SGN Gene Family 57

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number57
Total Genes219
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 56(231)  97(138) 
52 23(201)  1318(13)  8404(2)  8409(2) 
65 18(163)  500(22)  586(19)  765(17)  8868(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis29At1g15820 At1g19150 At1g29910 At1g29920 At1g29930 At1g45474 At1g45474 At1g61520 At1g76570 At2g05070 At2g05100 At2g34420 At2g34420 At2g34430 At2g40100 At3g08940 At3g08940 At3g27690 At3g47470 At3g54890 At3g54890 At3g54890 At3g61470 At4g10340 At4g26850 At5g01530 At5g28450 At5g54270 At5g55120
Solanum tuberosum47SGN-U268510 SGN-U268511 SGN-U268513 SGN-U269118 SGN-U269119 SGN-U269153 SGN-U269154 SGN-U269155 SGN-U269787 SGN-U270508 SGN-U270509 SGN-U271705 SGN-U277615 SGN-U279153 SGN-U281049 SGN-U281192 SGN-U281195 SGN-U281245 SGN-U281246 SGN-U281248 SGN-U281249 SGN-U281326 SGN-U281327 SGN-U281328 SGN-U281329 SGN-U281330 SGN-U281331 SGN-U281332 SGN-U281333 SGN-U281334 SGN-U281376 SGN-U286900 SGN-U286901 SGN-U286904 SGN-U287213 SGN-U287230 SGN-U290734 SGN-U290740 SGN-U290742 SGN-U290774 SGN-U290775 SGN-U290873 SGN-U290876 SGN-U290877 SGN-U290908 SGN-U290909 SGN-U298663
Solanum melongena21SGN-U205577 SGN-U205578 SGN-U205587 SGN-U205588 SGN-U205589 SGN-U205687 SGN-U205697 SGN-U205709 SGN-U205722 SGN-U205747 SGN-U205881 SGN-U205883 SGN-U205889 SGN-U205893 SGN-U205971 SGN-U205974 SGN-U205981 SGN-U206226 SGN-U207127 SGN-U207230 SGN-U207285
Capsicum annuum23SGN-U196026 SGN-U196027 SGN-U196071 SGN-U196072 SGN-U196148 SGN-U196149 SGN-U196206 SGN-U196255 SGN-U196256 SGN-U196267 SGN-U196316 SGN-U196339 SGN-U196377 SGN-U196445 SGN-U196500 SGN-U196501 SGN-U197124 SGN-U198957 SGN-U198958 SGN-U198979 SGN-U199274 SGN-U199275 SGN-U202549
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U207865 SGN-U208102 SGN-U208524 SGN-U208611 SGN-U208840 SGN-U209046 SGN-U209113 SGN-U209170 SGN-U210253 SGN-U210651 SGN-U211064 SGN-U211842 SGN-U211947
Coffea canephora23SGN-U299283 SGN-U305246 SGN-U299359 SGN-U299358 SGN-U299357 SGN-U299439 SGN-U299459 SGN-U305306 SGN-U299460 SGN-U305377 SGN-U299596 SGN-U305390 SGN-U305389 SGN-U299628 SGN-U299654 SGN-U299802 SGN-U299801 SGN-U305552 SGN-U300182 SGN-U301825 SGN-U311490 SGN-U310249 SGN-U309750
Lycopersicon Combined63SGN-U218914 SGN-U212697 SGN-U212733 SGN-U212863 SGN-U212864 SGN-U212865 SGN-U212866 SGN-U212937 SGN-U212938 SGN-U213001 SGN-U213015 SGN-U213024 SGN-U213025 SGN-U213039 SGN-U213041 SGN-U213042 SGN-U213105 SGN-U213106 SGN-U213222 SGN-U213223 SGN-U213301 SGN-U215176 SGN-U216905 SGN-U218837 SGN-U218902 SGN-U218903 SGN-U218904 SGN-U218905 SGN-U218906 SGN-U218907 SGN-U218909 SGN-U218911 SGN-U218912 SGN-U218913 SGN-U218915 SGN-U218921 SGN-U218922 SGN-U223133 SGN-U226450 SGN-U232086 SGN-U232176 SGN-U232222 SGN-U232223 SGN-U232224 SGN-U232385 SGN-U234078 SGN-U234079 SGN-U234080 SGN-U234081 SGN-U234082 SGN-U234083 SGN-U234084 SGN-U234085 SGN-U234086 SGN-U234087 SGN-U234088 SGN-U234089 SGN-U234090 SGN-U234095 SGN-U234096 SGN-U234097 SGN-U234098 SGN-U238301