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All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U204098
genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 23 hits recorded
Match: gi|12802873|gb|AAK08102.1| score: 228.8 e-value: 1.1e-59 Identity: 90.08% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|12802873|gb|AAK08102.1| mago nashi-like protein [Oryza sativa]
Match: gi|6016561|sp|O65806|MGN_EUPLA score: 226.9 e-value: 4.2e-59 Identity: 90.91% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|6016561|sp|O65806|MGN_EUPLA Mago nashi protein homolog gi|7459027|pir||T09230 mago nashi-like protein - Euphorbia ...
Match: gi|15217623|ref|NP_171716.1| score: 223.4 e-value: 4.6e-58 Identity: 87.6% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
MAGO (MAGO NASHI); protein binding [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi6016560|sp|O23676.1|MGN_ARATH RecName: Full=Protein mago...
Match: gi|13195558|gb|AAK15756.1| score: 221.5 e-value: 1.8e-57 Identity: 86.78% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|13195558|gb|AAK15756.1| mago nashi [Marsilea vestita]
Match: gi|29841420|gb|AAP06452.1| score: 200.7 e-value: 3.2e-51 Identity: 77.69% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|29841420|gb|AAP06452.1| similar to NM_002370 mago-nashi-like protein in Homo sapiens [Schistosoma japonicum]
Match: gi|17136332|ref|NP_476636.1| score: 200.7 e-value: 3.2e-51 Identity: 80.17% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|17136332|ref|NP_476636.1| mago nashi CG9401-PA [Drosophila melanogaster] gi|1346529|sp|P49028|MGN_DROME Mago nashi...
Match: gi|33358222|pdb|1HL6|B score: 200.7 e-value: 3.2e-51 Identity: 80.17% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|33358222|pdb|1HL6|B Chain B, A Novel Mode Of Rbd-Protein Recognition In The Y14-Mago Complex gi|33358223|pdb|1HL6|...
Match: gi|25990444|gb|AAN76523.1| score: 200.3 e-value: 4.2e-51 Identity: 79.34% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|25990444|gb|AAN76523.1| MAGO protein [Gallus gallus]
Match: gi|4505087|ref|NP_002361.1| score: 200.3 e-value: 4.2e-51 Identity: 79.34% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|4505087|ref|NP_002361.1| mago-nashi homolog [Homo sapiens] gi|6754616|ref|NP_034890.1| mago-nashi homolog, prolife...
Match: gi|13385002|ref|NP_079840.1| score: 200.3 e-value: 4.2e-51 Identity: 79.34% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|13385002|ref|NP_079840.1| RIKEN cDNA 2010012C16 [Mus musculus] gi|12841527|dbj|BAB25244.1| unnamed protein product...
Match: gi|8922331|ref|NP_060518.1| score: 200.3 e-value: 4.2e-51 Identity: 79.34% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|8922331|ref|NP_060518.1| hypothetical protein FLJ10292 [Homo sapiens] gi|7022229|dbj|BAA91522.1| unnamed protein p...
Match: gi|26354182|dbj|BAB24516.2| score: 200.3 e-value: 4.2e-51 Identity: 79.34% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|26354182|dbj|BAB24516.2| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus]
Match: gi|6016563|sp|O42149|MGN_XENLA score: 199.9 e-value: 5.5e-51 Identity: 78.51% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|6016563|sp|O42149|MGN_XENLA Mago nashi protein homolog (Xl-mago) gi|2306969|gb|AAB66720.1| xl-Mago [Xenopus laevis...
Match: gi|34810525|pdb|1P27|A score: 198.7 e-value: 1.2e-50 Identity: 79.17% Span: 360bp (79.5%) Frame: 3
gi|34810525|pdb|1P27|A Chain A, Crystal Structure Of The Human Y14MAGOH COMPLEX gi|34810527|pdb|1P27|C Chain C, Cryst...
Match: gi|31231627|ref|XP_318556.1| score: 198 e-value: 2.1e-50 Identity: 78.51% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|31231627|ref|XP_318556.1| ENSANGP00000020247 [Anopheles gambiae] gi|30174885|gb|EAA13707.2| ENSANGP00000020247 [An...
Match: gi|17508591|ref|NP_493025.1| score: 194.5 e-value: 2.3e-49 Identity: 76.03% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|17508591|ref|NP_493025.1| drosophila MAGonashi homolog (17.6 kD) (mag-1) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|6166549|sp|P4...
Match: gi|7511479|pir||T37461 score: 193 e-value: 6.7e-49 Identity: 75.21% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|7511479|pir||T37461 mago nashi-like protein - Caenorhabditis elegans (fragment) gi|2306971|gb|AAB66721.1| ce-Mago ...
Match: gi|23478308|gb|EAA15431.1| score: 169.1 e-value: 1e-41 Identity: 65.81% Span: 351bp (77.5%) Frame: 3
gi|23478308|gb|EAA15431.1| mago nashi protein homolog [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii]
Match: gi|32406290|ref|XP_323758.1| score: 165.2 e-value: 1.5e-40 Identity: 68.42% Span: 342bp (75.5%) Frame: 3
gi|32406290|ref|XP_323758.1| hypothetical protein [Neurospora crassa] gi|28918574|gb|EAA28246.1| hypothetical protein...
Match: gi|23612624|ref|NP_704185.1| score: 164.1 e-value: 3.3e-40 Identity: 64.41% Span: 354bp (78.1%) Frame: 3
gi|23612624|ref|NP_704185.1| mago nashi protein homolog, putative [Plasmodium falciparum 3D7] gi|23498923|emb|CAD5100...
Match: gi|38109310|gb|EAA55202.1| score: 161 e-value: 2.8e-39 Identity: 66.67% Span: 342bp (75.5%) Frame: 3
gi|38109310|gb|EAA55202.1| hypothetical protein MG06859.4 [Magnaporthe grisea 70-15]
Match: gi|19113458|ref|NP_596666.1| score: 157.1 e-value: 4.1e-38 Identity: 60.33% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
gi|19113458|ref|NP_596666.1| mago-nashi homolog [Schizosaccharomyces pombe] gi|6016562|sp|O43037|MGN_SCHPO Mago nashi...
Match: gi|1346530|sp|P49030|MGN_ORYSA score: 117.9 e-value: 2.7e-26 Identity: 84.62% Span: 195bp (43.0%) Frame: 3
gi|1346530|sp|P49030|MGN_ORYSA Mago nashi protein homolog

arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 1 hits recorded
Match: At1g02140.1 score: 223.4 e-value: 3.5e-59 Identity: 87.6% Span: 363bp (80.1%) Frame: 3
At1g02140.1 68408.m00125 Mago Nashi-related protein similar to Mago Nashi, Genbank Accession Number U03559