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All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U155079
genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 89 hits recorded
Match: gi|30684227|ref|NP_196807.2| score: 609.4 e-value: 3e-173 Identity: 74.55% Span: 1158bp (98.1%) Frame: 2
unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi24030204|gb|AAN41282.1| unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|13430492|gb|AAK25868.1| score: 607.1 e-value: 2e-172 Identity: 77.33% Span: 1110bp (94.1%) Frame: 2
gi|13430492|gb|AAK25868.1| unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|11358229|pir||T49917 score: 496.1 e-value: 4e-139 Identity: 67.47% Span: 1110bp (94.1%) Frame: 2
gi|11358229|pir||T49917 hypothetical protein T24H18.200 - Arabidopsis thaliana gi|7630059|emb|CAB88267.1| putative pr...
Match: gi|32476167|ref|NP_869161.1| score: 339.7 e-value: 4.9e-92 Identity: 53.61% Span: 996bp (84.4%) Frame: 2
hypothetical protein RB9953 [Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1] >gi39932504|sp|Q7UKT5.1|Y9953_RHOBA RecName: Full=UPF0061 p...
Match: gi|21243126|ref|NP_642708.1| score: 332 e-value: 1e-89 Identity: 53.01% Span: 996bp (84.4%) Frame: 2
gi|21243126|ref|NP_642708.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri str. 306] gi|33517049|s...
Match: gi|21231722|ref|NP_637639.1| score: 331.6 e-value: 1.3e-89 Identity: 53.61% Span: 996bp (84.4%) Frame: 2
gi|21231722|ref|NP_637639.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris str. ATCC 33913] g...
Match: gi|22996081|ref|ZP_00040353.1| score: 330.1 e-value: 3.9e-89 Identity: 52.54% Span: 1005bp (85.2%) Frame: 2
gi|22996081|ref|ZP_00040353.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Xylella fastidiosa Ann-1]
Match: gi|28199858|ref|NP_780172.1| score: 329.7 e-value: 5.1e-89 Identity: 53.19% Span: 987bp (83.6%) Frame: 2
gi|28199858|ref|NP_780172.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Xylella fastidiosa Temecula1] gi|33516998|sp|Q87A39|YJ92...
Match: gi|22995084|ref|ZP_00039567.1| score: 328.9 e-value: 8.7e-89 Identity: 52.54% Span: 1005bp (85.2%) Frame: 2
gi|22995084|ref|ZP_00039567.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Xylella fastidiosa Dixon]
Match: gi|15839208|ref|NP_299896.1| score: 325.5 e-value: 9.6e-88 Identity: 52.89% Span: 987bp (83.6%) Frame: 2
gi|15839208|ref|NP_299896.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Xylella fastidiosa 9a5c] gi|33517142|sp|Q9PA99|YQ19_XYLF...
Match: gi|23138268|ref|ZP_00119938.1| score: 297 e-value: 3.7e-79 Identity: 49.85% Span: 981bp (83.1%) Frame: 2
gi|23138268|ref|ZP_00119938.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Cytophaga hutchinsonii]
Match: gi|33516963|sp|Q9BVL4|SELO_HUMAN score: 272.7 e-value: 7.4e-72 Identity: 46.4% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|33516963|sp|Q9BVL4|SELO_HUMAN Selenoprotein O
Match: gi|32880229|ref|NP_113642.1| score: 272.7 e-value: 7.4e-72 Identity: 46.4% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|32880229|ref|NP_113642.1| selenoprotein O [Homo sapiens] gi|32492907|gb|AAP85540.1| selenoprotein O [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|30842831|ref|NP_082181.1| score: 269.6 e-value: 6.3e-71 Identity: 45.56% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|30842831|ref|NP_082181.1| RIKEN cDNA 1300018J18 [Mus musculus] gi|12836702|dbj|BAB23774.1| unnamed protein product...
Match: gi|33516965|sp|Q9DBC0|SELO_MOUSE score: 269.6 e-value: 6.3e-71 Identity: 45.56% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|33516965|sp|Q9DBC0|SELO_MOUSE Selenoprotein O
Match: gi|34867622|ref|XP_235559.2| score: 256.1 e-value: 7.2e-67 Identity: 42.42% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|34867622|ref|XP_235559.2| hypothetical protein XP_235559 [Rattus norvegicus]
Match: gi|22983559|ref|ZP_00028739.1| score: 252.3 e-value: 1e-65 Identity: 48.68% Span: 903bp (76.5%) Frame: 2
gi|22983559|ref|ZP_00028739.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Burkholderia fungorum]
Match: gi|16760549|ref|NP_456166.1| score: 251.9 e-value: 1.4e-65 Identity: 46.77% Span: 930bp (78.8%) Frame: 2
gi|16760549|ref|NP_456166.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi] gi|29...
Match: gi|16764696|ref|NP_460311.1| score: 250.8 e-value: 3e-65 Identity: 46.77% Span: 930bp (78.8%) Frame: 2
gi|16764696|ref|NP_460311.1| putative cytoplasmic protein [Salmonella typhimurium LT2] gi|33517081|sp|Q8ZPS5|YDIU_SAL...
Match: gi|33596537|ref|NP_884180.1| score: 242.7 e-value: 8.2e-63 Identity: 45.91% Span: 954bp (80.8%) Frame: 2
gi|33596537|ref|NP_884180.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Bordetella parapertussis] gi|33601090|ref|NP_888650.1| c...
Match: gi|28872142|ref|NP_794761.1| score: 241.5 e-value: 1.8e-62 Identity: 43.58% Span: 1002bp (84.9%) Frame: 2
gi|28872142|ref|NP_794761.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000] gi|33517004...
Match: gi|15802118|ref|NP_288140.1| score: 240.7 e-value: 3.1e-62 Identity: 47.1% Span: 930bp (78.8%) Frame: 2
gi|15802118|ref|NP_288140.1| orf, hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli O157:H7 EDL933] gi|15831667|ref|NP_310440.1|...
Match: gi|26247957|ref|NP_753997.1| score: 240.4 e-value: 4.1e-62 Identity: 47.1% Span: 930bp (78.8%) Frame: 2
gi|26247957|ref|NP_753997.1| Hypothetical protein ydiU [Escherichia coli CFT073] gi|33517034|sp|Q8FH30|YDIU_ECOL6 Hyp...
Match: gi|16129662|ref|NP_416221.1| score: 240.4 e-value: 4.1e-62 Identity: 47.1% Span: 930bp (78.8%) Frame: 2
gi|16129662|ref|NP_416221.1| hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli K12] gi|3183285|sp|P77649|YDIU_ECOLI Hypothetical...
Match: gi|24112898|ref|NP_707408.1| score: 239.2 e-value: 9.1e-62 Identity: 47.1% Span: 930bp (78.8%) Frame: 2
gi|24112898|ref|NP_707408.1| orf, conserved hypothetical protein [Shigella flexneri 2a str. 301] gi|30063027|ref|NP_8...
Match: gi|19115652|ref|NP_594740.1| score: 238.8 e-value: 1.2e-61 Identity: 41.76% Span: 1005bp (85.2%) Frame: 2
gi|19115652|ref|NP_594740.1| hypothetical UPF0061 family protein [Schizosaccharomyces pombe] gi|3183368|sp|O13890|YE3...
Match: gi|23104876|ref|ZP_00091336.1| score: 236.5 e-value: 5.9e-61 Identity: 42.56% Span: 1005bp (85.2%) Frame: 2
gi|23104876|ref|ZP_00091336.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Azotobacter vinelandii]
Match: gi|1742800|dbj|BAA15487.1| score: 236.1 e-value: 7.7e-61 Identity: 47% Span: 900bp (76.3%) Frame: 2
gi|1742800|dbj|BAA15487.1| ORF_ID:o322#7~similar to [SwissProt Accession Number Q06373] [Escherichia coli]
Match: gi|23469825|ref|ZP_00125159.1| score: 234.6 e-value: 2.2e-60 Identity: 45% Span: 900bp (76.3%) Frame: 2
gi|23469825|ref|ZP_00125159.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae B728a]
Match: gi|26991744|ref|NP_747169.1| score: 232.6 e-value: 8.5e-60 Identity: 41.92% Span: 1002bp (84.9%) Frame: 2
gi|26991744|ref|NP_747169.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Pseudomonas putida KT2440] gi|24986851|gb|AAN70633.1| co...
Match: gi|33517006|sp|Q88CW2|YEG8_PSEPK score: 232.6 e-value: 8.5e-60 Identity: 41.92% Span: 1002bp (84.9%) Frame: 2
gi|33517006|sp|Q88CW2|YEG8_PSEPK Hypothetical UPF0061 protein PP5068
Match: gi|15616501|ref|NP_244807.1| score: 230.3 e-value: 4.2e-59 Identity: 44.56% Span: 882bp (74.7%) Frame: 2
gi|15616501|ref|NP_244807.1| BH3939~unknown conserved protein in others [Bacillus halodurans] gi|33517104|sp|Q9K5Z6|Y...
Match: gi|22975518|ref|ZP_00021492.1| score: 229.6 e-value: 7.2e-59 Identity: 45.85% Span: 891bp (75.5%) Frame: 2
gi|22975518|ref|ZP_00021492.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Ralstonia metallidurans]
Match: gi|33592228|ref|NP_879872.1| score: 228.4 e-value: 1.6e-58 Identity: 44.03% Span: 954bp (80.8%) Frame: 2
gi|33592228|ref|NP_879872.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Bordetella pertussis] gi|33571873|emb|CAE41388.1| conser...
Match: gi|23057927|ref|ZP_00083048.1| score: 227.6 e-value: 2.7e-58 Identity: 43.33% Span: 900bp (76.3%) Frame: 2
gi|23057927|ref|ZP_00083048.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Pseudomonas fluorescens PfO-1]
Match: gi|17546467|ref|NP_519869.1| score: 227.3 e-value: 3.6e-58 Identity: 46.51% Span: 903bp (76.5%) Frame: 2
gi|17546467|ref|NP_519869.1| CONSERVED HYPOTHETICAL PROTEIN [Ralstonia solanacearum] gi|33517070|sp|Q8XYL0|YH48_RALSO...
Match: gi|38105097|gb|EAA51564.1| score: 224.9 e-value: 1.8e-57 Identity: 39.59% Span: 1008bp (85.4%) Frame: 2
gi|38105097|gb|EAA51564.1| hypothetical protein MG03159.4 [Magnaporthe grisea 70-15]
Match: gi|22958552|ref|ZP_00006221.1| score: 223.8 e-value: 3.9e-57 Identity: 44.3% Span: 894bp (75.8%) Frame: 2
gi|22958552|ref|ZP_00006221.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Rhodobacter sphaeroides]
Match: gi|15964735|ref|NP_385088.1| score: 223 e-value: 6.7e-57 Identity: 44.22% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|15964735|ref|NP_385088.1| CONSERVED HYPOTHETICAL PROTEIN [Sinorhizobium meliloti] gi|33517086|sp|Q92RB2|Y982_RHIME...
Match: gi|38014637|gb|AAH01099.3| score: 222.6 e-value: 8.8e-57 Identity: 51.05% Span: 684bp (58.0%) Frame: 2
gi|38014637|gb|AAH01099.3| SELO protein [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|32415435|ref|XP_328197.1| score: 222.2 e-value: 1.1e-56 Identity: 37.35% Span: 1170bp (99.2%) Frame: 2
gi|32415435|ref|XP_328197.1| hypothetical protein ( hypothetical protein B17C10.170 [imported] - Neurospora crassa ) ...
Match: gi|16416091|emb|CAB91237.2| score: 221.9 e-value: 1.5e-56 Identity: 40.79% Span: 960bp (81.4%) Frame: 2
gi|16416091|emb|CAB91237.2| conserved hypothetical protein [Neurospora crassa]
Match: gi|15600216|ref|NP_253710.1| score: 221.1 e-value: 2.6e-56 Identity: 40.72% Span: 1002bp (84.9%) Frame: 2
gi|15600216|ref|NP_253710.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA01] gi|33517097|sp|Q9HUE6|YEC3_...
Match: gi|21401434|ref|NP_657419.1| score: 218.4 e-value: 1.7e-55 Identity: 39.53% Span: 1011bp (85.7%) Frame: 2
gi|21401434|ref|NP_657419.1| UPF0061, Uncharacterized ACR, YdiU/UPF0061 family [Bacillus anthracis A2012] gi|30263462...
Match: gi|285712|dbj|BAA01092.1| score: 218.4 e-value: 1.7e-55 Identity: 43.88% Span: 879bp (74.5%) Frame: 2
gi|285712|dbj|BAA01092.1| ORF2 [Clostridium perfringens]
Match: gi|30021601|ref|NP_833232.1| score: 218.4 e-value: 1.7e-55 Identity: 41.91% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|30021601|ref|NP_833232.1| hypothetical Cytosolic Protein [Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579] gi|33517118|sp|Q813A5|YY99_B...
Match: gi|80519|pir||JQ0367 score: 218 e-value: 2.2e-55 Identity: 42.86% Span: 879bp (74.5%) Frame: 2
gi|80519|pir||JQ0367 hypothetical protein 332 (plc 5' region) - Clostridium perfringens (fragment) gi|40621|emb|CAA35...
Match: gi|24371928|ref|NP_715970.1| score: 217.6 e-value: 2.8e-55 Identity: 41.64% Span: 903bp (76.5%) Frame: 2
gi|24371928|ref|NP_715970.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Shewanella oneidensis MR-1] gi|33517028|sp|Q8EJX6|Y330_S...
Match: gi|18309017|ref|NP_560951.1| score: 216.5 e-value: 6.3e-55 Identity: 42.86% Span: 879bp (74.5%) Frame: 2
gi|18309017|ref|NP_560951.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Clostridium perfringens] gi|20141948|sp|Q06373|Y035_CLOP...
Match: gi|15888284|ref|NP_353965.1| score: 215.3 e-value: 1.4e-54 Identity: 42.86% Span: 882bp (74.7%) Frame: 2
gi|15888284|ref|NP_353965.1| AGR_C_1725p [Agrobacterium tumefaciens] gi|17934853|ref|NP_531643.1| conserved hypotheti...
Match: gi|23012663|ref|ZP_00052693.1| score: 215.3 e-value: 1.4e-54 Identity: 43.89% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|23012663|ref|ZP_00052693.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum]
Match: gi|37679273|ref|NP_933882.1| score: 213.4 e-value: 5.3e-54 Identity: 40.53% Span: 903bp (76.5%) Frame: 2
gi|37679273|ref|NP_933882.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Vibrio vulnificus YJ016] gi|37198016|dbj|BAC93853.1| con...
Match: gi|27363526|ref|NP_759054.1| score: 212.6 e-value: 9.1e-54 Identity: 40.2% Span: 903bp (76.5%) Frame: 2
gi|27363526|ref|NP_759054.1| Uncharacterized conserved protein [Vibrio vulnificus CMCP6] gi|33517021|sp|Q8DG12|Y039_V...
Match: gi|34497188|ref|NP_901403.1| score: 211.5 e-value: 2e-53 Identity: 41.92% Span: 873bp (74.0%) Frame: 2
gi|34497188|ref|NP_901403.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472] gi|34103045|gb|AAQ...
Match: gi|27379253|ref|NP_770782.1| score: 210.3 e-value: 4.5e-53 Identity: 42.18% Span: 882bp (74.7%) Frame: 2
gi|27379253|ref|NP_770782.1| bll4142 [Bradyrhizobium japonicum] gi|33517012|sp|Q89MQ0|Y5E2_BRAJA Hypothetical UPF0061...
Match: gi|22964964|ref|ZP_00012570.1| score: 209.9 e-value: 5.9e-53 Identity: 42.86% Span: 882bp (74.7%) Frame: 2
gi|22964964|ref|ZP_00012570.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Rhodopseudomonas palustris]
Match: gi|15641933|ref|NP_231565.1| score: 209.1 e-value: 1e-52 Identity: 42.95% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|15641933|ref|NP_231565.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar eltor str. N16961] gi|11354666...
Match: gi|33517106|sp|Q9KQR7|YJ31_VIBCH score: 209.1 e-value: 1e-52 Identity: 42.95% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|33517106|sp|Q9KQR7|YJ31_VIBCH Hypothetical UPF0061 protein VC1931
Match: gi|23026387|ref|ZP_00064873.1| score: 208.8 e-value: 1.3e-52 Identity: 40.12% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|23026387|ref|ZP_00064873.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Microbulbifer degradans 2-40]
Match: gi|6325034|ref|NP_015102.1| score: 204.9 e-value: 1.9e-51 Identity: 44.29% Span: 753bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|6325034|ref|NP_015102.1| Hypothetical ORF; Ypl222wp [Saccharomyces cerevisiae] gi|3183490|sp|Q08968|YP22_YEAST Hyp...
Match: gi|28897683|ref|NP_797288.1| score: 203.8 e-value: 4.2e-51 Identity: 41.91% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|28897683|ref|NP_797288.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD 2210633] gi|33517002|sp|Q87...
Match: gi|32044396|ref|ZP_00141497.1| score: 200.3 e-value: 4.7e-50 Identity: 45.53% Span: 738bp (62.5%) Frame: 2
gi|32044396|ref|ZP_00141497.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Pseudomonas aeruginosa UCBPP-PA14]
Match: gi|25028449|ref|NP_738503.1| score: 199.5 e-value: 8e-50 Identity: 40.41% Span: 876bp (74.2%) Frame: 2
gi|25028449|ref|NP_738503.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Corynebacterium efficiens YS-314] gi|33517037|sp|Q8FP92|...
Match: gi|19553203|ref|NP_601205.1| score: 189.5 e-value: 8.2e-47 Identity: 35.99% Span: 921bp (78.1%) Frame: 2
gi|19553203|ref|NP_601205.1| hypothetical protein [Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032] gi|33517043|sp|Q8NP26|YJ99_...
Match: gi|22999670|ref|ZP_00043638.1| score: 186 e-value: 9.1e-46 Identity: 39.67% Span: 909bp (77.0%) Frame: 2
gi|22999670|ref|ZP_00043638.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Magnetococcus sp. MC-1]
Match: gi|6572230|emb|CAB63045.1| score: 181.4 e-value: 2.2e-44 Identity: 50.48% Span: 606bp (51.4%) Frame: 2
gi|6572230|emb|CAB63045.1| dJ402G11.5 (novel protein similar to yeast and bacterial predicted proteins) [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|17230368|ref|NP_486916.1| score: 169.9 e-value: 6.8e-41 Identity: 34.01% Span: 873bp (74.0%) Frame: 2
gi|17230368|ref|NP_486916.1| hypothetical protein [Nostoc sp. PCC 7120] gi|33517134|sp|Q8YT50|YS76_ANASP Hypothetical...
Match: gi|23127768|ref|ZP_00109631.1| score: 169.1 e-value: 1.2e-40 Identity: 34.11% Span: 879bp (74.5%) Frame: 2
gi|23127768|ref|ZP_00109631.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Nostoc punctiforme]
Match: gi|37520165|ref|NP_923542.1| score: 167.5 e-value: 3.4e-40 Identity: 36.71% Span: 852bp (72.2%) Frame: 2
gi|37520165|ref|NP_923542.1| hypothetical protein gll0596 [Gloeobacter violaceus] gi|35211158|dbj|BAC88537.1| gll0596...
Match: gi|38234066|ref|NP_939833.1| score: 163.7 e-value: 4.8e-39 Identity: 38.21% Span: 732bp (62.0%) Frame: 2
gi|38234066|ref|NP_939833.1| Conserved hypothetical protein [Corynebacterium diphtheriae] gi|38200328|emb|CAE50013.1|...
Match: gi|22299176|ref|NP_682423.1| score: 158.7 e-value: 1.6e-37 Identity: 33.8% Span: 855bp (72.5%) Frame: 2
gi|22299176|ref|NP_682423.1| ORF_ID:tll1633~hypothetical protein [Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1] gi|33517023|sp|...
Match: gi|33240970|ref|NP_875912.1| score: 156 e-value: 1e-36 Identity: 33.06% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|33240970|ref|NP_875912.1| Uncharacterized YdiU family conserved protein [Prochlorococcus marinus subsp. marinus st...
Match: gi|33517143|sp|Q9RA11|YU61_VIBMA score: 153.3 e-value: 6.5e-36 Identity: 35.85% Span: 882bp (74.7%) Frame: 2
gi|33517143|sp|Q9RA11|YU61_VIBMA Hypothetical UPF0061 protein ORF18 gi|6691664|dbj|BAA89392.1| ORF18 [Moritella marina]
Match: gi|33863659|ref|NP_895219.1| score: 152.9 e-value: 8.5e-36 Identity: 33.24% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|33863659|ref|NP_895219.1| conserved hypotheical protein [Prochlorococcus marinus str. MIT 9313] gi|33635242|emb|CA...
Match: gi|16330068|ref|NP_440796.1| score: 152.5 e-value: 1.1e-35 Identity: 33.56% Span: 855bp (72.5%) Frame: 2
gi|16330068|ref|NP_440796.1| hypothetical protein [Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803] gi|3219983|sp|P73436|YZ64_SYNY3 Hypoth...
Match: gi|33864377|ref|NP_895937.1| score: 152.1 e-value: 1.5e-35 Identity: 32.57% Span: 906bp (76.8%) Frame: 2
gi|33864377|ref|NP_895937.1| Uncharacterized protein family UPF0061 [Prochlorococcus marinus str. MIT 9313] gi|336411...
Match: gi|33239668|ref|NP_874610.1| score: 152.1 e-value: 1.5e-35 Identity: 32.08% Span: 855bp (72.5%) Frame: 2
gi|33239668|ref|NP_874610.1| Uncharacterized YdiU family conserved protein [Prochlorococcus marinus subsp. marinus st...
Match: gi|33865936|ref|NP_897495.1| score: 148.3 e-value: 2.1e-34 Identity: 33.15% Span: 984bp (83.4%) Frame: 2
gi|33865936|ref|NP_897495.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Synechococcus sp. WH 8102] gi|33633106|emb|CAE07917.1| c...
Match: gi|33861688|ref|NP_893249.1| score: 148.3 e-value: 2.1e-34 Identity: 34.3% Span: 1029bp (87.2%) Frame: 2
gi|33861688|ref|NP_893249.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Prochlorococcus marinus subsp. pastoris str. CCMP1378] g...
Match: gi|33517130|sp|Q8KPU0|YU61_SYNP7 score: 145.6 e-value: 1.4e-33 Identity: 32.99% Span: 852bp (72.2%) Frame: 2
gi|33517130|sp|Q8KPU0|YU61_SYNP7 Hypothetical UPF0061 protein SED0018 gi|22002505|gb|AAM82657.1| unknown [Synechococc...
Match: gi|23042534|ref|ZP_00073911.1| score: 144.8 e-value: 2.3e-33 Identity: 34.16% Span: 726bp (61.5%) Frame: 2
gi|23042534|ref|ZP_00073911.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101]
Match: gi|23012019|ref|ZP_00052209.1| score: 128.6 e-value: 1.7e-28 Identity: 32% Span: 741bp (62.8%) Frame: 2
gi|23012019|ref|ZP_00052209.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum]
Match: gi|23118225|ref|ZP_00101871.1| score: 126.7 e-value: 6.6e-28 Identity: 48.46% Span: 390bp (33.1%) Frame: 2
gi|23118225|ref|ZP_00101871.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Desulfitobacterium hafniense]
Match: gi|23107618|ref|ZP_00093890.1| score: 121.7 e-value: 2.1e-26 Identity: 29.92% Span: 732bp (62.0%) Frame: 2
gi|23107618|ref|ZP_00093890.1| COG0397: Uncharacterized conserved protein [Novosphingobium aromaticivorans]
Match: gi|18088172|gb|AAH20510.1| score: 118.6 e-value: 1.8e-25 Identity: 39.66% Span: 456bp (38.6%) Frame: 2
gi|18088172|gb|AAH20510.1| SELO protein [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|6572230|emb|CAB63045.1| score: 96.29 e-value: 9.5e-19 Identity: 41.48% Span: 390bp (33.1%) Frame: 2
gi|6572230|emb|CAB63045.1| dJ402G11.5 (novel protein similar to yeast and bacterial predicted proteins) [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|16127561|ref|NP_422125.1| score: 80.49 e-value: 5.4e-14 Identity: 32.32% Span: 492bp (41.7%) Frame: 2
gi|16127561|ref|NP_422125.1| conserved hypothetical protein, interruption [Caulobacter crescentus CB15] gi|25397548|p...
Match: gi|29179631|gb|AAH48849.1| score: 78.18 e-value: 2.7e-13 Identity: 68% Span: 150bp (12.7%) Frame: 2
gi|29179631|gb|AAH48849.1| 1300018J18Rik protein [Mus musculus]
Match: gi|16127564|ref|NP_422128.1| score: 69.32 e-value: 1.2e-10 Identity: 40.24% Span: 243bp (20.6%) Frame: 2
gi|16127564|ref|NP_422128.1| conserved hypothetical protein, interruption [Caulobacter crescentus CB15] gi|25398937|p...

arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 1 hits recorded
Match: At5g13030.1 score: 609.4 e-value: 1e-174 Identity: 74.55% Span: 1158bp (98.1%) Frame: 2
At5g13030.1 68412.m01378 expressed protein mRNA, Moritella marina, EMBL:AB025342