SGN Gene Family 56259

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number6
Total Genes265
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build3 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationPlant_peroxidase; Peroxidase
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 35(328) 
52 13(263) 
65 586(19)  6(255) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis74At1g05240 At1g05250 At1g05260 At1g14540 At1g14550 At1g24110 At1g30870 At1g34510 At1g44970 At1g49570 At1g68850 At1g71695 At1g77100 At2g18140 At2g18150 At2g18980 At2g22420 At2g24800 At2g34060 At2g35380 At2g37130 At2g38380 At2g38390 At2g39040 At2g41480 At2g43480 At3g01190 At3g03670 At3g17070 At3g21770 At3g28200 At3g32980 At3g42570 At3g49110 At3g49120 At3g49960 At3g50990 At4g08770 At4g08780 At4g11290 At4g16270 At4g17690 At4g21960 At4g25980 At4g26010 At4g30170 At4g31760 At4g33420 At4g33870 At4g36430 At4g37520 At4g37530 At5g05340 At5g06720 At5g06730 At5g14130 At5g15180 At5g17820 At5g19880 At5g19890 At5g22410 At5g24070 At5g39580 At5g40150 At5g42180 At5g47000 At5g51890 At5g58390 At5g58400 At5g64100 At5g64110 At5g64120 At5g66390 At5g67400
Solanum tuberosum61SGN-U268273 SGN-U269419 SGN-U269420 SGN-U269421 SGN-U269422 SGN-U269423 SGN-U269460 SGN-U269461 SGN-U269931 SGN-U270323 SGN-U270324 SGN-U270325 SGN-U270433 SGN-U270446 SGN-U270447 SGN-U270628 SGN-U270731 SGN-U270792 SGN-U270793 SGN-U273283 SGN-U273470 SGN-U273768 SGN-U273769 SGN-U273997 SGN-U274263 SGN-U274264 SGN-U275092 SGN-U276329 SGN-U276962 SGN-U277378 SGN-U277794 SGN-U278759 SGN-U279040 SGN-U279431 SGN-U279829 SGN-U280953 SGN-U281087 SGN-U283311 SGN-U283862 SGN-U284269 SGN-U284611 SGN-U285556 SGN-U286377 SGN-U286776 SGN-U287921 SGN-U287941 SGN-U289889 SGN-U290931 SGN-U291646 SGN-U292186 SGN-U293369 SGN-U293607 SGN-U295713 SGN-U295748 SGN-U296010 SGN-U297185 SGN-U297495 SGN-U297670 SGN-U298292 SGN-U298615 SGN-U299099
Solanum melongena3SGN-U205755 SGN-U206877 SGN-U206945
Capsicum annuum19SGN-U196145 SGN-U196574 SGN-U196575 SGN-U196602 SGN-U196739 SGN-U196782 SGN-U197041 SGN-U198617 SGN-U200731 SGN-U200904 SGN-U202980 SGN-U203064 SGN-U203612 SGN-U203663 SGN-U203683 SGN-U204006 SGN-U204212 SGN-U204805 SGN-U205326
Petunia hybrida11SGN-U207451 SGN-U208107 SGN-U208398 SGN-U208529 SGN-U209091 SGN-U209509 SGN-U209628 SGN-U209665 SGN-U210080 SGN-U210349 SGN-U210388
Coffea canephora13SGN-U305121 SGN-U299196 SGN-U299602 SGN-U305530 SGN-U300092 SGN-U302554 SGN-U303772 SGN-U304181 SGN-U304692 SGN-U310916 SGN-U310197 SGN-U308305 SGN-U307093
Lycopersicon Combined84SGN-U232701 SGN-U212850 SGN-U213324 SGN-U213325 SGN-U213326 SGN-U213327 SGN-U213328 SGN-U213345 SGN-U213350 SGN-U213351 SGN-U213352 SGN-U213541 SGN-U213891 SGN-U214238 SGN-U214239 SGN-U214240 SGN-U214241 SGN-U214242 SGN-U214243 SGN-U214279 SGN-U214493 SGN-U215230 SGN-U215231 SGN-U215385 SGN-U215392 SGN-U215393 SGN-U217568 SGN-U217569 SGN-U217623 SGN-U218062 SGN-U219089 SGN-U219347 SGN-U219399 SGN-U219400 SGN-U219648 SGN-U219659 SGN-U219660 SGN-U220229 SGN-U220712 SGN-U220821 SGN-U221170 SGN-U221457 SGN-U221495 SGN-U221737 SGN-U222078 SGN-U222505 SGN-U222536 SGN-U222924 SGN-U223029 SGN-U223126 SGN-U223528 SGN-U223742 SGN-U225419 SGN-U226021 SGN-U226252 SGN-U226341 SGN-U226568 SGN-U226863 SGN-U227114 SGN-U227203 SGN-U227787 SGN-U227798 SGN-U230821 SGN-U232085 SGN-U232430 SGN-U232431 SGN-U232432 SGN-U232433 SGN-U232526 SGN-U232764 SGN-U232913 SGN-U233173 SGN-U233221 SGN-U233811 SGN-U236864 SGN-U237357 SGN-U238040 SGN-U238082 SGN-U239162 SGN-U239596 SGN-U239833 SGN-U239923 SGN-U241927 SGN-U242711