SGN Gene Family 53

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number53
Total Genes228
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis76At1g03103 At1g05450 At1g18280 At1g27950 At1g32280 At1g36150 At1g43665 At1g43666 At1g43667 At1g48750 At1g55260 At1g62790 At1g62790 At1g64235 At1g66850 At1g73550 At1g73560 At1g73780 At1g73890 At2g13820 At2g13820 At2g14846 At2g15050 At2g15050 At2g15325 At2g18370 At2g27130 At2g37870 At2g38530 At2g38540 At2g44290 At2g44300 At2g48130 At2g48140 At3g07450 At3g08770 At3g12545 At3g18280 At3g22570 At3g22580 At3g22600 At3g22620 At3g43720 At3g51590 At3g51600 At3g52130 At3g53980 At3g53980 At3g57310 At3g58550 At4g08530 At4g08670 At4g12360 At4g14805 At4g14815 At4g30880 At4g33355 At4g33550 At5g01870 At5g05960 At5g09370 At5g09370 At5g13900 At5g38160 At5g38170 At5g38180 At5g38195 At5g48485 At5g48490 At5g55460 At5g56480 At5g59310 At5g59320 At5g59330 At5g64080 At5g64080
Solanum tuberosum49SGN-U268507 SGN-U268922 SGN-U268923 SGN-U269670 SGN-U269793 SGN-U270172 SGN-U271574 SGN-U271575 SGN-U271849 SGN-U271850 SGN-U271867 SGN-U271896 SGN-U271897 SGN-U272317 SGN-U272330 SGN-U272742 SGN-U273454 SGN-U273473 SGN-U274012 SGN-U274060 SGN-U274061 SGN-U274383 SGN-U275075 SGN-U275669 SGN-U276048 SGN-U276189 SGN-U276196 SGN-U276399 SGN-U276934 SGN-U277408 SGN-U279466 SGN-U281417 SGN-U282632 SGN-U282897 SGN-U284190 SGN-U286386 SGN-U287560 SGN-U288289 SGN-U288290 SGN-U288862 SGN-U289125 SGN-U289257 SGN-U293641 SGN-U294328 SGN-U296644 SGN-U297460 SGN-U297749 SGN-U298198 SGN-U298563
Solanum melongena8SGN-U205592 SGN-U205648 SGN-U205735 SGN-U205736 SGN-U205805 SGN-U206058 SGN-U206536 SGN-U206632
Capsicum annuum24SGN-U196086 SGN-U196311 SGN-U196312 SGN-U196357 SGN-U196358 SGN-U196359 SGN-U196360 SGN-U196361 SGN-U196912 SGN-U197110 SGN-U197127 SGN-U197304 SGN-U197778 SGN-U197972 SGN-U198013 SGN-U198429 SGN-U198833 SGN-U198905 SGN-U199078 SGN-U199231 SGN-U199827 SGN-U201740 SGN-U202926 SGN-U203029
Petunia hybrida12SGN-U207458 SGN-U207681 SGN-U207741 SGN-U208083 SGN-U208453 SGN-U208605 SGN-U208713 SGN-U209074 SGN-U210144 SGN-U210546 SGN-U210899 SGN-U212254
Coffea canephora18SGN-U305172 SGN-U299243 SGN-U305225 SGN-U305282 SGN-U299422 SGN-U299447 SGN-U300075 SGN-U300584 SGN-U302097 SGN-U304002 SGN-U304084 SGN-U304278 SGN-U306243 SGN-U306242 SGN-U310795 SGN-U306696 SGN-U306684 SGN-U306853
Lycopersicon Combined41SGN-U212736 SGN-U213641 SGN-U214087 SGN-U215525 SGN-U215740 SGN-U216420 SGN-U216923 SGN-U216924 SGN-U217109 SGN-U217633 SGN-U218031 SGN-U218425 SGN-U218773 SGN-U219492 SGN-U220269 SGN-U220755 SGN-U221002 SGN-U221022 SGN-U221589 SGN-U222218 SGN-U222441 SGN-U223001 SGN-U223022 SGN-U224826 SGN-U225032 SGN-U225242 SGN-U226496 SGN-U226824 SGN-U227005 SGN-U229292 SGN-U229389 SGN-U230285 SGN-U232089 SGN-U234530 SGN-U235837 SGN-U238162 SGN-U238198 SGN-U238564 SGN-U240032 SGN-U241199 SGN-U241517