SGN Gene Family 68

This family is from an out-of-date build.
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Family Number68
Total Genes172
Build Date2005-08-15
i Value 1.2 (Low stringency in grouping genes together)
Build1 [Details of the Overall Family Build]
AnnotationTubulin_FtsZ; Tubulin; Tub_FtsZ_C
Data SetGene family for all current cgn unigene builds and the Arabidopsis proteome version 2004
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Relations to Other Builds 
Build idi ValueFamily Number (Size)
41.1 93(140)  523(31) 
52 38(138)  363(31) 
65 110(55)  59(81)  285(31) 
Family Sequence Alignment 
Not applicable.
Family Members  
Organism# of MembersMember Id
Arabidopsis21At1g04820 At1g20010 At1g50010 At1g64740 At1g75780 At2g29550 At3g50820 At3g61650 At4g14960 At4g14960 At4g20890 At4g37230 At5g05620 At5g12250 At5g19770 At5g19780 At5g23860 At5g44340 At5g62690 At5g62700 At5g66570
Solanum tuberosum36SGN-U268213 SGN-U268214 SGN-U268215 SGN-U268216 SGN-U268217 SGN-U268218 SGN-U268275 SGN-U268276 SGN-U268277 SGN-U268278 SGN-U268280 SGN-U268281 SGN-U268446 SGN-U268447 SGN-U269179 SGN-U269180 SGN-U269994 SGN-U270137 SGN-U271491 SGN-U277025 SGN-U277146 SGN-U279906 SGN-U281793 SGN-U285639 SGN-U286734 SGN-U286735 SGN-U286778 SGN-U286780 SGN-U286781 SGN-U286782 SGN-U286783 SGN-U286872 SGN-U287711 SGN-U289548 SGN-U293900 SGN-U296669
Solanum melongena18SGN-U205598 SGN-U205599 SGN-U205657 SGN-U205658 SGN-U205695 SGN-U205716 SGN-U205824 SGN-U205869 SGN-U205916 SGN-U206048 SGN-U206107 SGN-U206115 SGN-U206216 SGN-U206249 SGN-U206383 SGN-U206390 SGN-U206804 SGN-U207316
Capsicum annuum29SGN-U196135 SGN-U196136 SGN-U196335 SGN-U196390 SGN-U196391 SGN-U196429 SGN-U196603 SGN-U196750 SGN-U197331 SGN-U197415 SGN-U197815 SGN-U197919 SGN-U198384 SGN-U199075 SGN-U199116 SGN-U199587 SGN-U199787 SGN-U200077 SGN-U200667 SGN-U200921 SGN-U201873 SGN-U202854 SGN-U202940 SGN-U203257 SGN-U203545 SGN-U204290 SGN-U204502 SGN-U204821 SGN-U205122
Petunia hybrida16SGN-U207525 SGN-U207526 SGN-U207560 SGN-U207876 SGN-U207899 SGN-U207990 SGN-U208051 SGN-U208395 SGN-U209112 SGN-U209117 SGN-U209118 SGN-U209172 SGN-U209771 SGN-U211666 SGN-U212193 SGN-U212212
Coffea canephora14SGN-U305139 SGN-U299214 SGN-U299568 SGN-U299567 SGN-U300564 SGN-U301072 SGN-U305783 SGN-U301388 SGN-U302901 SGN-U303003 SGN-U303324 SGN-U308784 SGN-U308915 SGN-U307663
Lycopersicon Combined38SGN-U212616 SGN-U212617 SGN-U212618 SGN-U212619 SGN-U212620 SGN-U212622 SGN-U212624 SGN-U212625 SGN-U212645 SGN-U212646 SGN-U212647 SGN-U212648 SGN-U212742 SGN-U212743 SGN-U212744 SGN-U215336 SGN-U219989 SGN-U225404 SGN-U227153 SGN-U229860 SGN-U231992 SGN-U232014 SGN-U232015 SGN-U232016 SGN-U232017 SGN-U232018 SGN-U232019 SGN-U232020 SGN-U232021 SGN-U232022 SGN-U232023 SGN-U232090 SGN-U232091 SGN-U232092 SGN-U232094 SGN-U232096 SGN-U236245 SGN-U239422