SGN Gene Family 66

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number66
Total Genes181
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 74(173) 
52 154(54)  187(46)  1165(14)  417(28)  6881(3)  4292(5)  3431(6)  6518(3) 
65 115(54)  268(32)  1720(9)  376(26)  6829(3)  6850(3)  1429(10)  9508(2)  9533(2)  10657(2)  8679(2)  11231(2)  11475(2) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis53At1g07670 At1g07810 At1g10130 At1g13210 At1g17260 At1g17500 At1g26130 At1g27770 At1g27770 At1g54280 At1g59820 At1g63440 At1g68710 At1g72700 At1g80660 At2g07560 At2g18960 At2g19110 At2g22950 At2g24520 At2g41560 At3g13900 At3g18700 At3g21180 At3g22910 At3g25610 At3g27870 At3g42640 At3g47950 At3g57330 At3g60330 At3g63380 At4g00900 At4g11730 At4g29900 At4g30110 At4g30120 At4g30190 At4g33520 At4g33520 At4g33520 At4g37270 At4g37640 At5g04930 At5g21930 At5g23630 At5g44240 At5g44790 At5g53010 At5g57110 At5g57110 At5g57350 At5g62670
Solanum tuberosum41SGN-U269181 SGN-U269182 SGN-U269183 SGN-U269546 SGN-U269547 SGN-U269548 SGN-U271634 SGN-U272515 SGN-U272638 SGN-U273778 SGN-U274110 SGN-U275171 SGN-U276093 SGN-U278350 SGN-U278480 SGN-U280811 SGN-U281444 SGN-U282513 SGN-U282534 SGN-U284864 SGN-U285422 SGN-U287452 SGN-U287453 SGN-U288227 SGN-U291576 SGN-U292581 SGN-U292629 SGN-U294001 SGN-U294012 SGN-U294534 SGN-U294653 SGN-U294949 SGN-U295014 SGN-U295159 SGN-U295201 SGN-U295330 SGN-U295444 SGN-U295685 SGN-U295863 SGN-U296578 SGN-U298713
Capsicum annuum16SGN-U197772 SGN-U198787 SGN-U198956 SGN-U199810 SGN-U200271 SGN-U201676 SGN-U201713 SGN-U201935 SGN-U202527 SGN-U202578 SGN-U203009 SGN-U203093 SGN-U203128 SGN-U203422 SGN-U204038 SGN-U204569
Petunia hybrida13SGN-U207638 SGN-U207691 SGN-U207997 SGN-U208183 SGN-U208691 SGN-U208703 SGN-U208898 SGN-U210884 SGN-U211481 SGN-U211499 SGN-U211774 SGN-U212005 SGN-U212199
Coffea canephora11SGN-U300547 SGN-U300608 SGN-U305637 SGN-U300621 SGN-U305802 SGN-U301512 SGN-U302616 SGN-U303210 SGN-U303494 SGN-U312254 SGN-U308400
Lycopersicon Combined47SGN-U213018 SGN-U214030 SGN-U214031 SGN-U214032 SGN-U214033 SGN-U214683 SGN-U214684 SGN-U214800 SGN-U214801 SGN-U215042 SGN-U215806 SGN-U216600 SGN-U216601 SGN-U216736 SGN-U217914 SGN-U218533 SGN-U218534 SGN-U219918 SGN-U219919 SGN-U223963 SGN-U224239 SGN-U225448 SGN-U225814 SGN-U225953 SGN-U229041 SGN-U229133 SGN-U230163 SGN-U232743 SGN-U232744 SGN-U232994 SGN-U232995 SGN-U232996 SGN-U232997 SGN-U233030 SGN-U235506 SGN-U236090 SGN-U237217 SGN-U237632 SGN-U237746 SGN-U238963 SGN-U239322 SGN-U240134 SGN-U240771 SGN-U240820 SGN-U241623 SGN-U241847 SGN-U241937