All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U304654
arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 0 hits recorded

genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 13 hits recorded
Match: gi|62149095|dbj|BAD93607.1| score: 147.9 e-value: 1e-34 Identity: 68.69% Span: 297bp (60.5%) Frame: 1
hypothetical protein [Cucumis melo]
Match: gi|15215901|gb|AAK91494.1| score: 130.6 e-value: 1.6e-29 Identity: 63.27% Span: 294bp (59.9%) Frame: 1
gi|15215901|gb|AAK91494.1| AT5g22580/MQJ16_12 [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|14190417|gb|AAK55689.1| AT5g22580/MQJ16_12 [...
Match: gi|77548706|gb|ABA91503.1| score: 120.6 e-value: 1.7e-26 Identity: 55.88% Span: 306bp (62.3%) Frame: 1
gi|77548706|gb|ABA91503.1| expressed protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] >gi|62701686|gb|AAX92759.1| exp...
Match: gi|34810575|pdb|1Q53|B score: 82.8 e-value: 3.9e-15 Identity: 41.41% Span: 288bp (58.7%) Frame: 1
gi|34810575|pdb|1Q53|B Chain B, Solution Structure Of Hypothetical Arabidopsis Thaliana Protein At3g17210. Center For...
Match: gi|17978771|gb|AAL47379.1| score: 82.8 e-value: 3.9e-15 Identity: 41.41% Span: 288bp (58.7%) Frame: 1
gi|17978771|gb|AAL47379.1| unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi|13877523|gb|AAK43839.1| Unknown protein [Arabid...
Match: gi|39654614|pdb|1Q4R|A score: 82.03 e-value: 6.7e-15 Identity: 41.41% Span: 288bp (58.7%) Frame: 1
Chain A, Gene Product Of At3g17210 From Arabidopsis Thaliana >gi150261453|pdb|2Q3P|A Chain A, Ensemble Refinement Of ...
Match: gi|21554999|gb|AAM63750.1| score: 81.26 e-value: 1.1e-14 Identity: 40.4% Span: 288bp (58.7%) Frame: 1
pop3 peptide [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Match: gi|50901690|ref|XP_463278.1| score: 76.26 e-value: 3.7e-13 Identity: 40.43% Span: 273bp (55.6%) Frame: 1
gi|50901690|ref|XP_463278.1| B1108H10.8 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] >gi|20805049|dbj|BAB92723.1| putativ...
Match: gi|33087079|gb|AAP92753.1| score: 71.63 e-value: 9.1e-12 Identity: 39.36% Span: 273bp (55.6%) Frame: 1
stress-responsive protein [Oryza sativa Japonica Group]
Match: gi|32444366|emb|CAD74364.1| score: 58.54 e-value: 8e-08 Identity: 34.04% Span: 273bp (55.6%) Frame: 1
gi|32444366|emb|CAD74364.1| conserved hypothetical protein [Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1] >gi|32473830|ref|NP_866824.1...
Match: gi|2565358|gb|AAB81983.1| score: 57 e-value: 2.3e-07 Identity: 29.17% Span: 279bp (56.8%) Frame: 1
gi|2565358|gb|AAB81983.1| unknown [Vibrio cholerae]
Match: gi|67903194|ref|XP_681853.1| score: 52.37 e-value: 5.7e-06 Identity: 33.33% Span: 273bp (55.6%) Frame: 1
gi|67903194|ref|XP_681853.1| hypothetical protein AN8584.2 [Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4] >gi|40741428|gb|EAA60618.1|...
Match: gi|46916763|emb|CAG23526.1| score: 51.99 e-value: 7.4e-06 Identity: 29.79% Span: 273bp (55.6%) Frame: 1
gi|46916763|emb|CAG23526.1| Conserved hypothetical protein [Photobacterium profundum]