SGN Gene Family 59

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number59
Total Genes218
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis66At1g01490 At1g06330 At1g22990 At1g23000 At1g29000 At1g29100 At1g49420 At1g51090 At1g55780 At1g56210 At1g57780 At1g63950 At1g63960 At1g66240 At1g71050 At2g18196 At2g20280 At2g28090 At2g28660 At2g36950 At2g37390 At3g02960 At3g04900 At3g05220 At3g05920 At3g06130 At3g07600 At3g20180 At3g21490 At3g24450 At3g25855 At3g48970 At3g53530 At3g56240 At4g05030 At4g08570 At4g13380 At4g16380 At4g23882 At4g27590 At4g35060 At4g38580 At4g39700 At5g02600 At5g02600 At5g03380 At5g17450 At5g17450 At5g19090 At5g19090 At5g23760 At5g24580 At5g24580 At5g26690 At5g27690 At5g37860 At5g48290 At5g50730 At5g50740 At5g52740 At5g52750 At5g52760 At5g52770 At5g60800 At5g63530 At5g66110
Solanum tuberosum53SGN-U269920 SGN-U270017 SGN-U270018 SGN-U270019 SGN-U270025 SGN-U270761 SGN-U271176 SGN-U271333 SGN-U271334 SGN-U271777 SGN-U271778 SGN-U271779 SGN-U271828 SGN-U271829 SGN-U271891 SGN-U272435 SGN-U274118 SGN-U274265 SGN-U274266 SGN-U274481 SGN-U274605 SGN-U274640 SGN-U274780 SGN-U275631 SGN-U276218 SGN-U279450 SGN-U279488 SGN-U280164 SGN-U280634 SGN-U280674 SGN-U285295 SGN-U285376 SGN-U286517 SGN-U287619 SGN-U287928 SGN-U288125 SGN-U288275 SGN-U288276 SGN-U288331 SGN-U288391 SGN-U290344 SGN-U290345 SGN-U290476 SGN-U290477 SGN-U291110 SGN-U291468 SGN-U293680 SGN-U294581 SGN-U295540 SGN-U295645 SGN-U297327 SGN-U298006 SGN-U298958
Capsicum annuum16SGN-U196646 SGN-U197267 SGN-U197443 SGN-U197470 SGN-U197471 SGN-U198184 SGN-U198226 SGN-U198264 SGN-U198939 SGN-U200119 SGN-U201684 SGN-U201752 SGN-U202080 SGN-U203367 SGN-U203997 SGN-U204992
Petunia hybrida10SGN-U207548 SGN-U207697 SGN-U208719 SGN-U210523 SGN-U210620 SGN-U211426 SGN-U211930 SGN-U211966 SGN-U212033 SGN-U212439
Coffea canephora23SGN-U305159 SGN-U299229 SGN-U299226 SGN-U299225 SGN-U299454 SGN-U299453 SGN-U305404 SGN-U299676 SGN-U299803 SGN-U300447 SGN-U301963 SGN-U302084 SGN-U303418 SGN-U304378 SGN-U312199 SGN-U312050 SGN-U310945 SGN-U310745 SGN-U309541 SGN-U309311 SGN-U309159 SGN-U307613 SGN-U306576
Lycopersicon Combined50SGN-U214236 SGN-U214765 SGN-U215387 SGN-U215735 SGN-U215790 SGN-U216037 SGN-U216131 SGN-U216132 SGN-U216264 SGN-U217434 SGN-U217738 SGN-U217739 SGN-U217801 SGN-U218527 SGN-U218746 SGN-U219363 SGN-U219461 SGN-U219548 SGN-U219549 SGN-U219595 SGN-U220207 SGN-U220244 SGN-U220746 SGN-U220860 SGN-U220937 SGN-U223101 SGN-U223313 SGN-U224186 SGN-U224291 SGN-U225008 SGN-U225031 SGN-U225291 SGN-U225671 SGN-U226084 SGN-U227123 SGN-U229604 SGN-U230938 SGN-U231088 SGN-U231594 SGN-U232831 SGN-U233222 SGN-U233488 SGN-U234299 SGN-U234309 SGN-U235663 SGN-U236441 SGN-U236749 SGN-U240093 SGN-U241442 SGN-U241562