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All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U301813
arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 0 hits recorded

genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 100 hits recorded
Match: gi|78191474|gb|ABB29958.1| score: 403.3 e-value: 6e-111 Identity: 95.15% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|78191474|gb|ABB29958.1| unknown [Solanum tuberosum] >gi|77745448|gb|ABB02623.1| unknown [Solanum tuberosum]
Match: gi|34484308|gb|AAQ72787.1| score: 399.1 e-value: 1e-109 Identity: 94.17% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
putative GTP-binding protein [Cucumis sativus]
Match: gi|1370186|emb|CAA98170.1| score: 398.7 e-value: 1e-109 Identity: 93.69% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
RAB7C [Lotus japonicus]
Match: gi|16323368|gb|AAL15178.1| score: 391.7 e-value: 2e-107 Identity: 91.75% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|16323368|gb|AAL15178.1| putative GTP binding protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|14334928|gb|AAK59641.1| putative G...
Match: gi|20756|emb|CAA46600.1| score: 389 e-value: 1e-106 Identity: 91.26% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|20756|emb|CAA46600.1| RAS-related GTP-binding protein [Pisum sativum] >gi|400923|sp|P31022|RAB7_PEA Ras-related pr...
Match: gi|21536526|gb|AAM60858.1| score: 386.3 e-value: 7e-106 Identity: 91.26% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
GTP binding protein, putative [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|50932369|ref|XP_475712.1| score: 384.4 e-value: 3e-105 Identity: 91.22% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|50932369|ref|XP_475712.1| putative GTP-binding protein Rab7a [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] >gi|46575953...
Match: gi|3914550|sp|O24461|RAB7_PRUAR score: 384 e-value: 3e-105 Identity: 90.82% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|3914550|sp|O24461|RAB7_PRUAR Ras-related protein Rab7 gi|2317874|gb|AAB71504.1| Rab7 GTP binding protein [Prunus a...
Match: gi|1370188|emb|CAA98171.1| score: 382.5 e-value: 1e-104 Identity: 90.34% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
RAB7D [Lotus japonicus] >gi255626709|gb|ACU13699.1| unknown [Glycine max]
Match: gi|3914557|sp|Q40787|RAB7_PENCL score: 381.7 e-value: 2e-104 Identity: 90.24% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|3914557|sp|Q40787|RAB7_PENCL Ras-related protein Rab7 (Possible apospory-associated protein) gi|1155265|gb|AAA8527...
Match: gi|5430767|gb|AAD43167.1| score: 380.6 e-value: 4e-104 Identity: 89.32% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|5430767|gb|AAD43167.1| Putative RAB7 GTP-binding Protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|28416619|gb|AAO42840.1| At1g49...
Match: gi|623590|gb|AAA74119.1| score: 380.2 e-value: 5e-104 Identity: 90.29% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
putative [Nicotiana tabacum]
Match: gi|7388049|sp|Q9XER8|RAB7_GOSHI score: 379 e-value: 1e-103 Identity: 88.89% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|7388049|sp|Q9XER8|RAB7_GOSHI Ras-related protein Rab7 gi|4545231|gb|AAD22451.1| RAS-related GTP-binding protein [G...
Match: gi|29293694|gb|AAO67728.1| score: 378.6 e-value: 1e-103 Identity: 89.76% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
small GTP binding protein [Oryza sativa Indica Group]
Match: gi|623588|gb|AAA74118.1| score: 376.3 e-value: 7e-103 Identity: 88.29% Span: 615bp (63.5%) Frame: 2
putative [Nicotiana tabacum]
Match: gi|30102532|gb|AAP21184.1| score: 374.8 e-value: 2e-102 Identity: 86.89% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|30102532|gb|AAP21184.1| At3g16100 [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|21536921|gb|AAM61253.1| putative RAS-related GTP-bind...
Match: gi|20465885|gb|AAM20047.1| score: 374.4 e-value: 3e-102 Identity: 87.38% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|20465885|gb|AAM20047.1| putative GTP-binding protein RAB7D [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|18389228|gb|AAL67057.1| puta...
Match: gi|56784369|dbj|BAD82408.1| score: 372.5 e-value: 1e-101 Identity: 87.92% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|56784369|dbj|BAD82408.1| putative RAB7D [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]
Match: gi|3914539|sp|P93267|RAB7_MESCR score: 370.2 e-value: 5e-101 Identity: 86.47% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|3914539|sp|P93267|RAB7_MESCR Ras-related protein Rab7A gi|7438401|pir||T12579 GTP-binding protein Rab7a - common i...
Match: gi|56417345|gb|AAV90623.1| score: 367.5 e-value: 3e-100 Identity: 85.02% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
Rab7 [Pennisetum glaucum]
Match: gi|34904236|ref|NP_913465.1| score: 340.1 e-value: 5.7e-92 Identity: 89.19% Span: 555bp (57.3%) Frame: 2
gi|34904236|ref|NP_913465.1| RAS-related GTP-binding protein Rab7 family [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] gi|...
Match: gi|1370182|emb|CAA98168.1| score: 322 e-value: 1.6e-86 Identity: 75.24% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
RAB7A [Lotus japonicus]
Match: gi|541949|pir||S39566 score: 320.1 e-value: 6.1e-86 Identity: 74.76% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|541949|pir||S39566 rab7 protein - soybean
Match: gi|3914558|sp|Q41640|RAB7_VIGAC score: 319.7 e-value: 8e-86 Identity: 74.27% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|3914558|sp|Q41640|RAB7_VIGAC Ras-related protein Rab7 gi|629657|pir||S39567 rab7 protein - moth bean gi|414842|gb|...
Match: gi|3914559|sp|Q43463|RAB7_SOYBN score: 319.7 e-value: 8e-86 Identity: 74.76% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|3914559|sp|Q43463|RAB7_SOYBN Ras-related protein Rab7 gi|414834|gb|AAA34004.1| Rab7p
Match: gi|2500075|sp|Q39573|YPTC5_CHLRE score: 313.2 e-value: 7.5e-84 Identity: 70.73% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|2500075|sp|Q39573|YPTC5_CHLRE GTP-binding protein YPTC5 >gi|806726|gb|AAA82728.1| YptC5
Match: gi|15234026|ref|NP_192710.1| score: 312.8 e-value: 9.8e-84 Identity: 72.82% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
Ras-related GTP-binding protein, putative [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi15718418|dbj|BAB68376.1| AtRab76 [Arabidopsis tha...
Match: gi|57899823|dbj|BAD87568.1| score: 307.4 e-value: 4.1e-82 Identity: 73.04% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|57899823|dbj|BAD87568.1| putative rab7 protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]
Match: gi|7267667|emb|CAB78095.1| score: 306.2 e-value: 9.2e-82 Identity: 71.63% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|7267667|emb|CAB78095.1| rab7-like protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|4538902|emb|CAB39639.1| rab7-like protein [Ar...
Match: gi|2505866|emb|CAA72904.1| score: 305.4 e-value: 1.6e-81 Identity: 71.98% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|2505866|emb|CAA72904.1| GTP-binding protein Rab7 [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|2065015|emb|CAA70951.1| GTP-binding pr...
Match: gi|623592|gb|AAA74120.1| score: 305.1 e-value: 2e-81 Identity: 72.33% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
putative [Nicotiana tabacum]
Match: gi|549813|sp|P36864|YPTV5_VOLCA score: 305.1 e-value: 2e-81 Identity: 69.9% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|549813|sp|P36864|YPTV5_VOLCA GTP-binding protein yptV5 >gi|409168|gb|AAA34254.1| GTP-binding protein
Match: gi|30024664|gb|AAP13582.1| score: 304.3 e-value: 3.5e-81 Identity: 74.38% Span: 603bp (62.2%) Frame: 2
gi|30024664|gb|AAP13582.1| Ras-related protein Rab7 [Lentinula edodes]
Match: gi|66825113|ref|XP_645911.1| score: 302 e-value: 1.7e-80 Identity: 71.57% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|66825113|ref|XP_645911.1| Rab GTPase [Dictyostelium discoideum] >gi|548667|sp|P36411|RAB7_DICDI Ras-related protei...
Match: gi|33621866|gb|AAQ23388.1| score: 300.1 e-value: 6.6e-80 Identity: 70.67% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|33621866|gb|AAQ23388.1| Rab7 [Aiptasia pulchella] >gi|60729663|pir||JC8006 Rab7 protein - sea anemone (Aiptasia pu...
Match: gi|1370184|emb|CAA98169.1| score: 298.5 e-value: 1.9e-79 Identity: 71.08% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
RAB7B [Lotus japonicus]
Match: gi|57229710|gb|AAW46112.1| score: 293.5 e-value: 6.2e-78 Identity: 69.71% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|57229710|gb|AAW46112.1| RAB small monomeric GTPase, putative [Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans JEC21] >gi|5...
Match: gi|71022857|ref|XP_761658.1| score: 293.1 e-value: 8e-78 Identity: 69.71% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|71022857|ref|XP_761658.1| hypothetical protein UM05511.1 [Ustilago maydis 521] >gi|46101135|gb|EAK86368.1| RAB7_NE...
Match: gi|57524756|ref|NP_001005591.1| score: 292.4 e-value: 1.4e-77 Identity: 70.67% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|57524756|ref|NP_001005591.1| hypothetical protein LOC449549 [Danio rerio] >gi|51895902|gb|AAH82296.1| Zgc:100918 [...
Match: gi|49117792|gb|AAH72717.1| score: 291.6 e-value: 2.3e-77 Identity: 70.05% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|49117792|gb|AAH72717.1| Unknown (protein for MGC:91909) [Danio rerio]
Match: gi|4105819|gb|AAD02565.1| score: 291.2 e-value: 3.1e-77 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|4105819|gb|AAD02565.1| Rab7 [Homo sapiens]
Match: gi|34147513|ref|NP_004628.4| score: 290.8 e-value: 4e-77 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|34147513|ref|NP_004628.4| RAB7, member RAS oncogene family; Ras-associated protein RAB7 [Homo sapiens] gi|1709999|...
Match: gi|50979156|ref|NP_001003316.1| score: 290.8 e-value: 4e-77 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|50979156|ref|NP_001003316.1| GTP-binding protein (rab7) [Canis familiaris] >gi|131797|sp|P18067|RAB7_CANFA Ras-rel...
Match: gi|78045539|ref|NP_001030253.1| score: 290.8 e-value: 4e-77 Identity: 69.05% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|78045539|ref|NP_001030253.1| hypothetical protein LOC509970 [Bos taurus] >gi|74354082|gb|AAI02416.1| Unknown (prot...
Match: gi|13027392|ref|NP_076440.1| score: 290.8 e-value: 4e-77 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|13027392|ref|NP_076440.1| RAB7, member RAS oncogene family [Rattus norvegicus] gi|34856253|ref|XP_346709.1| RAB7, ...
Match: gi|47229587|emb|CAG06783.1| score: 290.8 e-value: 4e-77 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|47229587|emb|CAG06783.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon nigroviridis]
Match: gi|50754381|ref|XP_414359.1| score: 290.4 e-value: 5.2e-77 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|50754381|ref|XP_414359.1| PREDICTED: similar to Ras-related protein Rab-7 [Gallus gallus]
Match: gi|55729388|emb|CAH91426.1| score: 290 e-value: 6.8e-77 Identity: 68.57% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|55729388|emb|CAH91426.1| hypothetical protein [Pongo pygmaeus]
Match: gi|32451664|gb|AAH54602.1| score: 290 e-value: 6.8e-77 Identity: 69.05% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|32451664|gb|AAH54602.1| Unknown (protein for MGC:64058) [Danio rerio]
Match: gi|1174149|gb|AAA86640.1| score: 290 e-value: 6.8e-77 Identity: 68.27% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|1174149|gb|AAA86640.1| small GTP binding protein Rab7
Match: gi|38014729|gb|AAH60401.1| score: 289.3 e-value: 1.2e-76 Identity: 68.27% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|38014729|gb|AAH60401.1| Unknown (protein for MGC:68523) [Xenopus laevis]
Match: gi|6679599|ref|NP_033031.1| score: 288.9 e-value: 1.5e-76 Identity: 68.75% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|6679599|ref|NP_033031.1| RAB7, member RAS oncogene family [Mus musculus] gi|1710000|sp|P51150|RAB7_MOUSE Ras-relat...
Match: gi|50414980|gb|AAH77884.1| score: 288.9 e-value: 1.5e-76 Identity: 68.27% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|50414980|gb|AAH77884.1| Rab7-prov protein [Xenopus laevis]
Match: gi|72129127|ref|XP_796363.1| score: 288.9 e-value: 1.5e-76 Identity: 67.31% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|72129127|ref|XP_796363.1| PREDICTED: similar to RAB family member rab-7 [Strongylocentrotus purpuratus]
Match: gi|67464282|pdb|1YHN|A score: 288.1 e-value: 2.6e-76 Identity: 68.75% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|67464282|pdb|1YHN|A Chain A, Structure Basis Of Rilp Recruitment By Rab7 >gi|67464146|pdb|1T91|D Chain D, Crystal ...
Match: gi|51247937|pdb|1VG9|H score: 287 e-value: 5.8e-76 Identity: 75.27% Span: 558bp (57.6%) Frame: 2
gi|51247937|pdb|1VG9|H Chain H, The Crystal Structures Of The Rep-1 Protein In Complex With C-Terminally Truncated Ra...
Match: gi|73913048|gb|AAZ91462.1| score: 285.4 e-value: 1.7e-75 Identity: 73.37% Span: 552bp (57.0%) Frame: 2
gi|73913048|gb|AAZ91462.1| RAB7 [Hordeum vulgare]
Match: gi|46403857|gb|AAS92974.1| score: 285 e-value: 2.2e-75 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|46403857|gb|AAS92974.1| vacuolar biogenesis protein [Aspergillus parasiticus] >gi|46403855|gb|AAS92973.1| vacuolar...
Match: gi|34910572|ref|NP_916633.1| score: 284.6 e-value: 2.9e-75 Identity: 69.12% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|34910572|ref|NP_916633.1| putative RAB7A protein (GTP-binding protein) [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] gi...
Match: gi|92022|pir||S01934 score: 284.3 e-value: 3.7e-75 Identity: 70.15% Span: 597bp (61.6%) Frame: 2
gi|92022|pir||S01934 GTP-binding protein, 23K - rat
Match: gi|53830716|gb|AAU95201.1| score: 284.3 e-value: 3.7e-75 Identity: 69.19% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|53830716|gb|AAU95201.1| putative Rab7 [Oncometopia nigricans]
Match: gi|50932497|ref|XP_475776.1| score: 284.3 e-value: 3.7e-75 Identity: 68.14% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|50932497|ref|XP_475776.1| putative GTPase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] >gi|47900425|gb|AAT39219.1| put...
Match: gi|12718294|emb|CAC28856.1| score: 284.3 e-value: 3.7e-75 Identity: 69.23% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|12718294|emb|CAC28856.1| probable GTPase Rab7 protein [Neurospora crassa] >gi|30580489|sp|Q9C2L8|RAB7_NEUCR Probab...
Match: gi|17865835|ref|NP_524472.1| score: 282 e-value: 1.9e-74 Identity: 67.14% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|17865835|ref|NP_524472.1| Rab-protein 7 CG5915-PA [Drosophila melanogaster] gi|3426326|gb|AAC32270.1| small ras-li...
Match: gi|6685839|sp|O97572|RAB7_RABIT score: 281.6 e-value: 2.4e-74 Identity: 67.79% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|6685839|sp|O97572|RAB7_RABIT Ras-related protein Rab-7 gi|4105817|gb|AAD02564.1| Rab7 [Oryctolagus cuniculus]
Match: gi|39946048|ref|XP_362561.1| score: 281.6 e-value: 2.4e-74 Identity: 68.75% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|39946048|ref|XP_362561.1| hypothetical protein MG08144.4 [Magnaporthe grisea 70-15]
Match: gi|19918938|dbj|BAB88682.1| score: 280.8 e-value: 4.1e-74 Identity: 67.48% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|19918938|dbj|BAB88682.1| small GTPase AvaA [Aspergillus nidulans]
Match: gi|47218980|emb|CAG02018.1| score: 280.4 e-value: 5.4e-74 Identity: 63.2% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|47218980|emb|CAG02018.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon nigroviridis]
Match: gi|59802950|gb|AAX07679.1| score: 279.3 e-value: 1.2e-73 Identity: 68.27% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|59802950|gb|AAX07679.1| ras-related protein-like protein [Magnaporthe grisea]
Match: gi|55246741|gb|EAA03119.2| score: 278.5 e-value: 2e-73 Identity: 65.38% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|55246741|gb|EAA03119.2| ENSANGP00000013739 [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST] >gi|55233744|gb|EAA00927.2| ENSANGP000000...
Match: gi|42551582|gb|EAA74425.1| score: 278.1 e-value: 2.7e-73 Identity: 67.31% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|42551582|gb|EAA74425.1| RAB7_NEUCR Probable Ras-related protein Rab7 [Gibberella zeae PH-1]
Match: gi|20198008|gb|AAD20423.2| score: 275.4 e-value: 1.7e-72 Identity: 64.29% Span: 609bp (62.8%) Frame: 2
gi|20198008|gb|AAD20423.2| putative RAS superfamily GTP-binding protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|21537180|gb|AAM615...
Match: gi|3880453|emb|CAA91357.1| score: 272.3 e-value: 1.5e-71 Identity: 63.46% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|3880453|emb|CAA91357.1| Hypothetical protein W03C9.3 [Caenorhabditis elegans] >gi|17536699|ref|NP_496549.1| RAB fa...
Match: gi|67515615|ref|XP_657693.1| score: 270.8 e-value: 4.3e-71 Identity: 66.5% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|67515615|ref|XP_657693.1| Ras-related protein Rab7 [Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4] >gi|40746111|gb|EAA65267.1| RAB7...
Match: gi|13509187|emb|CAB92946.2| score: 270.8 e-value: 4.3e-71 Identity: 63.29% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|13509187|emb|CAB92946.2| putative Rab7 GTPase [Plasmodium falciparum 3D7]
Match: gi|74834089|emb|CAI44446.1| score: 270 e-value: 7.3e-71 Identity: 61.84% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|74834089|emb|CAI44446.1| rab_A30 [Paramecium tetraurelia]
Match: gi|53850820|gb|AAU95464.1| score: 269.2 e-value: 1.2e-70 Identity: 61.84% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|53850820|gb|AAU95464.1| Rab7a protein [Paramecium aurelia] >gi|34559282|gb|AAL08054.2| Rab7a protein [Paramecium a...
Match: gi|4490676|emb|CAB38603.1| score: 266.5 e-value: 8.1e-70 Identity: 61.65% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|4490676|emb|CAB38603.1| SPBC405.04c [Schizosaccharomyces pombe] >gi|19113099|ref|NP_596307.1| hypothetical protein...
Match: gi|74834393|emb|CAI44533.1| score: 266.2 e-value: 1.1e-69 Identity: 60.87% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|74834393|emb|CAI44533.1| rab_B30 [Paramecium tetraurelia]
Match: gi|49473687|gb|AAT66502.1| score: 265.8 e-value: 1.4e-69 Identity: 60.87% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|49473687|gb|AAT66502.1| Rab7b protein [Paramecium aurelia] >gi|58220836|gb|AAW68046.1| Rab7b protein [Paramecium a...
Match: gi|50556440|ref|XP_505628.1| score: 263.5 e-value: 6.8e-69 Identity: 61.65% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|50556440|ref|XP_505628.1| hypothetical protein [Yarrowia lipolytica] >gi|49651498|emb|CAG78437.1| unnamed protein ...
Match: gi|57491800|gb|AAW51395.1| score: 258.1 e-value: 2.9e-67 Identity: 68.28% Span: 546bp (56.3%) Frame: 2
gi|57491800|gb|AAW51395.1| GekBS079P [Gekko japonicus]
Match: gi|30681167|ref|NP_849347.1| score: 257.3 e-value: 4.9e-67 Identity: 70.76% Span: 513bp (52.9%) Frame: 2
gi|30681167|ref|NP_849347.1| GTP-binding protein, putative [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|29841442|gb|AAP06474.1| score: 255.8 e-value: 1.4e-66 Identity: 57.21% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|29841442|gb|AAP06474.1| similar to NM_079748 Rab7 protein in Drosophila melanogaster [Schistosoma japonicum]
Match: gi|66851074|gb|EAL91400.1| score: 255.4 e-value: 1.9e-66 Identity: 74.71% Span: 510bp (52.6%) Frame: 2
gi|66851074|gb|EAL91400.1| Rab small monomeric GTPase Rab7, putative [Aspergillus fumigatus Af293] >gi|70997379|ref|X...
Match: gi|65303510|emb|CAI75888.1| score: 250 e-value: 7.8e-65 Identity: 60.2% Span: 600bp (61.9%) Frame: 2
gi|65303510|emb|CAI75888.1| Ras-related gtpase, putative [Theileria annulata]
Match: gi|13537439|dbj|BAB40674.1| score: 247.7 e-value: 3.9e-64 Identity: 59.22% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|13537439|dbj|BAB40674.1| small GTPase Rab7 [Entamoeba histolytica]
Match: gi|74831428|emb|CAI39303.1| score: 246.1 e-value: 1.1e-63 Identity: 57% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|74831428|emb|CAI39303.1| rab_C51 [Paramecium tetraurelia]
Match: gi|6942102|gb|AAF32317.1| score: 245.4 e-value: 1.9e-63 Identity: 59.31% Span: 606bp (62.5%) Frame: 2
gi|6942102|gb|AAF32317.1| Rab7-like GTPase [Entamoeba histolytica]
Match: gi|6682935|dbj|BAA88954.1| score: 241.1 e-value: 3.6e-62 Identity: 56.73% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|6682935|dbj|BAA88954.1| Rab7 [Tetrahymena thermophila]
Match: gi|32492056|gb|AAP85300.1| score: 240.7 e-value: 4.7e-62 Identity: 60% Span: 567bp (58.5%) Frame: 2
gi|32492056|gb|AAP85300.1| Rab7 [Babesia bovis]
Match: gi|50306305|ref|XP_453125.1| score: 236.9 e-value: 6.8e-61 Identity: 57.97% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|50306305|ref|XP_453125.1| unnamed protein product [Kluyveromyces lactis] >gi|49642259|emb|CAH00221.1| unnamed prot...
Match: gi|50286745|ref|XP_445802.1| score: 235.7 e-value: 1.5e-60 Identity: 56.46% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|50286745|ref|XP_445802.1| unnamed protein product [Candida glabrata] >gi|49525108|emb|CAG58721.1| unnamed protein ...
Match: gi|44981445|gb|AAS51230.1| score: 235 e-value: 2.6e-60 Identity: 56.94% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|44981445|gb|AAS51230.1| ACR003Cp [Ashbya gossypii ATCC 10895] >gi|45185690|ref|NP_983406.1| ACR003Cp [Eremothecium...
Match: gi|2350954|dbj|BAA22004.1| score: 234.2 e-value: 4.4e-60 Identity: 66.27% Span: 507bp (52.3%) Frame: 2
gi|2350954|dbj|BAA22004.1| Ras-related protein RAB7 [Entamoeba histolytica]
Match: gi|23487996|gb|EAA21195.1| score: 234.2 e-value: 4.4e-60 Identity: 58.21% Span: 564bp (58.2%) Frame: 2
gi|23487996|gb|EAA21195.1| putative Rab7 GTPase [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii]
Match: gi|6323642|ref|NP_013713.1| score: 233.4 e-value: 7.6e-60 Identity: 56.46% Span: 612bp (63.2%) Frame: 2
gi|6323642|ref|NP_013713.1| Gtp-binding protein of the rab family; required for homotypic fusion event in vacuole inh...
Match: gi|21465931|pdb|1KY3|A score: 230.7 e-value: 4.9e-59 Identity: 62.09% Span: 543bp (56.0%) Frame: 2
gi|21465931|pdb|1KY3|A Chain A, Gdp-Bound Ypt7p At 1.35 A Resolution >gi|21465930|pdb|1KY2|A Chain A, Gppnhp-Bound Yp...
Match: gi|49654240|emb|CAG86705.1| score: 228 e-value: 3.2e-58 Identity: 56.28% Span: 618bp (63.8%) Frame: 2
gi|49654240|emb|CAG86705.1| unnamed protein product [Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767] >gi|50420081|ref|XP_458573.1| unna...
Match: gi|68482406|ref|XP_714835.1| score: 227.6 e-value: 4.1e-58 Identity: 56.81% Span: 606bp (62.5%) Frame: 2
gi|68482406|ref|XP_714835.1| putative rab family GTP-binding protein [Candida albicans SC5314] >gi|46436432|gb|EAK957...

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