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All Stored BLAST annotations for SGN-U584692
genbank/nr [blastx] Showing best 11 hits recorded
Match: gi|157356559|emb|CAO62746.1| score: 272 e-value: 3e-71 Identity: 89.12% Span: 441bp (51.2%) Frame: 2
Match: gi|87162932|gb|ABD28727.1| score: 265 e-value: 3e-69 Identity: 85.71% Span: 441bp (51.2%) Frame: 2
Longin-like [Medicago truncatula]
Match: gi|15218136|ref|NP_172989.1| score: 265 e-value: 3e-69 Identity: 84.25% Span: 438bp (50.8%) Frame: 2
unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] >gi5103835|gb|AAD39665.1|AC007591_30 ESTs gb|T22508, gb|H36196 and gb|AI100134...
Match: gi|118481741|gb|ABK92810.1| score: 263 e-value: 1e-68 Identity: 85.03% Span: 441bp (51.2%) Frame: 2
Match: gi|45720190|emb|CAG14986.1| score: 254 e-value: 6e-66 Identity: 86.33% Span: 417bp (48.4%) Frame: 2
hypothetical protein [Cicer arietinum]
Match: gi|41393251|gb|AAS01974.1| score: 253 e-value: 2e-65 Identity: 80.14% Span: 438bp (50.8%) Frame: 2
putative chloroplastic RNA-binding protein, with alternative splicing isoforms [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] >gi10871...
Match: gi|218194140|gb|EEC76567.1| score: 253 e-value: 2e-65 Identity: 80.14% Span: 438bp (50.8%) Frame: 2
hypothetical protein OsI_14395 [Oryza sativa Indica Group] >gi222626199|gb|EEE60331.1| hypothetical protein OsJ_13429...
Match: gi|212721426|ref|NP_001131928.1| score: 250 e-value: 9e-65 Identity: 81.51% Span: 438bp (50.8%) Frame: 2
hypothetical protein LOC100193319 [Zea mays] >gi194692944|gb|ACF80556.1| unknown [Zea mays] >gi|195608686|gb|ACG26173...
Match: gi|167999323|ref|XP_001752367.1| score: 199 e-value: 2e-49 Identity: 64.34% Span: 429bp (49.8%) Frame: 2
predicted protein [Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens] >gi162696762|gb|EDQ83100.1| predicted protein [Physcomitrella...
Match: gi|125546513|gb|EAY92652.1| score: 156 e-value: 2e-36 Identity: 76.92% Span: 273bp (31.7%) Frame: 2
hypothetical protein OsI_14398 [Oryza sativa Indica Group]
Match: gi|159490310|ref|XP_001703122.1| score: 89.4 e-value: 3e-16 Identity: 37.68% Span: 411bp (47.7%) Frame: 2
Zeta2-COP [Chlamydomonas reinhardtii] >gi158270752|gb|EDO96587.1| Zeta2-COP [Chlamydomonas reinhardtii]

arabidopsis/peptide [blastx] Showing best 1 hits recorded
Match: At1G15370.1 score: 265 e-value: 2e-71 Identity: 84.25% Span: 438bp (50.8%) Frame: 2
similar to Lon (GB:ABD28727.1); contains InterPro domain Longin-like; (InterPro:IPR011012) | chr1:5287130-5288370 FO...

swissprot [blastx] Showing best 0 hits recorded