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All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U152191
genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 22 hits recorded
Match: gi|28874734|emb|CAC80137.1| score: 318.9 e-value: 4.8e-86 Identity: 77.72% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
progesterone 5-beta-reductase [Digitalis purpurea]
Match: gi|29500895|emb|CAD87012.1| score: 313.9 e-value: 1.5e-84 Identity: 76.63% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
putative progesterone 5-beta-reductase [Digitalis obscura]
Match: gi|15233747|ref|NP_194153.1| score: 288.5 e-value: 6.9e-77 Identity: 72.83% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
VEP1 (VEIN PATTERNING 1); binding / catalytic [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi5051764|emb|CAB45057.1| putative protein [Ara...
Match: gi|29124973|gb|AAO63776.1| score: 264.2 e-value: 1.4e-69 Identity: 65.95% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
unknown [Populus tremuloides]
Match: gi|23495822|dbj|BAC20032.1| score: 219.2 e-value: 5.2e-56 Identity: 58.82% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|23495822|dbj|BAC20032.1| putative progesterone 5-beta-reductase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]
Match: gi|1483218|emb|CAA68126.1| score: 216.5 e-value: 3.4e-55 Identity: 62.37% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
unnamed protein product [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|30089752|gb|AAP20856.1| score: 168.7 e-value: 8e-41 Identity: 50.27% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|30089752|gb|AAP20856.1| hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]
Match: gi|21231568|ref|NP_637485.1| score: 136.3 e-value: 4.4e-31 Identity: 36.93% Span: 525bp (66.9%) Frame: -1
gi|21231568|ref|NP_637485.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris str. ATCC 33913] g...
Match: gi|23471566|ref|ZP_00126896.1| score: 134 e-value: 2.2e-30 Identity: 37.3% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|23471566|ref|ZP_00126896.1| COG0702: Predicted nucleoside-diphosphate-sugar epimerases [Pseudomonas syringae pv. s...
Match: gi|21242822|ref|NP_642404.1| score: 129 e-value: 7e-29 Identity: 34.66% Span: 525bp (66.9%) Frame: -1
gi|21242822|ref|NP_642404.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri str. 306] gi|21108309|g...
Match: gi|28869883|ref|NP_792502.1| score: 126.7 e-value: 3.5e-28 Identity: 36.22% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|28869883|ref|NP_792502.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000] gi|28853128...
Match: gi|15237744|ref|NP_200683.1| score: 118.6 e-value: 9.5e-26 Identity: 35.75% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|15237744|ref|NP_200683.1| wounding stress induced protein - like [Arabidopsis thaliana] gi|8843795|dbj|BAA97343.1|...
Match: gi|23105181|ref|ZP_00091639.1| score: 106.7 e-value: 3.7e-22 Identity: 30.81% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|23105181|ref|ZP_00091639.1| hypothetical protein [Azotobacter vinelandii]
Match: gi|22986340|ref|ZP_00031438.1| score: 104 e-value: 2.4e-21 Identity: 30.11% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|22986340|ref|ZP_00031438.1| hypothetical protein [Burkholderia fungorum]
Match: gi|22983306|ref|ZP_00028499.1| score: 96.29 e-value: 5.1e-19 Identity: 32.63% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|22983306|ref|ZP_00028499.1| hypothetical protein [Burkholderia fungorum]
Match: gi|33600555|ref|NP_888115.1| score: 92.43 e-value: 7.3e-18 Identity: 31.82% Span: 516bp (65.7%) Frame: -1
gi|33600555|ref|NP_888115.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Bordetella bronchiseptica] gi|33568154|emb|CAE32067.1| c...
Match: gi|33596786|ref|NP_884429.1| score: 92.43 e-value: 7.3e-18 Identity: 31.82% Span: 516bp (65.7%) Frame: -1
gi|33596786|ref|NP_884429.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Bordetella parapertussis] gi|33573487|emb|CAE37473.1| co...
Match: gi|33592050|ref|NP_879694.1| score: 92.05 e-value: 9.5e-18 Identity: 31.82% Span: 516bp (65.7%) Frame: -1
gi|33592050|ref|NP_879694.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Bordetella pertussis] gi|33571694|emb|CAE41189.1| conser...
Match: gi|32409167|ref|XP_325064.1| score: 80.88 e-value: 2.2e-14 Identity: 25.33% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|32409167|ref|XP_325064.1| hypothetical protein [Neurospora crassa] gi|28926594|gb|EAA35564.1| hypothetical protein...
Match: gi|19075177|ref|NP_587677.1| score: 79.72 e-value: 4.9e-14 Identity: 26.13% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
gi|19075177|ref|NP_587677.1| hypothetical protein; conserved in A. thaliana; Pfam-B_37808 domain; no apparent S. cere...
Match: gi|33599756|ref|NP_887316.1| score: 74.33 e-value: 2.1e-12 Identity: 34.06% Span: 411bp (52.4%) Frame: -1
gi|33599756|ref|NP_887316.1| hypothetical protein Xcc2124 [Bordetella bronchiseptica] gi|33567353|emb|CAE31266.1| hyp...
Match: gi|33594114|ref|NP_881758.1| score: 72.4 e-value: 7.8e-12 Identity: 34.06% Span: 411bp (52.4%) Frame: -1
gi|33594114|ref|NP_881758.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Bordetella pertussis] gi|33564188|emb|CAE43469.1| conser...

arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 2 hits recorded
Match: At4g24220.1 score: 288.5 e-value: 2.4e-78 Identity: 72.83% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
At4g24220.1 68411.m03169 expressed protein protein induced upon wounding - Arabidopsis thaliana, PID:e257749
Match: At5g58750.1 score: 118.6 e-value: 3.3e-27 Identity: 35.75% Span: 552bp (70.3%) Frame: -1
At5g58750.1 68412.m06657 wounding stress induced protein - like wounding stress induced protein, Arabidopsis thaliana...