All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U215678
genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 30 hits recorded
Match: gi|4098989|gb|AAD04752.1| score: 292.7 e-value: 6.4e-78 Identity: 63.26% Span: 645bp (66.4%) Frame: 1
phenylalkylamine binding protein homolog [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|15223758|ref|NP_173433.1| score: 292.4 e-value: 8.3e-78 Identity: 63.26% Span: 645bp (66.4%) Frame: 1
HYD1 (HYDRA1); C-8 sterol isomerase [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi18202046|sp|O48962.1|EBP_ARATH RecName: Full=Probable 3...
Match: gi|21554213|gb|AAM63292.1| score: 292.4 e-value: 8.3e-78 Identity: 63.26% Span: 645bp (66.4%) Frame: 1
C-8,7 sterol isomerase [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|34894044|ref|NP_908347.1| score: 273.9 e-value: 3.1e-72 Identity: 60.09% Span: 636bp (65.4%) Frame: 1
gi|34894044|ref|NP_908347.1| putative C-8,7 sterol isomerase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] gi|18202916|sp|...
Match: gi|6681255|ref|NP_031924.1| score: 147.1 e-value: 4.3e-34 Identity: 39.53% Span: 630bp (64.8%) Frame: 1
gi|6681255|ref|NP_031924.1| phenylalkylamine Ca2+ antagonist (emopamil) binding protein; tattered [Mus musculus] gi|1...
Match: gi|12848900|dbj|BAB28129.1| score: 143.7 e-value: 4.8e-33 Identity: 40% Span: 600bp (61.7%) Frame: 1
gi|12848900|dbj|BAB28129.1| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus]
Match: gi|33417065|gb|AAH55967.1| score: 143.3 e-value: 6.2e-33 Identity: 35.78% Span: 636bp (65.4%) Frame: 1
gi|33417065|gb|AAH55967.1| Ebp-prov protein [Xenopus laevis]
Match: gi|16923992|ref|NP_476478.1| score: 140.2 e-value: 5.3e-32 Identity: 36.74% Span: 630bp (64.8%) Frame: 1
gi|16923992|ref|NP_476478.1| phenylalkylamine Ca2+ antagonist (emopamil) binding protein [Rattus norvegicus] gi|18203...
Match: gi|18202586|sp|Q60490|EBP_CAVPO score: 136.7 e-value: 5.8e-31 Identity: 36.49% Span: 645bp (66.4%) Frame: 1
gi|18202586|sp|Q60490|EBP_CAVPO 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-delta(8),delta(7)-isomerase (Cholestenol delta-isomerase) (Delt...
Match: gi|5729810|ref|NP_006570.1| score: 134 e-value: 3.8e-30 Identity: 35.68% Span: 618bp (63.6%) Frame: 1
gi|5729810|ref|NP_006570.1| emopamil binding protein (sterol isomerase); Chondrodysplasia punctata-2, X-linked domina...
Match: gi|48145747|emb|CAG33096.1| score: 132.9 e-value: 8.4e-30 Identity: 35.21% Span: 618bp (63.6%) Frame: 1
gi|48145747|emb|CAG33096.1| EBP [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|46138833|ref|XP_391107.1| score: 132.5 e-value: 1.1e-29 Identity: 34.68% Span: 636bp (65.4%) Frame: 1
gi|46138833|ref|XP_391107.1| hypothetical protein FG10931.1 [Gibberella zeae PH-1] >gi|42551695|gb|EAA74538.1| hypoth...
Match: gi|38104212|gb|EAA50815.1| score: 124.4 e-value: 3e-27 Identity: 35.18% Span: 579bp (59.6%) Frame: 1
gi|38104212|gb|EAA50815.1| hypothetical protein MG04574.4 [Magnaporthe grisea 70-15]
Match: gi|34874266|ref|XP_341335.1| score: 104.8 e-value: 2.5e-21 Identity: 34.91% Span: 498bp (51.2%) Frame: 1
gi|34874266|ref|XP_341335.1| similar to emopamil binding related protein EBRP [Rattus norvegicus]
Match: gi|18202842|sp|Q9D0P0|EBRP_MOUSE score: 104.4 e-value: 3.2e-21 Identity: 36.77% Span: 456bp (46.9%) Frame: 1
gi|18202842|sp|Q9D0P0|EBRP_MOUSE Emopamil binding related protein gi|12847227|dbj|BAB27485.1| unnamed protein product...
Match: gi|14010915|gb|AAK28349.2| score: 104.4 e-value: 3.2e-21 Identity: 36.77% Span: 456bp (46.9%) Frame: 1
gi|14010915|gb|AAK28349.2| emopamil binding related protein EBRP [Mus musculus]
Match: gi|12859190|dbj|BAB31565.1| score: 104.4 e-value: 3.2e-21 Identity: 36.77% Span: 456bp (46.9%) Frame: 1
gi|12859190|dbj|BAB31565.1| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus]
Match: gi|13386086|ref|NP_080874.1| score: 104 e-value: 4.2e-21 Identity: 36.77% Span: 456bp (46.9%) Frame: 1
gi|13386086|ref|NP_080874.1| emopamil binding related protein, delta8-delta7 sterol isomerase related protein [Mus mu...
Match: gi|14211873|ref|NP_115954.1| score: 104 e-value: 4.2e-21 Identity: 35.15% Span: 486bp (50.0%) Frame: 1
gi|14211873|ref|NP_115954.1| emopamil binding related protein, delta8-delta7 sterol isomerase [Homo sapiens] gi|18202...
Match: gi|32403638|ref|XP_322432.1| score: 96.67 e-value: 6.7e-19 Identity: 27.83% Span: 672bp (69.1%) Frame: 1
gi|32403638|ref|XP_322432.1| hypothetical protein [Neurospora crassa] gi|28918912|gb|EAA28581.1| hypothetical protein...
Match: gi|49105559|ref|XP_411348.1| score: 94.36 e-value: 3.3e-18 Identity: 31.79% Span: 567bp (58.3%) Frame: 1
gi|49105559|ref|XP_411348.1| hypothetical protein AN7211.2 [Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4] >gi|40742068|gb|EAA61258.1|...
Match: gi|46125547|ref|XP_387327.1| score: 83.57 e-value: 5.9e-15 Identity: 29% Span: 591bp (60.8%) Frame: 1
gi|46125547|ref|XP_387327.1| hypothetical protein FG07151.1 [Gibberella zeae PH-1] >gi|42554120|gb|EAA76963.1| hypoth...
Match: gi|38102185|gb|EAA49054.1| score: 75.87 e-value: 1.2e-12 Identity: 28.79% Span: 483bp (49.7%) Frame: 1
gi|38102185|gb|EAA49054.1| hypothetical protein MG00712.4 [Magnaporthe grisea 70-15]
Match: gi|32404882|ref|XP_323054.1| score: 72.4 e-value: 1.4e-11 Identity: 32.03% Span: 378bp (38.9%) Frame: 1
gi|32404882|ref|XP_323054.1| hypothetical protein ( (AL513443) related to C-8, 7 sterol isomerase/emopamil-binding pr...
Match: gi|49140530|ref|XP_413633.1| score: 68.94 e-value: 1.5e-10 Identity: 21.92% Span: 477bp (49.1%) Frame: 1
gi|49140530|ref|XP_413633.1| hypothetical protein AN9496.2 [Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4] >gi|40747608|gb|EAA66764.1|...
Match: gi|26984625|emb|CAD43445.2| score: 68.55 e-value: 2e-10 Identity: 40.22% Span: 273bp (28.1%) Frame: 1
gi|26984625|emb|CAD43445.2| SI:dZ79F24.4 (novel protein similar to human emopamil binding related protein) [Danio rerio]
Match: gi|46122215|ref|XP_385661.1| score: 65.08 e-value: 2.2e-09 Identity: 22.48% Span: 636bp (65.4%) Frame: 1
gi|46122215|ref|XP_385661.1| hypothetical protein FG05485.1 [Gibberella zeae PH-1] >gi|42550975|gb|EAA73818.1| hypoth...
Match: gi|49078068|ref|XP_402824.1| score: 65.08 e-value: 2.2e-09 Identity: 28.08% Span: 426bp (43.8%) Frame: 1
gi|49078068|ref|XP_402824.1| hypothetical protein UM05209.1 [Ustilago maydis 521] >gi|46097664|gb|EAK82897.1| hypothe...
Match: gi|49085786|ref|XP_404988.1| score: 62.39 e-value: 1.4e-08 Identity: 25.78% Span: 369bp (38.0%) Frame: 1
gi|49085786|ref|XP_404988.1| hypothetical protein AN0851.2 [Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4] >gi|40746525|gb|EAA65681.1|...
Match: gi|47228642|emb|CAG07374.1| score: 48.91 e-value: 0.00016 Identity: 33.77% Span: 219bp (22.5%) Frame: 1
gi|47228642|emb|CAG07374.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon nigroviridis]

arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 1 hits recorded
Match: At1g20050.1 score: 292.4 e-value: 2.2e-79 Identity: 63.26% Span: 645bp (66.4%) Frame: 1
At1g20050.1 68408.m02263 C-8,7 sterol isomerase identical to GB:AAD03489 from [Arabidopsis thaliana] (Plant Mol. Biol...