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All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U331058
arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 1 hits recorded
Match: At1G22860.1 score: 295 e-value: 2e-80 Identity: 59.41% Span: 810bp (99.3%) Frame: 2
TGF beta receptor associated protein-related | chr1:8083389-8088856 FORWARD

genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 2 hits recorded
Match: gi|50931069|ref|XP_475062.1| score: 354 e-value: 2e-96 Identity: 67.53% Span: 804bp (98.5%) Frame: 2
gi|50931069|ref|XP_475062.1| unknown protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] >gi|46359900|gb|AAS88832.1| unk...
Match: gi|15219958|ref|NP_173699.1| score: 295 e-value: 1e-78 Identity: 59.41% Span: 810bp (99.3%) Frame: 2
gi|15219958|ref|NP_173699.1| expressed protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] gi|25511659|pir||E86362 hypothetical protein F1...