SGN Gene Family 56278

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number25
Total Genes157
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build3 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 2(1515) 
52 2(587) 
65 27(130)  6665(3)  2648(7)  2044(8)  7192(3) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis53At1g05990 At1g12310 At1g18210 At1g18210 At1g18530 At1g21550 At1g24620 At1g32250 At1g62820 At1g66400 At1g66410 At1g73630 At1g76640 At1g76650 At2g15680 At2g27030 At2g27030 At2g27030 At2g36180 At2g41090 At2g41100 At2g41100 At2g41110 At2g41410 At2g43290 At3g03000 At3g03400 At3g03410 At3g03430 At3g07490 At3g10190 At3g22930 At3g25600 At3g29000 At3g43810 At3g47480 At3g50360 At3g50770 At3g51920 At3g56800 At3g59440 At4g03290 At4g12860 At4g14640 At4g20780 At4g37010 At5g17470 At5g17480 At5g21274 At5g37770 At5g37780 At5g42380 At5g44460
Solanum tuberosum30SGN-U269205 SGN-U269206 SGN-U269207 SGN-U269424 SGN-U269425 SGN-U270321 SGN-U270322 SGN-U271349 SGN-U271350 SGN-U271469 SGN-U274505 SGN-U274597 SGN-U275299 SGN-U276231 SGN-U277301 SGN-U278130 SGN-U279241 SGN-U281669 SGN-U282959 SGN-U285589 SGN-U287253 SGN-U287254 SGN-U288129 SGN-U288170 SGN-U290183 SGN-U291880 SGN-U294435 SGN-U294790 SGN-U296647 SGN-U299070
Solanum melongena2SGN-U205784 SGN-U205844
Capsicum annuum11SGN-U196369 SGN-U196629 SGN-U196653 SGN-U196939 SGN-U197473 SGN-U198306 SGN-U198671 SGN-U203032 SGN-U203302 SGN-U203336 SGN-U205480
Petunia hybrida11SGN-U207909 SGN-U208076 SGN-U209173 SGN-U209556 SGN-U209785 SGN-U210610 SGN-U210642 SGN-U211035 SGN-U211531 SGN-U212021 SGN-U212329
Coffea canephora11SGN-U305292 SGN-U299435 SGN-U299921 SGN-U299944 SGN-U299993 SGN-U300097 SGN-U301155 SGN-U303031 SGN-U303445 SGN-U304361 SGN-U309952
Lycopersicon Combined39SGN-U218586 SGN-U212852 SGN-U212853 SGN-U212855 SGN-U212856 SGN-U212857 SGN-U213181 SGN-U213182 SGN-U213183 SGN-U213544 SGN-U213545 SGN-U213548 SGN-U215654 SGN-U216338 SGN-U216339 SGN-U216811 SGN-U217799 SGN-U218275 SGN-U218587 SGN-U218588 SGN-U218625 SGN-U218626 SGN-U222839 SGN-U224678 SGN-U224802 SGN-U225250 SGN-U225311 SGN-U226202 SGN-U227216 SGN-U227906 SGN-U229139 SGN-U230651 SGN-U231357 SGN-U231449 SGN-U232167 SGN-U232168 SGN-U232362 SGN-U232363 SGN-U232364