All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U237624
genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 15 hits recorded
Match: gi|15237263|ref|NP_200090.1| score: 117.9 e-value: 1.3e-25 Identity: 44.03% Span: 402bp (63.8%) Frame: 1
unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi8953733|dbj|BAA98096.1| unnamed protein product [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|...
Match: gi|37536396|ref|NP_922500.1| score: 115.5 e-value: 6.7e-25 Identity: 49.49% Span: 297bp (47.1%) Frame: 1
gi|37536396|ref|NP_922500.1| hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] gi|22002149|gb|AAM88633.1|...
Match: gi|42572949|ref|NP_974571.1| score: 92.05 e-value: 7.9e-18 Identity: 36.77% Span: 417bp (66.2%) Frame: 1
unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi2828285|emb|CAA16699.1| putative protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|7268705...
Match: gi|48891633|ref|ZP_00325116.1| score: 60.46 e-value: 2.6e-08 Identity: 33.33% Span: 288bp (45.7%) Frame: 1
gi|48891633|ref|ZP_00325116.1| hypothetical protein Tery02005018 [Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101]
Match: gi|23127194|ref|ZP_00109069.1| score: 58.92 e-value: 7.4e-08 Identity: 35.42% Span: 279bp (44.3%) Frame: 1
gi|23127194|ref|ZP_00109069.1| COG0310: ABC-type Co2+ transport system, permease component [Nostoc punctiforme]
Match: gi|46130432|ref|ZP_00165287.2| score: 58.15 e-value: 1.3e-07 Identity: 32.97% Span: 273bp (43.3%) Frame: 1
gi|46130432|ref|ZP_00165287.2| hypothetical protein Selo021587 [Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942]
Match: gi|17228243|ref|NP_484791.1| score: 55.45 e-value: 8.2e-07 Identity: 35.96% Span: 267bp (42.4%) Frame: 1
gi|17228243|ref|NP_484791.1| hypothetical protein [Nostoc sp. PCC 7120] gi|25529718|pir||AB1900 hypothetical protein ...
Match: gi|45509229|ref|ZP_00161564.1| score: 55.45 e-value: 8.2e-07 Identity: 35.96% Span: 267bp (42.4%) Frame: 1
gi|45509229|ref|ZP_00161564.1| COG0477: Permeases of the major facilitator superfamily [Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413]
Match: gi|33862919|ref|NP_894479.1| score: 55.45 e-value: 8.2e-07 Identity: 28.32% Span: 339bp (53.8%) Frame: 1
gi|33862919|ref|NP_894479.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Prochlorococcus marinus str. MIT 9313] gi|33634836|emb|C...
Match: gi|46118721|ref|ZP_00175536.2| score: 55.45 e-value: 8.2e-07 Identity: 31.86% Span: 327bp (51.9%) Frame: 1
gi|46118721|ref|ZP_00175536.2| hypothetical protein Cwat025492 [Crocosphaera watsonii WH 8501]
Match: gi|22298751|ref|NP_681998.1| score: 53.91 e-value: 2.4e-06 Identity: 31.82% Span: 255bp (40.5%) Frame: 1
gi|22298751|ref|NP_681998.1| ORF_ID:tlr1208~hypothetical protein [Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1] gi|22294932|dbj...
Match: gi|37521309|ref|NP_924686.1| score: 51.99 e-value: 9.1e-06 Identity: 34.09% Span: 264bp (41.9%) Frame: 1
gi|37521309|ref|NP_924686.1| hypothetical protein glr1740 [Gloeobacter violaceus] gi|35212306|dbj|BAC89681.1| glr1740...
Match: gi|16329473|ref|NP_440201.1| score: 50.83 e-value: 2e-05 Identity: 28.26% Span: 276bp (43.8%) Frame: 1
gi|16329473|ref|NP_440201.1| unknown protein [Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803] gi|7469960|pir||S74730 hypothetical protein...
Match: gi|33240202|ref|NP_875144.1| score: 48.91 e-value: 7.7e-05 Identity: 32.95% Span: 264bp (41.9%) Frame: 1
gi|33240202|ref|NP_875144.1| Uncharacterized membrane protein [Prochlorococcus marinus subsp. marinus str. CCMP1375] ...
Match: gi|33861501|ref|NP_893062.1| score: 46.98 e-value: 0.00029 Identity: 32.95% Span: 264bp (41.9%) Frame: 1
gi|33861501|ref|NP_893062.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Prochlorococcus marinus subsp. pastoris str. CCMP1378] g...

arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 2 hits recorded
Match: At5g52780.1 score: 117.9 e-value: 4e-27 Identity: 44.03% Span: 402bp (63.8%) Frame: 1
At5g52780.1 68412.m05919 expressed protein similar to unknown protein (pir||T04431)
Match: At4g19100.1 score: 92.05 e-value: 2.4e-19 Identity: 36.77% Span: 417bp (66.2%) Frame: 1
At4g19100.1 68417.m02818 expressed protein