SGN Gene Family 61

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number61
Total Genes197
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Family Sequence Alignment 
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Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis66At1g02580 At1g02860 At1g04020 At1g04020 At1g04050 At1g05830 At1g17770 At1g19310 At1g57800 At1g57820 At1g57820 At1g66040 At1g66050 At1g73100 At1g74990 At1g76710 At1g76710 At1g77300 At1g77800 At2g05900 At2g22740 At2g22740 At2g23380 At2g23750 At2g23780 At2g24740 At2g31650 At2g33290 At2g35160 At2g38920 At2g42030 At2g44150 At2g44410 At3g03750 At3g03750 At3g04380 At3g04380 At3g14740 At3g14740 At3g58030 At3g58030 At3g58030 At3g59960 At3g61730 At3g61740 At3g62500 At4g02020 At4g03510 At4g03510 At4g08590 At4g13460 At4g27470 At4g27910 At4g28270 At4g30860 At5g04940 At5g04940 At5g13960 At5g36000 At5g39550 At5g42400 At5g43990 At5g43990 At5g47150 At5g47160 At5g53430
Solanum tuberosum44SGN-U272520 SGN-U274411 SGN-U274574 SGN-U275848 SGN-U276233 SGN-U276384 SGN-U276603 SGN-U276604 SGN-U276727 SGN-U276913 SGN-U277504 SGN-U277551 SGN-U278109 SGN-U278374 SGN-U278757 SGN-U278832 SGN-U279098 SGN-U279270 SGN-U280035 SGN-U281600 SGN-U281779 SGN-U281847 SGN-U282187 SGN-U283723 SGN-U283777 SGN-U284461 SGN-U284548 SGN-U284870 SGN-U285165 SGN-U285995 SGN-U289291 SGN-U289394 SGN-U289395 SGN-U289624 SGN-U289825 SGN-U293929 SGN-U294065 SGN-U294143 SGN-U294381 SGN-U294724 SGN-U296854 SGN-U296934 SGN-U298477 SGN-U298926
Capsicum annuum15SGN-U197265 SGN-U197332 SGN-U198280 SGN-U198566 SGN-U200038 SGN-U200454 SGN-U201059 SGN-U201176 SGN-U201718 SGN-U202987 SGN-U203669 SGN-U204270 SGN-U204541 SGN-U205447 SGN-U205452
Petunia hybrida1SGN-U212332
Coffea canephora18SGN-U299646 SGN-U301104 SGN-U301878 SGN-U302330 SGN-U306066 SGN-U303250 SGN-U303399 SGN-U304038 SGN-U304466 SGN-U311814 SGN-U311559 SGN-U311766 SGN-U310247 SGN-U310067 SGN-U307650 SGN-U307273 SGN-U306678 SGN-U306550
Lycopersicon Combined53SGN-U226536 SGN-U217185 SGN-U217504 SGN-U217818 SGN-U219217 SGN-U219657 SGN-U220152 SGN-U220378 SGN-U220765 SGN-U220766 SGN-U220916 SGN-U222038 SGN-U222206 SGN-U222519 SGN-U222909 SGN-U223262 SGN-U224111 SGN-U225149 SGN-U225379 SGN-U226037 SGN-U226081 SGN-U227361 SGN-U227622 SGN-U227686 SGN-U228148 SGN-U228176 SGN-U228379 SGN-U228693 SGN-U228813 SGN-U228838 SGN-U229333 SGN-U230305 SGN-U230331 SGN-U231076 SGN-U231202 SGN-U231332 SGN-U234150 SGN-U234294 SGN-U234330 SGN-U234604 SGN-U237041 SGN-U237827 SGN-U238394 SGN-U238414 SGN-U238608 SGN-U239242 SGN-U239885 SGN-U240574 SGN-U240888 SGN-U240917 SGN-U241859 SGN-U242272 SGN-U243009