SGN Gene Family 56284

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number31
Total Genes133
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 5 (High stringency in grouping genes together)
Build3 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationHelicase_C; DEAD
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 34(340) 
52 17(248) 
65 1233(12)  38(106)  3248(6)  1202(12)  10821(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis37At1g16280 At1g31970 At1g55150 At1g71280 At1g71370 At1g77050 At2g33730 At2g40700 At2g42520 At2g47330 At3g01540 At3g01540 At3g01540 At3g02065 At3g02065 At3g06480 At3g09620 At3g09720 At3g16840 At3g18600 At3g22310 At3g22330 At3g58510 At3g58510 At3g58570 At4g09730 At4g15850 At4g16630 At4g34910 At5g05450 At5g14610 At5g26742 At5g54910 At5g60990 At5g63120 At5g63120 At5g65900
Solanum tuberosum41SGN-U270335 SGN-U270336 SGN-U270891 SGN-U270892 SGN-U272532 SGN-U272767 SGN-U273681 SGN-U274355 SGN-U274356 SGN-U274583 SGN-U274728 SGN-U275025 SGN-U275212 SGN-U276325 SGN-U276593 SGN-U277868 SGN-U278170 SGN-U278426 SGN-U278755 SGN-U281019 SGN-U282033 SGN-U282547 SGN-U283194 SGN-U283269 SGN-U283631 SGN-U284110 SGN-U284509 SGN-U285221 SGN-U285572 SGN-U286497 SGN-U286610 SGN-U287790 SGN-U287791 SGN-U288494 SGN-U288955 SGN-U290751 SGN-U290905 SGN-U291188 SGN-U294275 SGN-U297130 SGN-U298503
Capsicum annuum12SGN-U197049 SGN-U197913 SGN-U198094 SGN-U198211 SGN-U200606 SGN-U201757 SGN-U202328 SGN-U202490 SGN-U202923 SGN-U203115 SGN-U203804 SGN-U204381
Petunia hybrida1SGN-U210611
Coffea canephora14SGN-U300648 SGN-U301484 SGN-U302024 SGN-U304101 SGN-U304111 SGN-U304773 SGN-U304807 SGN-U312244 SGN-U311062 SGN-U311489 SGN-U310685 SGN-U310279 SGN-U310869 SGN-U310049
Lycopersicon Combined28SGN-U214837 SGN-U214867 SGN-U214868 SGN-U215535 SGN-U218161 SGN-U218507 SGN-U218847 SGN-U219849 SGN-U220455 SGN-U220994 SGN-U221029 SGN-U221709 SGN-U223343 SGN-U224972 SGN-U225623 SGN-U226833 SGN-U227608 SGN-U227623 SGN-U227931 SGN-U228289 SGN-U230667 SGN-U235692 SGN-U236839 SGN-U238168 SGN-U238973 SGN-U239456 SGN-U241197 SGN-U241452