SGN Gene Family 56255

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number2
Total Genes690
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build3 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 1(4049) 
52 1(1853)  7932(2)  5592(4)  8785(2)  6891(3)  8992(2)  9002(2) 
65 2(615)  33(116)  3241(6)  15(170)  1(647)  5275(4)  9292(2)  3515(5)  9670(2)  9684(2)  10050(2)  2317(7)  5536(4) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis261At1g01540 At1g01540 At1g06700 At1g07460 At1g07570 At1g07570 At1g07650 At1g07870 At1g09440 At1g10620 At1g11050 At1g14370 At1g15530 At1g16670 At1g20650 At1g21210 At1g21230 At1g21240 At1g21245 At1g21250 At1g21590 At1g23540 At1g24030 At1g24650 At1g26150 At1g26970 At1g28390 At1g29720 At1g29730 At1g29740 At1g29750 At1g29750 At1g30570 At1g48210 At1g48220 At1g49270 At1g49730 At1g49730 At1g49730 At1g51940 At1g52290 At1g52310 At1g52540 At1g53420 At1g53430 At1g53440 At1g54820 At1g55200 At1g56120 At1g56130 At1g56140 At1g56145 At1g56720 At1g56720 At1g61590 At1g61860 At1g66460 At1g69790 At1g70110 At1g70130 At1g70450 At1g70460 At1g70530 At1g72540 At1g74490 At1g76360 At1g76370 At1g77280 At1g80640 At1g80870 At2g01820 At2g02800 At2g02800 At2g05940 At2g07180 At2g11520 At2g16620 At2g16750 At2g17220 At2g17220 At2g18470 At2g18890 At2g20300 At2g21480 At2g23200 At2g23770 At2g25220 At2g26290 At2g28250 At2g28590 At2g28930 At2g28940 At2g28940 At2g29220 At2g29250 At2g30730 At2g30740 At2g30940 At2g30940 At2g33580 At2g37710 At2g39110 At2g39180 At2g39360 At2g39660 At2g41970 At2g42960 At2g43230 At2g43690 At2g43700 At2g46850 At2g47060 At2g47060 At2g48010 At3g01300 At3g01840 At3g02810 At3g04690 At3g05140 At3g07070 At3g08760 At3g08870 At3g09010 At3g09780 At3g09830 At3g09830 At3g13690 At3g14840 At3g15890 At3g17410 At3g17420 At3g18810 At3g19300 At3g20530 At3g21450 At3g21630 At3g23750 At3g24540 At3g24550 At3g24790 At3g25490 At3g26700 At3g26940 At3g28690 At3g45330 At3g45390 At3g45410 At3g45420 At3g45430 At3g45440 At3g46290 At3g46760 At3g51550 At3g51990 At3g52530 At3g53380 At3g53810 At3g53840 At3g55450 At3g55550 At3g55950 At3g57770 At3g58690 At3g59110 At3g59350 At3g59350 At3g59420 At3g59700 At3g59730 At3g59740 At3g59750 At3g62220 At4g01330 At4g02010 At4g02410 At4g02420 At4g02630 At4g04960 At4g13190 At4g17660 At4g22130 At4g25390 At4g25390 At4g28350 At4g29050 At4g32000 At4g32300 At4g34440 At4g34500 At4g35030 At4g35600 At4g39110 At5g01020 At5g01540 At5g01550 At5g01560 At5g02070 At5g02290 At5g02290 At5g02800 At5g03140 At5g03320 At5g10520 At5g10530 At5g11020 At5g11400 At5g11410 At5g13160 At5g15080 At5g15730 At5g16500 At5g18500 At5g18610 At5g18910 At5g20050 At5g22050 At5g22050 At5g23170 At5g24010 At5g24080 At5g25440 At5g28680 At5g35370 At5g35580 At5g35960 At5g37790 At5g38560 At5g38990 At5g39000 At5g42120 At5g42440 At5g46080 At5g47070 At5g47850 At5g48740 At5g51770 At5g54380 At5g54590 At5g54590 At5g55830 At5g56460 At5g56790 At5g56890 At5g57670 At5g58940 At5g59260 At5g59270 At5g59700 At5g60080 At5g60090 At5g60270 At5g60280 At5g60300 At5g60300 At5g60310 At5g60320 At5g60900 At5g61350 At5g63940 At5g65530 At5g65600
Solanum tuberosum137SGN-U268181 SGN-U268182 SGN-U268183 SGN-U268184 SGN-U268186 SGN-U268187 SGN-U268188 SGN-U270837 SGN-U270964 SGN-U270965 SGN-U271140 SGN-U271327 SGN-U271784 SGN-U272277 SGN-U272278 SGN-U272979 SGN-U273044 SGN-U273045 SGN-U273641 SGN-U273642 SGN-U273804 SGN-U273805 SGN-U273846 SGN-U273884 SGN-U273893 SGN-U273965 SGN-U273966 SGN-U273998 SGN-U273999 SGN-U274956 SGN-U274991 SGN-U275300 SGN-U275422 SGN-U275675 SGN-U275773 SGN-U275816 SGN-U275828 SGN-U276166 SGN-U276531 SGN-U276542 SGN-U276602 SGN-U277041 SGN-U277462 SGN-U277847 SGN-U277951 SGN-U277961 SGN-U278510 SGN-U278549 SGN-U278702 SGN-U278834 SGN-U279004 SGN-U279293 SGN-U279358 SGN-U279476 SGN-U279677 SGN-U280372 SGN-U280570 SGN-U280629 SGN-U280859 SGN-U281425 SGN-U281728 SGN-U281772 SGN-U281890 SGN-U281984 SGN-U282439 SGN-U282495 SGN-U282779 SGN-U282935 SGN-U282945 SGN-U282973 SGN-U283202 SGN-U283507 SGN-U283636 SGN-U283764 SGN-U283773 SGN-U284035 SGN-U284079 SGN-U284425 SGN-U284479 SGN-U284881 SGN-U285057 SGN-U285068 SGN-U285259 SGN-U285416 SGN-U285644 SGN-U285770 SGN-U286196 SGN-U286471 SGN-U286550 SGN-U286711 SGN-U286712 SGN-U288478 SGN-U288855 SGN-U288860 SGN-U289919 SGN-U290144 SGN-U290650 SGN-U290968 SGN-U290998 SGN-U291383 SGN-U291490 SGN-U291654 SGN-U292202 SGN-U292443 SGN-U292652 SGN-U292697 SGN-U293233 SGN-U293264 SGN-U293439 SGN-U293513 SGN-U293533 SGN-U293642 SGN-U294482 SGN-U294639 SGN-U294971 SGN-U295372 SGN-U295438 SGN-U295573 SGN-U295657 SGN-U295823 SGN-U295965 SGN-U296117 SGN-U296548 SGN-U296701 SGN-U297021 SGN-U297180 SGN-U297268 SGN-U297317 SGN-U297499 SGN-U297657 SGN-U298313 SGN-U298343 SGN-U298365 SGN-U298445 SGN-U298578 SGN-U298586 SGN-U299088
Solanum melongena1SGN-U205818
Capsicum annuum37SGN-U196346 SGN-U196427 SGN-U197848 SGN-U197851 SGN-U198277 SGN-U198466 SGN-U199090 SGN-U199570 SGN-U199986 SGN-U200097 SGN-U200243 SGN-U200339 SGN-U200838 SGN-U200845 SGN-U201107 SGN-U201602 SGN-U201681 SGN-U201775 SGN-U201833 SGN-U201856 SGN-U202198 SGN-U202380 SGN-U202546 SGN-U202875 SGN-U202978 SGN-U203246 SGN-U203724 SGN-U203946 SGN-U204175 SGN-U204285 SGN-U204364 SGN-U204572 SGN-U204902 SGN-U204952 SGN-U205025 SGN-U205339 SGN-U205445
Petunia hybrida28SGN-U207661 SGN-U207859 SGN-U208044 SGN-U208045 SGN-U208328 SGN-U208339 SGN-U208403 SGN-U208415 SGN-U208678 SGN-U208836 SGN-U209039 SGN-U209212 SGN-U209241 SGN-U209285 SGN-U209286 SGN-U209484 SGN-U209814 SGN-U209876 SGN-U210140 SGN-U210515 SGN-U210775 SGN-U211105 SGN-U211284 SGN-U211719 SGN-U212002 SGN-U212211 SGN-U212240 SGN-U212470
Coffea canephora50SGN-U300013 SGN-U300618 SGN-U300873 SGN-U301486 SGN-U305868 SGN-U301754 SGN-U301804 SGN-U301833 SGN-U301832 SGN-U302036 SGN-U302649 SGN-U303157 SGN-U303373 SGN-U303478 SGN-U306133 SGN-U306132 SGN-U303728 SGN-U303921 SGN-U303956 SGN-U304157 SGN-U304176 SGN-U304483 SGN-U305012 SGN-U311927 SGN-U312143 SGN-U311632 SGN-U311061 SGN-U311519 SGN-U310762 SGN-U310262 SGN-U310601 SGN-U310551 SGN-U310438 SGN-U309996 SGN-U309781 SGN-U309770 SGN-U309096 SGN-U309302 SGN-U309280 SGN-U308293 SGN-U308926 SGN-U308545 SGN-U307635 SGN-U307833 SGN-U307211 SGN-U306638 SGN-U307084 SGN-U307023 SGN-U306514 SGN-U306992
Lycopersicon Combined176SGN-U212906 SGN-U212907 SGN-U213976 SGN-U214229 SGN-U214230 SGN-U214446 SGN-U214448 SGN-U214449 SGN-U214450 SGN-U214930 SGN-U215041 SGN-U215435 SGN-U215578 SGN-U216705 SGN-U216706 SGN-U216894 SGN-U216895 SGN-U217215 SGN-U217216 SGN-U217270 SGN-U217273 SGN-U217274 SGN-U217275 SGN-U218034 SGN-U218197 SGN-U218270 SGN-U218419 SGN-U218860 SGN-U218873 SGN-U218893 SGN-U218938 SGN-U218986 SGN-U219242 SGN-U219271 SGN-U219355 SGN-U219519 SGN-U219806 SGN-U220060 SGN-U220082 SGN-U220354 SGN-U220590 SGN-U220999 SGN-U221150 SGN-U221153 SGN-U221265 SGN-U221339 SGN-U221514 SGN-U221695 SGN-U221951 SGN-U222034 SGN-U222100 SGN-U222457 SGN-U222667 SGN-U222931 SGN-U222980 SGN-U223201 SGN-U223267 SGN-U223494 SGN-U223665 SGN-U223707 SGN-U224020 SGN-U224240 SGN-U224344 SGN-U224453 SGN-U224568 SGN-U224739 SGN-U224854 SGN-U225014 SGN-U225304 SGN-U225459 SGN-U225486 SGN-U225635 SGN-U225888 SGN-U225937 SGN-U226032 SGN-U226201 SGN-U226328 SGN-U226400 SGN-U226415 SGN-U226435 SGN-U227090 SGN-U227168 SGN-U227605 SGN-U228001 SGN-U228096 SGN-U228118 SGN-U228123 SGN-U228249 SGN-U228386 SGN-U228755 SGN-U229152 SGN-U229313 SGN-U229514 SGN-U229563 SGN-U229627 SGN-U229834 SGN-U229920 SGN-U230010 SGN-U230013 SGN-U230028 SGN-U230077 SGN-U230230 SGN-U230265 SGN-U230347 SGN-U230469 SGN-U230514 SGN-U230846 SGN-U230856 SGN-U230861 SGN-U230894 SGN-U231062 SGN-U231291 SGN-U231419 SGN-U231510 SGN-U231524 SGN-U231673 SGN-U231777 SGN-U231917 SGN-U232901 SGN-U233262 SGN-U233284 SGN-U233603 SGN-U233725 SGN-U234106 SGN-U234125 SGN-U234274 SGN-U234366 SGN-U234781 SGN-U235046 SGN-U235343 SGN-U236017 SGN-U236056 SGN-U236204 SGN-U236218 SGN-U236474 SGN-U236498 SGN-U236536 SGN-U236620 SGN-U236691 SGN-U236793 SGN-U236874 SGN-U236888 SGN-U236934 SGN-U237050 SGN-U237122 SGN-U237182 SGN-U237308 SGN-U237924 SGN-U238190 SGN-U238496 SGN-U238897 SGN-U239506 SGN-U239876 SGN-U240417 SGN-U240503 SGN-U240565 SGN-U240636 SGN-U240653 SGN-U240726 SGN-U240868 SGN-U240918 SGN-U241005 SGN-U241092 SGN-U241542 SGN-U241632 SGN-U241645 SGN-U241767 SGN-U241922 SGN-U242156 SGN-U242405 SGN-U242506 SGN-U242575 SGN-U242881 SGN-U242904 SGN-U242923 SGN-U242970