SGN Gene Family 56266

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number13
Total Genes206
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build3 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 1(4049)  49(252) 
52 1(1853)  1346(13)  132(60)  1472(12)  805(19) 
65 15(170)  3232(6)  2(615)  11468(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis65At1g19090 At1g34300 At1g66910 At1g66920 At1g66930 At1g67000 At1g70520 At1g70740 At2g32800 At2g45590 At3g16030 At3g45860 At4g00960 At4g00970 At4g04490 At4g04500 At4g04510 At4g04540 At4g04570 At4g05200 At4g11460 At4g11470 At4g11480 At4g11490 At4g11530 At4g11890 At4g11890 At4g11890 At4g11900 At4g21230 At4g21366 At4g21400 At4g21410 At4g23130 At4g23130 At4g23140 At4g23140 At4g23150 At4g23160 At4g23170 At4g23180 At4g23190 At4g23200 At4g23210 At4g23210 At4g23220 At4g23230 At4g23240 At4g23250 At4g23260 At4g23270 At4g23280 At4g23290 At4g23290 At4g23300 At4g23310 At4g23320 At4g28670 At4g38830 At5g06740 At5g38240 At5g38250 At5g38260 At5g40380 AtMg00240
Solanum tuberosum51SGN-U270838 SGN-U271841 SGN-U271842 SGN-U271843 SGN-U273894 SGN-U274049 SGN-U274050 SGN-U276277 SGN-U276523 SGN-U276676 SGN-U276897 SGN-U277311 SGN-U278482 SGN-U278824 SGN-U279610 SGN-U279642 SGN-U280502 SGN-U280721 SGN-U281604 SGN-U281633 SGN-U282608 SGN-U283063 SGN-U283114 SGN-U284047 SGN-U284880 SGN-U284979 SGN-U285058 SGN-U285098 SGN-U285782 SGN-U285864 SGN-U286033 SGN-U287957 SGN-U288873 SGN-U290148 SGN-U290149 SGN-U290150 SGN-U290922 SGN-U291124 SGN-U291532 SGN-U291991 SGN-U292163 SGN-U293256 SGN-U294540 SGN-U294740 SGN-U295802 SGN-U296474 SGN-U296494 SGN-U296972 SGN-U297615 SGN-U298300 SGN-U298622
Capsicum annuum8SGN-U197882 SGN-U198674 SGN-U199535 SGN-U200884 SGN-U201309 SGN-U201446 SGN-U203089 SGN-U203691
Petunia hybrida2SGN-U210089 SGN-U212357
Coffea canephora16SGN-U301340 SGN-U301654 SGN-U302776 SGN-U303525 SGN-U304558 SGN-U304602 SGN-U305010 SGN-U311803 SGN-U312189 SGN-U311073 SGN-U309928 SGN-U309872 SGN-U307939 SGN-U306753 SGN-U307462 SGN-U306629
Lycopersicon Combined64SGN-U213785 SGN-U213786 SGN-U213787 SGN-U213788 SGN-U215164 SGN-U215166 SGN-U215167 SGN-U215168 SGN-U216366 SGN-U216367 SGN-U216368 SGN-U216590 SGN-U218650 SGN-U218910 SGN-U219091 SGN-U219598 SGN-U219794 SGN-U219795 SGN-U220083 SGN-U220541 SGN-U221524 SGN-U221648 SGN-U222602 SGN-U223102 SGN-U223432 SGN-U223651 SGN-U224012 SGN-U224043 SGN-U224107 SGN-U224585 SGN-U224688 SGN-U225638 SGN-U225673 SGN-U225748 SGN-U226489 SGN-U226874 SGN-U227772 SGN-U228093 SGN-U228304 SGN-U229866 SGN-U230270 SGN-U230317 SGN-U230495 SGN-U230845 SGN-U230874 SGN-U230988 SGN-U231214 SGN-U232339 SGN-U232645 SGN-U233149 SGN-U233526 SGN-U233527 SGN-U234933 SGN-U236044 SGN-U236492 SGN-U237954 SGN-U238033 SGN-U238361 SGN-U238853 SGN-U238875 SGN-U239052 SGN-U239640 SGN-U241798 SGN-U242359