SGN Gene Family 56256

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number3
Total Genes566
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build3 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationCytochrome_P450; EP450I
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 6(908) 
52 3(540) 
65 3(519)  9178(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis162At1g01190 At1g01280 At1g11600 At1g11610 At1g13080 At1g13080 At1g13090 At1g13100 At1g13110 At1g13710 At1g16400 At1g16410 At1g16410 At1g28430 At1g33720 At1g33730 At1g50520 At1g50560 At1g58260 At1g58265 At1g64900 At1g64930 At1g64940 At1g64950 At1g66540 At1g74110 At1g74540 At1g74550 At1g79370 At2g02580 At2g05180 At2g12190 At2g14100 At2g22330 At2g23190 At2g23220 At2g24180 At2g25160 At2g27000 At2g27010 At2g30490 At2g30750 At2g30770 At2g40890 At2g42250 At2g45550 At2g45560 At2g45560 At2g45570 At2g45580 At2g46660 At3g03470 At3g10560 At3g10570 At3g20080 At3g20080 At3g20080 At3g20090 At3g20100 At3g20110 At3g20120 At3g20130 At3g20140 At3g20940 At3g20950 At3g20960 At3g25180 At3g25180 At3g26150 At3g26160 At3g26170 At3g26180 At3g26180 At3g26190 At3g26200 At3g26210 At3g26220 At3g26230 At3g26270 At3g26280 At3g26290 At3g26300 At3g26310 At3g26320 At3g26330 At3g26830 At3g28740 At3g44250 At3g48270 At3g48280 At3g48290 At3g48300 At3g48310 At3g48320 At3g52970 At3g53280 At3g53290 At3g53300 At3g53305 At3g61035 At3g61040 At3g61040 At3g61880 At4g12300 At4g12310 At4g12320 At4g12330 At4g13290 At4g13310 At4g13310 At4g13770 At4g15330 At4g15350 At4g15360 At4g15380 At4g20240 At4g22690 At4g22710 At4g31500 At4g31940 At4g31950 At4g31970 At4g36220 At4g37310 At4g37320 At4g37330 At4g37340 At4g37360 At4g37370 At4g37400 At4g37410 At4g37430 At4g39950 At5g04330 At5g04630 At5g04660 At5g05260 At5g06900 At5g06905 At5g07990 At5g09970 At5g10600 At5g10610 At5g24950 At5g24960 At5g25120 At5g25130 At5g25140 At5g25180 At5g25900 At5g35715 At5g35917 At5g35920 At5g36220 At5g42580 At5g42590 At5g44620 At5g47990 At5g57220 At5g57260 At5g61320 At5g67310
Solanum tuberosum155SGN-U268946 SGN-U268965 SGN-U268967 SGN-U268968 SGN-U268969 SGN-U269084 SGN-U269617 SGN-U269618 SGN-U269718 SGN-U270129 SGN-U270130 SGN-U270131 SGN-U270132 SGN-U270133 SGN-U270134 SGN-U270912 SGN-U270913 SGN-U271114 SGN-U271115 SGN-U272362 SGN-U272510 SGN-U272511 SGN-U272549 SGN-U272550 SGN-U272837 SGN-U272838 SGN-U272961 SGN-U273163 SGN-U273164 SGN-U273165 SGN-U273320 SGN-U273321 SGN-U273645 SGN-U273646 SGN-U273706 SGN-U274102 SGN-U274308 SGN-U274338 SGN-U274405 SGN-U274898 SGN-U274899 SGN-U274938 SGN-U275128 SGN-U275129 SGN-U275672 SGN-U276274 SGN-U276674 SGN-U276912 SGN-U277044 SGN-U278244 SGN-U278686 SGN-U278956 SGN-U279099 SGN-U279187 SGN-U279346 SGN-U279440 SGN-U279553 SGN-U279701 SGN-U279820 SGN-U279998 SGN-U280059 SGN-U280157 SGN-U280251 SGN-U280419 SGN-U281372 SGN-U281373 SGN-U281374 SGN-U281719 SGN-U281721 SGN-U281766 SGN-U281771 SGN-U281870 SGN-U281896 SGN-U282006 SGN-U282135 SGN-U282426 SGN-U282576 SGN-U283064 SGN-U283302 SGN-U283456 SGN-U283666 SGN-U284002 SGN-U284367 SGN-U284401 SGN-U284418 SGN-U284616 SGN-U284921 SGN-U285030 SGN-U285808 SGN-U285913 SGN-U285952 SGN-U286238 SGN-U286274 SGN-U286474 SGN-U287143 SGN-U287144 SGN-U287482 SGN-U287529 SGN-U287707 SGN-U287708 SGN-U287981 SGN-U288048 SGN-U288049 SGN-U288485 SGN-U288486 SGN-U288487 SGN-U288488 SGN-U288499 SGN-U288589 SGN-U288887 SGN-U289145 SGN-U289529 SGN-U289530 SGN-U289531 SGN-U289818 SGN-U290198 SGN-U290906 SGN-U290907 SGN-U291156 SGN-U291557 SGN-U291790 SGN-U292009 SGN-U292021 SGN-U292336 SGN-U292411 SGN-U292462 SGN-U292474 SGN-U292666 SGN-U292799 SGN-U292838 SGN-U293171 SGN-U293236 SGN-U293512 SGN-U293877 SGN-U293881 SGN-U294429 SGN-U294448 SGN-U294970 SGN-U295136 SGN-U295498 SGN-U295611 SGN-U295741 SGN-U296491 SGN-U296498 SGN-U296520 SGN-U296571 SGN-U296826 SGN-U297156 SGN-U297751 SGN-U298022 SGN-U298441 SGN-U298519 SGN-U298644 SGN-U298830 SGN-U298916
Solanum melongena3SGN-U206387 SGN-U206509 SGN-U207294
Capsicum annuum46SGN-U196647 SGN-U196686 SGN-U196709 SGN-U196914 SGN-U197614 SGN-U197625 SGN-U198050 SGN-U198785 SGN-U199137 SGN-U199138 SGN-U199262 SGN-U199264 SGN-U199330 SGN-U199331 SGN-U199378 SGN-U199379 SGN-U199399 SGN-U199522 SGN-U199625 SGN-U199944 SGN-U200069 SGN-U200311 SGN-U200467 SGN-U200744 SGN-U200984 SGN-U201129 SGN-U201154 SGN-U201207 SGN-U201480 SGN-U201665 SGN-U201722 SGN-U201737 SGN-U202257 SGN-U202734 SGN-U203039 SGN-U203462 SGN-U203577 SGN-U203606 SGN-U203697 SGN-U204259 SGN-U204312 SGN-U204442 SGN-U205198 SGN-U205307 SGN-U205550 SGN-U205564
Petunia hybrida14SGN-U207750 SGN-U208729 SGN-U209151 SGN-U209474 SGN-U209584 SGN-U209673 SGN-U209741 SGN-U210157 SGN-U210176 SGN-U210924 SGN-U211163 SGN-U211305 SGN-U211686 SGN-U212495
Coffea canephora34SGN-U299910 SGN-U300059 SGN-U305540 SGN-U300146 SGN-U300184 SGN-U300232 SGN-U300271 SGN-U300274 SGN-U300551 SGN-U301408 SGN-U301707 SGN-U301837 SGN-U301885 SGN-U302250 SGN-U303230 SGN-U303696 SGN-U303739 SGN-U304831 SGN-U312155 SGN-U312127 SGN-U311164 SGN-U310563 SGN-U310315 SGN-U309958 SGN-U309944 SGN-U308771 SGN-U308245 SGN-U308478 SGN-U307744 SGN-U307364 SGN-U306922 SGN-U306395 SGN-U306351 SGN-U306567
Lycopersicon Combined152SGN-U212685 SGN-U212897 SGN-U212898 SGN-U213270 SGN-U213271 SGN-U213747 SGN-U213748 SGN-U214022 SGN-U214311 SGN-U215218 SGN-U215219 SGN-U215220 SGN-U215381 SGN-U215989 SGN-U215990 SGN-U215991 SGN-U216793 SGN-U216794 SGN-U216795 SGN-U217118 SGN-U217136 SGN-U217137 SGN-U217138 SGN-U217384 SGN-U217838 SGN-U217839 SGN-U217840 SGN-U217908 SGN-U217909 SGN-U217910 SGN-U217911 SGN-U218365 SGN-U219109 SGN-U219110 SGN-U219678 SGN-U219900 SGN-U219920 SGN-U221197 SGN-U221361 SGN-U221598 SGN-U221599 SGN-U221675 SGN-U222639 SGN-U222641 SGN-U222741 SGN-U222771 SGN-U222800 SGN-U222801 SGN-U223130 SGN-U223397 SGN-U223539 SGN-U223635 SGN-U223640 SGN-U223870 SGN-U223960 SGN-U224052 SGN-U224084 SGN-U224205 SGN-U224490 SGN-U224713 SGN-U224764 SGN-U224824 SGN-U224956 SGN-U225087 SGN-U225169 SGN-U225202 SGN-U225361 SGN-U225378 SGN-U225555 SGN-U225983 SGN-U226094 SGN-U226286 SGN-U226287 SGN-U226337 SGN-U226413 SGN-U226564 SGN-U226593 SGN-U226924 SGN-U227128 SGN-U227467 SGN-U228007 SGN-U228356 SGN-U228583 SGN-U228644 SGN-U228857 SGN-U228934 SGN-U229200 SGN-U229663 SGN-U229715 SGN-U229946 SGN-U230093 SGN-U230191 SGN-U230268 SGN-U230398 SGN-U230548 SGN-U230582 SGN-U230773 SGN-U231098 SGN-U231336 SGN-U231354 SGN-U231463 SGN-U231561 SGN-U231705 SGN-U232407 SGN-U232633 SGN-U233168 SGN-U233625 SGN-U233708 SGN-U233873 SGN-U233874 SGN-U233875 SGN-U233876 SGN-U234821 SGN-U235083 SGN-U235422 SGN-U235531 SGN-U235532 SGN-U236007 SGN-U236475 SGN-U236618 SGN-U237009 SGN-U237420 SGN-U237433 SGN-U237635 SGN-U237851 SGN-U237942 SGN-U238393 SGN-U238944 SGN-U239056 SGN-U239355 SGN-U239470 SGN-U239762 SGN-U239895 SGN-U240038 SGN-U240178 SGN-U240187 SGN-U240207 SGN-U240826 SGN-U240833 SGN-U240879 SGN-U240906 SGN-U241994 SGN-U242094 SGN-U242143 SGN-U242329 SGN-U242378 SGN-U242567 SGN-U242793 SGN-U242856 SGN-U242885 SGN-U242910 SGN-U243110