN-U232079 SGN-U232148 SGN-U232153 SGN-U232154 SGN-U232155 SGN-U232156 SGN-U232157 SGN-U232160 SGN-U232161 SGN-U232162 SGN-U232163 SGN-U232304 SGN-U233645 SGN-U234223 SGN-U234224 SGN-U234267 SGN-U234624 SGN-U235387 SGN-U238484 SGN-U238520 SGN-U238588 SGN-U240462 SGN-U240858 SGN-U241559 SGN-U242296 SGN-U242522 SGN-U242913