SGN Gene Family 56

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number56
Total Genes221
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis52At1g20440 At1g20450 At1g20450 At1g26290 At1g44910 At1g54410 At1g56110 At1g56660 At1g60170 At1g60640 At1g70400 At1g76180 At1g79200 At2g01100 At2g01100 At2g01100 At2g21490 At2g27750 At2g28910 At2g33435 At2g42190 At3g05060 At3g12860 At3g48710 At3g50970 At3g50980 At3g52220 At3g57930 At4g02720 At4g15030 At4g26630 At4g37820 At4g38410 At4g39130 At5g05210 At5g12230 At5g19480 At5g24880 At5g27120 At5g27140 At5g45520 At5g49400 At5g53800 At5g54410 At5g54460 At5g55100 At5g55100 At5g55660 At5g57120 At5g60030 At5g62750 At5g63550
Solanum tuberosum60SGN-U268412 SGN-U268413 SGN-U268414 SGN-U268422 SGN-U269085 SGN-U269086 SGN-U269087 SGN-U269169 SGN-U269191 SGN-U269192 SGN-U269261 SGN-U269262 SGN-U269263 SGN-U269865 SGN-U269867 SGN-U270735 SGN-U270923 SGN-U270924 SGN-U271362 SGN-U271440 SGN-U272022 SGN-U272450 SGN-U272784 SGN-U273514 SGN-U273775 SGN-U274039 SGN-U274784 SGN-U274855 SGN-U275383 SGN-U276131 SGN-U277320 SGN-U277407 SGN-U277994 SGN-U278235 SGN-U278723 SGN-U278845 SGN-U278860 SGN-U279759 SGN-U281247 SGN-U281354 SGN-U282754 SGN-U282966 SGN-U283425 SGN-U283511 SGN-U283968 SGN-U286858 SGN-U286861 SGN-U288869 SGN-U288870 SGN-U289064 SGN-U289970 SGN-U290504 SGN-U290505 SGN-U291441 SGN-U291810 SGN-U292839 SGN-U294759 SGN-U297159 SGN-U298071 SGN-U298218
Solanum melongena3SGN-U205625 SGN-U205831 SGN-U205951
Capsicum annuum17SGN-U196137 SGN-U196659 SGN-U197709 SGN-U197713 SGN-U197764 SGN-U197842 SGN-U198726 SGN-U199087 SGN-U199888 SGN-U200616 SGN-U200713 SGN-U200762 SGN-U202017 SGN-U202666 SGN-U203457 SGN-U203471 SGN-U204401
Petunia hybrida8SGN-U208257 SGN-U208259 SGN-U208876 SGN-U208962 SGN-U208963 SGN-U210100 SGN-U210150 SGN-U210507
Coffea canephora24SGN-U299373 SGN-U299501 SGN-U299500 SGN-U299556 SGN-U305499 SGN-U300006 SGN-U300929 SGN-U301089 SGN-U302440 SGN-U302835 SGN-U303297 SGN-U303585 SGN-U304528 SGN-U304578 SGN-U304639 SGN-U305013 SGN-U312142 SGN-U311638 SGN-U312243 SGN-U311414 SGN-U310054 SGN-U308436 SGN-U307390 SGN-U306536
Lycopersicon Combined57SGN-U213481 SGN-U213482 SGN-U213745 SGN-U215841 SGN-U216027 SGN-U216265 SGN-U216266 SGN-U216508 SGN-U216509 SGN-U216866 SGN-U217217 SGN-U217360 SGN-U217484 SGN-U217835 SGN-U218204 SGN-U218786 SGN-U218787 SGN-U218788 SGN-U218828 SGN-U219071 SGN-U219132 SGN-U219223 SGN-U219335 SGN-U220741 SGN-U221547 SGN-U221805 SGN-U222002 SGN-U223788 SGN-U225201 SGN-U225753 SGN-U226359 SGN-U227150 SGN-U229769 SGN-U232498 SGN-U232499 SGN-U232500 SGN-U232628 SGN-U232629 SGN-U232630 SGN-U233363 SGN-U233423 SGN-U233641 SGN-U233956 SGN-U234051 SGN-U236924 SGN-U237339 SGN-U237646 SGN-U237881 SGN-U238752 SGN-U238837 SGN-U239703 SGN-U241113 SGN-U241226 SGN-U241696 SGN-U241712 SGN-U242048 SGN-U242114