SGN Gene Family 51

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number51
Total Genes230
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 61(214) 
52 89(81)  177(49)  178(49)  1265(13)  1647(11) 
65 137(50)  911(15)  144(48)  6605(3)  605(19)  3736(5)  1082(13)  8852(2)  2476(7)  1507(10)  6741(3)  6749(3)  1242(12)  1603(10) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis49At1g20480 At1g20490 At1g20500 At1g20510 At1g20510 At1g20560 At1g21530 At1g21540 At1g30520 At1g49430 At1g51680 At1g51680 At1g55320 At1g62940 At1g64400 At1g65060 At1g65060 At1g65880 At1g65890 At1g66120 At1g68270 At1g75960 At1g76290 At1g77240 At1g77590 At2g04350 At2g04350 At2g17650 At2g47240 At3g05970 At3g16170 At3g16910 At3g21230 At3g21240 At3g23790 At3g48990 At4g05160 At4g11030 At4g14070 At4g19010 At4g23850 At5g16340 At5g16370 At5g23050 At5g27600 At5g35930 At5g36880 At5g38120 At5g63380
Solanum tuberosum61SGN-U269219 SGN-U269220 SGN-U269221 SGN-U269458 SGN-U269459 SGN-U271179 SGN-U271180 SGN-U271690 SGN-U272340 SGN-U272715 SGN-U273587 SGN-U273689 SGN-U274210 SGN-U274578 SGN-U274837 SGN-U275259 SGN-U275393 SGN-U275394 SGN-U276137 SGN-U276387 SGN-U276572 SGN-U277015 SGN-U277203 SGN-U277308 SGN-U277678 SGN-U278123 SGN-U278416 SGN-U278880 SGN-U279444 SGN-U280806 SGN-U281075 SGN-U281563 SGN-U281607 SGN-U281995 SGN-U282339 SGN-U282649 SGN-U284413 SGN-U285366 SGN-U287264 SGN-U287265 SGN-U287266 SGN-U289076 SGN-U290366 SGN-U290367 SGN-U291178 SGN-U291833 SGN-U292070 SGN-U292603 SGN-U292841 SGN-U293253 SGN-U293331 SGN-U293619 SGN-U294251 SGN-U294261 SGN-U294415 SGN-U296205 SGN-U296862 SGN-U296917 SGN-U297338 SGN-U297674 SGN-U299047
Solanum melongena1SGN-U206108
Capsicum annuum35SGN-U196382 SGN-U196441 SGN-U196720 SGN-U196815 SGN-U197326 SGN-U197373 SGN-U197434 SGN-U197743 SGN-U197941 SGN-U198189 SGN-U198364 SGN-U198502 SGN-U198637 SGN-U198698 SGN-U199374 SGN-U199375 SGN-U199635 SGN-U199646 SGN-U199741 SGN-U199776 SGN-U200256 SGN-U200752 SGN-U200866 SGN-U200907 SGN-U201645 SGN-U203453 SGN-U203664 SGN-U203752 SGN-U204250 SGN-U204611 SGN-U204940 SGN-U205022 SGN-U205106 SGN-U205360 SGN-U205460
Petunia hybrida11SGN-U207531 SGN-U207695 SGN-U208078 SGN-U208283 SGN-U208780 SGN-U209462 SGN-U210380 SGN-U211257 SGN-U211685 SGN-U212118 SGN-U212354
Coffea canephora19SGN-U299708 SGN-U299707 SGN-U301003 SGN-U301571 SGN-U305983 SGN-U302499 SGN-U302705 SGN-U302794 SGN-U304444 SGN-U304806 SGN-U304846 SGN-U311152 SGN-U310267 SGN-U310364 SGN-U308812 SGN-U309308 SGN-U308670 SGN-U307723 SGN-U307014
Lycopersicon Combined54SGN-U212621 SGN-U212623 SGN-U212807 SGN-U214070 SGN-U214071 SGN-U214174 SGN-U214175 SGN-U214749 SGN-U214750 SGN-U216225 SGN-U216618 SGN-U216865 SGN-U217697 SGN-U217714 SGN-U218155 SGN-U218226 SGN-U218376 SGN-U218477 SGN-U218897 SGN-U219453 SGN-U219912 SGN-U219986 SGN-U220278 SGN-U220561 SGN-U220918 SGN-U221357 SGN-U221483 SGN-U222012 SGN-U223238 SGN-U223692 SGN-U224120 SGN-U225020 SGN-U226351 SGN-U226952 SGN-U227775 SGN-U227888 SGN-U228492 SGN-U229779 SGN-U229905 SGN-U230290 SGN-U231278 SGN-U231428 SGN-U231793 SGN-U233983 SGN-U235982 SGN-U236396 SGN-U236461 SGN-U236756 SGN-U236980 SGN-U238024 SGN-U238341 SGN-U240162 SGN-U240602 SGN-U242667